Tebow moves up to No. 3 in AFC voting

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We interrupt our ongoing coverage of the new TV deals to continue our ongoing coverage of Tim Tebow.

According to the league office, Tebow has leapfrogged Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick into the No. 3 position among all AFC quarterbacks in fan Pro Bowl balloting.

Tebow has 420,539 votes.  Fitzpatrick has 377,796.

That said, Tebow remains far behind Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (1,149,721) and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (745,835).

Fan voting represents only one third of the total analysis for determining the Pro Bowl rosters.  Player voting also counts as a third of the vote, along with votes from coaches.

That said, the fact that Brady never plays in the Pro Bowl will make it more likely that Tebow will be one of the three quarterbacks picked for the game.

Unless, of course, God’s plan entails Tebow playing his final game of the year not in Honolulu but in Indiana.

100 responses to “Tebow moves up to No. 3 in AFC voting

  1. Well its good that he’d be the 3rd stringer so he can play in the 4th quarter which is the only time he’s decent.

  2. LOL, that’ll make “Cheap Crisco” of CBS’s cholestorol count bubble over. That little round tub of white synthetic lard isn’t looking like much of a talent judge these days.

  3. I don’t think GOD has anything to do with it. There, I said it! I think Tebow is playing terrific when it counts and I have a feeling the players may not vote for him out of, well, HE IS ALL WE TALK ABOUT ANYMORE! I’m a huge fan of his, but there is other things going on in the league man!

  4. He may have won 6 of 7, he may have taken the country by storm, and i love watching the insanity that is the fourth quarter of a Broncos game, but in no way has he played his way into the Pro Bowl. Nearly every qualifying AFC QB has performed better. Think of players like Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Matt Hasselbeck, or Ryan Fitszpatrick before you think of Tebow when it comes to the Pro Bowl. And that says something.

  5. That last line comes off as kind of snarky, don’t you think? You don’t have to like Tebow, but you don’t have to make fun of his religious convictions. You would have never ended a Packers article with something like that.


  7. Who else thinks that Tebow’s desire to make the Pro Bowl stems from his urge to bring Christianity to the savage, indigenous Islander population?

    “Dr. Livingstone, I presume. No? Oh, must be Tebow then.”

  8. “Well, Homer, I guess that makes you the winner by default…”

    “Default? The two sweetest words in the English language! De-FAULT! De-FAULT! De-FAULT!”

  9. Brady is married to a $1 billion dollar super model

    Tebow is married to God

    Unless Tom dumps the German girl and marries Oprah, I’m taking my chances with Tebow.

  10. Just throwing this out there, if Brady doesn’t play in the Pro Bowl, and Ben is injured, or “injured,” or I guess potentially playing in the Super Bowl, Tim Tebow will be starting in the Pro Bowl. What’s the record for most passes attempted by a Pro Bowl running back?

  11. “LOL, that’ll make “Cheap Crisco” of CBS’s cholestorol count bubble over. That little round tub of white synthetic lard isn’t looking like much of a talent judge these days.”

    That dude has a huge napoleon complex

  12. QBs for the AFC in the pro bowl Tebow, Flacco, Dalton. Count on it only because Brady, the rapist, and Manning won’t play in it

  13. I don’t think he is a pro bowl caliber quarterback but oddly enough I think he is possibly the number two MVP candidate. If the object is winning he has been stupid successful. I can’t stand the overt proselytizing every time he opens his pie hole.

  14. According to the Mayan Calendar, next years (2012) super bowl will be rescheduled and played on December 21st – Denver vs New England. Ed Hochuli will rule Tebow to have fumbled on his own 1 yard line (when it is clear to everyone that he didnt), giving Brady 1 yard of field to cover in the last 8 seconds of the game. Brady fires it to “Sure Hands” Gronkowski – TD, Pats win. That evening, while Hochuli is doing some post-game tricep dips, God ends the world.

