Regardless of its source, Tebow’s confidence makes all the difference in Denver

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It’s one thing for guys like Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby or a pastor to opine that God is working through Tim Tebow.  It’s quite another for Tebow to say it.

And it’s quite another for Tebow to say that God is actually speaking to him.

And while Tebow has yet to say it publicly, he’s saying it to his teammates.

“Tebow came to me and said, ‘Don’t worry about a thing,’ because God has spoken to him,” linebacker Wesley Woodyard said after Sunday’s win over the Bears, according to Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post.  Woodyard then forced the Marion Barber fumble in overtime, when the Bears were in field goal position.

Even though the story itself is a couple days old (which makes it nearly as old as the New Testament in Internet time), the concept is timeless.  Regardless of whether Tebow actually has a burning bush in his backyard, Tebow’s faith has fueled a level of confidence that could be unprecedented in professional sports.  He truly believes his team is going to win, so his teammates believe it.

And, perhaps most importantly, his opponents believe it, too.

For the teams who play the Broncos, it’s like continuing to try to beat an older brother in ping pong.  No matter what happens, that feeling of doubt inevitably emerges, and it all falls apart.

Many believe that this entire dynamic — Tebow’s confidence, his teammates’ confidence, and the ensuing lack of confidence on the part of the opponents — faces its biggest test yet on Sunday, when the Patriots come to town.  Win or lose, however, the Tebow/Broncos confidence won’t be going away any time soon.

“It’s not necessarily prophesying,” Tebow has said.  “But sometimes you can feel God has a big plan.”

If/when the Broncos lose or fail to make the playoffs or lose in the playoffs, Tebow will regard the outcome as part of God’s plan.  And then Tebow will prepare himself for the 2012 season, with the same week-in, week-out confidence that has made his team far better than the sum of the individual pieces.

It’s become fashionable to point out that Tebow has received too much credit for the accomplishments of his teammates.  But those same teammates who are 7-1 under Tebow’s leadership were 1-4 under Kyle Orton.

So regardless of how Tebow is getting his confidence, it’s that confidence that has made him one of the best players in the NFL.  And the Broncos would be crazy not to embrace this guy for the next decade or longer.  Plenty of guys can throw a football, but very few can inspire grown men wearing the same uniform to believe that together they can achieve great things.  Even fewer can cause the grown men wearing a different uniform to sense that, no matter what they do, it’s simply not their day.

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  1. Sorry Tebow… god may like you, but he loves Tom Brady.

    How else do you explain 3 Superbowls, the winningest team of the last decade, and a wife thats a supermodel and worth $1B ???

  2. It’s impressive that Tebow can inspire his team, especially considering the egos most professional athletes have. It’s also funny how much 8 weeks can change a writer’s perspective. If I recall, when he made his first start and lost the headline on PFT was something like “the Tebow experiment in Denver is a failure.” Lol. Not the same tune anymore, eh?

  3. That might have been just the thing to derail this Tebow train. To have faith and build confidence is one thing. But to say that God is speaking to him about a football game is flat out laughable.

    Once opponents realize he might actually be nuts, any pyschological edge he might have had just flew out the window.

    Good kid, hard worker and the will to win?


    God speaking to him about the outcome of a football game?

    Not so much.

  4. This is spinning out of control, ESPN is on this guys sack bad, and now this site.

    He is doing what first round picks are supposed to do, come in and help his team win right away.

    And now God is speaking to and thru him??

    “”””Insert figure into mouth, see what was for breakfast.”””

  5. We’ll find out who really is inspired and who thinks Tebow is insufferable when free agency comes around for his teammates.

  6. Setting aside the religious stuff for someone else to debate, the key takeaway you make imho is that its clearly getting into opponents heads. If you have in the back of your mind that no matter what you do, something ridiculous will happen in the 4th and the Broncos will win, then something ridiculous might very well happen. Someone will break the cycle and beat them late and teams will get a bit more confident, but until then, who knows.

  7. Maybe the Broncos “D” can come play the last 6 min of the game for my Cowboys. I hear people ask every week, ” How long can they keep winning like this.” If they beat the Pats, people need to realize something, they’re just good. It’s not a given the Patriots will win. They can’t stop a nose bleed on defense so I would imagine the Broncos are going to run the ball and keep the scoring down to keep it close in the fourth. And we all know what happens then.

  8. WOW its pretty sad that he would say god spoke him and wants him to win. So this supposed god will let millions die in natural disasters and terrorist attacks but he is interested in a football team. WHAT A JOKE. Tebow is not that good, and just like the wildcat that worked for a year in Miami, the spread offense that the Donks are running will be figured out, maybe not this year, but for sure next. And then they will be losing again, and I ask if they start losing is that gods will or did he just abandon them.

  9. let’s just say this. he may not be the best QB in the league. statistically he’s not even in the top half, but this guy plays harder than anyone out there. and to get an entire team to buy into your philosophy (religious or otherwise) and have them BELIEVE that no matter what, they ARE going to win…that’s amazing

    tebow is kind of like rudy ruettiger. kid wasn’t particularly good at his position, but the team bought in, and he made it because he played like a beast, and gave his ALL on every play. honestly..the league would be a million times better if even half of the players had the same desire and heart that tebow does.

    tebow is good for the broncos, good for the league, and a hell of a role model for kids to look up to…in a time where sports figures are ANYTHING but

  10. First off, God is not a respecter of persons. So, to say that He helps Tebow would mean He shows favoritism. Secondly, Why is it so hard to believe that God speaks to people? Not here to debate religion but God speaks to all of us. What are you hearing?

  11. I love me som Tebow, but this Sunday is gonna be a rude awakening. My prediction…Pats 34 Broncos 10

  12. Suspending rational thought seems like so much fun(whether it is for playing football or writing an article) … I wish I could do the same …

  13. This is what happens when a Paladin issues a divine challenge to his opponent. The opponent takes minuses to everything, letting the strikers deal the damage. If need be, the Paladin can use his Once Per Day and Encounter abilities, adding previously unused Charisma modifiers to the field of battle.

    If you understood this and you down vote me, just remember fantasy football is for guys too old to play DnD.

  14. Except the Lions beat their “older brother” 45-10. Didn’t seem to be too much doubt on their sideline. And they haven’t exactly been a dominant team this year.

    But Go Tebow!! Love what you’re doing bro!

  15. “League sources confirm that Tebow is playing Jedi-mind tricks on opposing teams.” Said Marion Barber: “I don’t know what happened. One second I’m running, the next I know I looked into Timmy’s eyes. Have you ever looked into his eyes? They are the most beautiful, godly eyes man has seen.”

    Lets relax with the BS – it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist or a prophet to figure out the Broncos the last 8 weeks. Stifling defense, good run game plus confident down the stretch quarterback equals wins.

  16. This week Timmy is not playing the weak sisters of the NFL. Lets see if Tim Tebow’s “father” helps him this week against the” Chosen One” Tom Brady.

    I think reality comes to Denver this Sunday. Not to take nothing away from what Denver has accomplished but it is one thing beating mediocre teams or team with 3rd string QB’s than playing against the elite teams in the NFL.

  17. God has never spoken to me personally, but reading about a player who says he has, can’t be any worse than reading about a player and his mom taking turns firing off rounds at someone, or drinking sizzup and hauled off to jail, or killing someone while driving drunk, or suspended f0r PED’s, or having his pregnant girlfriend executed, or beating up his woman, or having a boatload of hookers setting sail……Get my drift?

  18. I used to not care about Tebow.

    but now I want him to fail so bad because of

    not because of the religious talk ( nobody forces me to listen to him)

    not because the way he plays because i am not a denver fan

    BUT Because of Tebomaniacs and the media.

    It’s kind of like Bret Favre except this time, his career will be over in 3 or 4 years tops.

  19. I don’t think God cares who win or loses an NFL match.

    “It’s not necessarily prophesying,” Tebow has said. “But sometimes you can feel God has a big plan.”

  20. it’s that confidence that has made him one of the best players in the NFL.


    Tim Tebow is NOT one of the best players in the NFL. One of the best leaders? Yes. But not one of the best players.

  21. This is all ridiculous. I don’t know if tebow is insane or the media. Tebow is winning bc of of his team and apparently Denver likes to play only in the 4 quarter so what’s god’s take on that?

  22. kyleortonsarm says: Dec 14, 2011 9:19 AM

    Only idiots play Fantasy Football. I feel so sorry for you. What happened to you in your childhood to push you to this?

    Umm…fantasy football is huge. ESPN has a 90 minute show on ESPN 2 leading up to the games Sunday. Both fox and cbs show fantasy updates on the scroll.

    The real problem is you have no friends to play with. It’s ok though, you can join a random yahoo league next year and have “internet friends”.