  15. Man, why are you all so bitter?

    He clearly deserves it. Like it or not, the guy is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s #1 in the AFC in TD-INT ratio, #1 in the AFC in winning percentage, #1 in the AFC in QB rushing yards, #6 in the AFC in overall QB Rating, #1 in the AFC in fourth quarter passing yards, #1 in the AFC in fourth quarter QB Rating, and he’s done it with an offense whose next best player is the 30-year-old Willis McGahee.

    He’s not doing it the typical way, but he’s getting it done. Time to give him the respect he’s earned. Plug Flacco, Fitzpatrick, or Dalton into this Broncos team and they’re closer to 5-8 than 8-5.

  16. Wow. I just realized I wasted a minute of my life reading this article. Ok…back to living my life now.

  17. Shouldn’t the MVP be on this list? That’s Manning sarcasm for those that don’t comprehend.

  18. How stupid, Mark Sanchez has far superior numbers to Tebow…but noone would vote for him…this media blitz is clowding many judgements

  19. “That last line comes off as kind of snarky, don’t you think? You don’t have to like Tebow, but you don’t have to make fun of his religious convictions. You would have never ended a Packers article with something like that.”

    That’s because the Packers aren’t constantly talking about their religion. Often, they even have something interesting to say!

  20. jusford says:
    Dec 14, 2011 4:28 PM
    Slim picken’s in the AFC.


    Very true. That’s why you can’t get too crazy about this.

    Meanwhile, the NFC has Rodgers, Brees, Romo, Eli, Cam Newton, Stafford, Cutler and probably several others I’m forgetting who are worthy.

  21. Brady never plays in the Pro Bowl, Ben might not play due to injury or being in the Super Bowl. The AFC Pro Bowl QB’s might be:

    1. Tim Tebow
    2. Mark Sanchez
    3. Joe Flacco.


  22. “How stupid, Mark Sanchez has far superior numbers to Tebow…but noone would vote for him…this media blitz is clowding many judgements”

    Far superior numbers, except for passer rating, rushing yards, TD-INT ratio, winning percentage, and everything remotely related to the fourth quarter.

    But yeah. Totally. He averages .19 more yards per attempted pass, and if I know anything about football, it’s that one-fifth of a yard per attempt is the ultimate trump card.

  23. This is why Christians shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    They cast their ballots on nothing other than people saying they go to church.

  24. I wonder how many people disgusted by this actually voted? So go in and vote for someone more deserving if you can actually think of one that is actively playing. AFC is weak at QB, check the stats. Only Rivers, Moore, Brady, and Rothlisburger have a better ranking. Moore and Rivers are on losing teams. So swallow that throw up.

  25. greendream6,

    Mark Sanchez ? Go back to sleep greendream and continue to dream of sugar plum fairies and lombardi’s delivered by Rex in Florham Park,NJ.

  26. Ha Haaaa, hate on haters.

    Brian Urlacher said “He’s a good running back”. Well then Brian your defense which you are captain got beat by a running back.

    Derrel Revis & Cromartie, next time a QB comes running at you make the tackle and dont shy away. The tape dont lie.


  27. Good Flacco’s arm will be tired from holding the lombardi in Indiana all week. The guy get’s no respect and he doesn’t care as long as the team wins!

  28. I am sick of hearing how Tebow brought his team back to win those games. He is not the reason they are winning!! Their defense is a big reason and their field goal kicker deserves some credit as well. Once they play a good offense, they will be done. I hope that the Patriots run the score up this week and then all this stupid Tebow talk will go away!!

  29. @woodsa22 says: “According to the Mayan Calendar, next years (2012) super bowl will be rescheduled and played on December 21st – Denver vs New England…blah, blah, blah..”

    I assume God will have already abolished the NFC since two AFC teams will play for the title?

  30. Since neither Brady or Ben will be gracing us with their attendance at the Pro Bowl, Tebow will be the starter.

  31. Tebow starts! You know Brady won’t play for some reason. And Ben will be playing in the Super Bowl so he won’t be playing in the Pro Bowl.

    Tebow starts by default! God bless!

  32. @tfbuckfutter …

    Hate to counter your stereotypes, but some Christians actually vote on whether a candidate is qualified, or whether a football player deserves the nod based on the quality of his performance.

  33. I’m agnostic & I voted for him.

    I think it’s funny how the people who have bashed Tebow contend that Tebow’s fans are blind to the facts, when in fact they are the ones who are blind. They say silly things like ‘the first 3 quarters the guy can’t play.’ Last time I checked, the 4th qtr & OT count. Or ‘his play has nothing to do w/the Broncos defense’s improved play’. I guess only throwing 2 ints all year doesn’t help one’s defense.

  34. Regardless of the Pro Bowl, you have to admit, Timmy is CUT! Since his high school days, he has always been ‘beefy’, but DANG! Brother has been HITTIN’ da gym!

    If I could flex like that, I’d show people which way the beach was!

  35. At some point, since he is getting a little better at passing, the media will remember the Broncos got rid of their best receiver as they named Tebow the starter. (traded before the Miami game) Would his numbers be better with less drops? That said, Decker is doing a good job with Tebow.

  36. If Denver’s D hadn’t really stepped it up this year, and your kicker wasn’t one of the best in the league, this wouldn’t be a conversation.

    Even Tebow doesn’t think he’s that good.

    BTW – if God is showing his miracles through the outcome of football games, he’s only really making believers out of the gambling community.

  37. How many teams that are not 8-5 would rather have Tebow as their QB ?

    Not really impressed with Tebow at QB, none the less, as a Bears fan, Tebow got in to the head of Lovie Smith last Sunday. We played cover 1 for 56 minutes of the game . With 4 minutes left, we went to cover 2….you know the rest !

  38. He’s still putting up passing numbers that make him a backup in the NFL….

    To be a franchise QB, you have to throw the ball and be able to put up 300 yards and 3TDs a LOT…. and he’s not even close…. ever.

    He’ll have a shot at starting next year… but unless he suddenly learns how to be a QB…. he’ll either get crushed running the ball so much, or he’ll be holding a clipboard the next 4 years and then out…..

  39. For a minute I couldn’t figure out why you mentioned Indianapolis…but I’m a Redskins fan so it’s not like where the Super Bowl is going to be played matters to me.

  40. …ha ha…i can’t wait for the flood of excuses that will be posted once the broncos start losing games again…rest assured, everyone & everything will be blamed except tebow & his imaginary friend in the sky…

    …i also love how often tebow’s stats have to be posted with major caveats…”tebow is #1 if you ignore the 1st three quarters of every game, compare his rushing stats to only other quarterbacks, compare his passing stats to only other running backs, & don’t count any games that were loses…

  41. I can’t recall anything, in 30+ years of watching football, more entertaining than reading and hearing the Tebow haters after watching this fine young man win game after game. I don’t care that his throws don’t have the beauty of Aaron Rodgers. He wins, and that is all that matters. My dog-killing felon QB is 1-7 in his last 8 home games, and 4-9 in his last 13. He runs like a gazelle and throws darts. I’ll take the Tebow-like wins any day and once on Sunday.

  42. Has there ever been a Pro BowlQB
    who couldn’t throw accurately enough
    to complete even half his passes?

  43. In a related story, the top 15 vote getting WR’s have already dropped out, not wanting to spend three quarters of the game running pass routes for no reason.

  44. I can see that Tebow makes the Probowl.He is the most popular player in the NFL right now.But if he gets voted All-PRO 1st team or 2nd team then I would be mad.

  45. Come on cut the kid some slack.
    He would never vote himself in, at least not like some players who give no thanks to anybody and just need to take off thier helmet and show the world that its all about them and have no idea what a team is. Or, make a tackle and beat their chest like it is something unique to football, or get in the endzone and pull out a sharpie, or spend all week on an endzone dance rather than a game plan….give the kid a break.

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