  23. Purely from an athletic/competitive standpoint, I do like how Tebow never looks intimidated or overwhelmed by a situation. That’s a great quality and something that cannot be taught. Odd comparison, but remember how Mike Tyson used to walk in the ring in his prime and was never afraid or unsure of himself? Tebow has that quality in his own way. That’s what makes him so tough to beat.

    Stats don’t matter. The guys in the huddle believe he will lead them to victory. That’s the mark of a successful NFL quarterback.

  24. If Tebow keeps winning like he’s been doing and the Broncos win their division and finish 11-5, then how can he not be in the mix for MVP? I’m not saying he’ll win it, just that he has to get some consideration.

  25. What the hell are all the naysayers gonna do when the Broncos defeat the Pats Sunday????
    Will all the Churches become overfilled and our Christian faith is restored by one football player with enuff faith to fill the Super Bowl Stadium that he is about to perform in???? Ahmen……..

  26. Coming from a Patriots fan….. I love Tebow! I want the guy to do well, every week except for the weeks he plays the Patriots. Gotta admit there is something inspriring and very likeable about the guy. I’m not very religous, so I just ignore that part of him.

  27. Is this the reason he sucks for 55 mins in a game….he’s busy talking to god?

    His true leadership will come when a losing streak occurs and then we will see what the other guys on the team have to say…..

    Remember Kyle Orton led the ponies to 6-0 at one time then look what happened when they started to lose.

  28. First of all we dont know exacty what was said between Tebow and his teammate.

    Second of all, you all are missing the point. I assure you that it isnt about winning or losing the game that matters most to God. Its about winning or losing souls that matter the most. “for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” How can you believe unless you hear? Wether Tebow wins or loses you are hearing. Are you listening? Or are you waiting for Tebow to lose so that you can say there is no God?

  29. “usmarine75 says: Dec 14, 2011 9:08 AM

    Sorry Tebow… god may like you, but he loves Tom Brady.

    How else do you explain 3 Superbowls, the winningest team of the last decade, and a wife thats a supermodel and worth $1B ???”

    You forgot the “knocking up Bridget Moynahan, then dumping her for a supermodel without any public blowback” part.

  30. I get where many of the Tebow haters are coming from. I went to UF and I honestly never really got the Tebow thing. I was and am still a huge NFL fan over college (the 1% in the south). In Tebow’s first year people gave him most of the credit for the national championship, but he really only played in 10% of plays (maybe less). I never bought it.

    All of the hatred made me re address my view of Tebow. The 10% of plays he was the Qb were by far the most important snaps of the season. Goal line or 3rd and short etc. Places where many teams and QBs fail – he always came through.

    After a loss, he cried on TV which seems weird in sports, but it was literally a huge rally cry for the team.

    I am an Eagles fan who always expects them to lose the big moments. Alternatively, I always just knew Tebow would make it happen. It said a lot once I really digested that.

    He is a different breed. Enjoy it.

  31. Wondering if God has a flair for the dramatic? Why wait till the end of the 4th quarter for the Broncos to do their magic?
    Why not let Tebow have a blowout win 100-0. That would be a real statement

  32. I wonder if the “god had spoken to him” was quite a literal as it was written.
    But its funny who gets grief in the NFL. Tebow gets grief for his religious views which doesn’t hurt anyone. Eli Manning gets grief for his “Aw shucks” attitude no matter what is going on around him. Yet Ray Lewis gets treated like a god for knowing who murdered someone and never coming forward, James Harrison gets all the great linebacker talk despite being one of the dirtiest players in the league. Doesn’t make sense.

  33. whynotusecommonsense says:
    Dec 14, 2011 9:17 AM
    That might have been just the thing to derail this Tebow train. To have faith and build confidence is one thing. But to say that God is speaking to him about a football game is flat out laughable.
    OK, this isn’t a scene out of Family Guy where God in a white robe comes and chats with Tebow in the training room.

    This is simply a metaphor born out of Tebow’s faith and it is “not flat out laughable”.

  34. Nowhere does anyone say that Tebow said it’s God’s will for the Broncos to win. He simply said don’t worry God has a plan and it will be alright. That’s not God speaking, that’s simply reading the Bible to find a God that watches over us no matter what happens.

    I don’t believe God cares about football, but he does care about people. The fact that people play the game and other people watch and are influenced by the game makes it God’s business.

    Tebow is blessed with faith and physical talents that few have and he has been placed in a position to use both of them for God’s glory. He doesn’t seek glory for himself and he doesn’t proclaim himself to be anything but a product of the Creator. People who don’t understand his walk with God may not like it, but God is certainly smiling.

  35. Nflfollower did you notice what offense they were running. It was the same as when orton was QB. They didn’t start running plays for tebow till they played the raiders so yes the lions did beat them but since switching to the current offense no one has

  36. This whole deal is way out of control! If Timmy could really speak to God. Then maybe since he’s the chosen one. He could use this gift to do something a little more meaningful like maybe heal a sick child instead of waste it on a meaningless sport…That being said Pats win by at least 10.

  37. “So regardless of how Tebow is getting his confidence, it’s that confidence that has made him one of the best players in the NFL. ”

    Wow…has the standard really that low now? A guy with a 49% completion percentage is ranked as one of the “best players in the NFL”? Really??? Polarizing? Yes. “Best players in the NFL”? Hells no.

    Change that to “best athletes” and I’ll buy it. Otherwise, don’t insult my intelligence by telling me a guy with a worse completion percentage than Rex Grossman is one of the best players in the league. Even Skip Bayless wouldn’t speak such lunacy…

  38. “How else do you explain 3 Superbowls, the winningest team of the last decade, and a wife thats a supermodel and worth $1B ???”

    That’s easy. Tuck Rule, Spygate and Giselle is a lesbian. Next question.

  39. In theory, the MVP is the player who contributes the most to his team’s success. It’s difficult comparing someone who leads a team from “poor to good” to someone who leads a team from “good to great”, or is the leader of team that stays at the great level for an extended period of time. (Same applies to “Cach of the Year”.) It’s even harder to measure in the case of Tebow, since a significant portion of his impact is “attitudinal.”

    But clearly a player who has this sort of effect on a team is worthy of being in the discussion for MVP (even though he’s not the top candidate), regardless of how his statistics compare to other top players.

  40. I’ll keep my uninformed opinion to between the
    white lines.

    This game comes down to the Broncos D.

    If they can’t keep it close then Pats should win.

    OTOH if they DO manage to keep it close, say
    within 10….well we all know what tends to
    happen in the 4th qtr then with this dude.

    Patriot Fan starts to sweat.

    Hey Pats. Don’t make me sweat this Sunday, ok ?

    Please ?……

  41. “Plenty of guys can throw a football, but very few can inspire grown men wearing the same uniform to believe that together they can achieve great things. Even fewer can cause the grown men wearing a different uniform to sense that, no matter what they do, it’s simply not their day.”

    Despite being a lifelong Broncos fan and a born-again Christian, I have still been hesitant to jump on the Tebow wagon and believe he is a long-term answer at QB. However, this quote has finally made me decide to jump on board. Regardless of his FB skills, the leadership alone is invaluable.

  42. When the Broncos start beating legitimate teams that are superbowl contenders, then i’ll start to believe that Tebow is the real deal.

    Any unbiased football follower will see that he didn’t really perform very well during the Bears game. If the Bears had Jay Cutler, the game would be a blowout reminiscent of the Lions and Packers game. Yes, some passes were dropped but there were a few that sailed on him. Once again, the 3rd down conversion rate was atrocious.

    Matt Prater was the savior and MVP of the Bears game. Tebow is STILL an inconsistent qb and his flaws will magnify as soon as the Broncos are behind.

    Don’t agree? EFX does cuz despite the rhetoric you hear to satisfy the Tebowites, Tebow will not be the Broncos franchise QB until he starts producing consistently for 4 qtrs.

  43. i3addog says:Dec 14, 2011 10:58 AMGod’s watching football while millions starve ? Can’t say I’m a big fan.

    There are enough rescources in the world to feed everyone.

    Dont blame God.

    Blame greedy people.

  44. “How else do you explain 3 Superbowls, the winningest team of the last decade, and a wife thats a supermodel and worth $1B ???”

    He is the favorite QB of the Devil. Look at his piss poor attitude and his team’s recent inability to win any big games. Also, they only won when they cheated, Devil, he is the biggest sideline whiner in the world, Devil, and he dumped his pregnant girlfriend for Giselle, DEVIL.

    God loves Teebsus.

  45. And for those also saying that if Tebow were to really be anointed by God that he would be doing something more meaningful with his life like healing sick people instead of playing football , I ask you this question; How many people lately have been talking about God now? It’s even on ESPN and the NFL Network. I’ve never seen anything like it. So I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job at healing sick people then. In the end it’s all about your soul. That’s the most important part.
    Plus he is using his foundation to build a hospital in the Phillipines. Probably just the beginning I’d say.

  46. Whether or not god is speaking through Timmy (which I believe he is not) the team is on board, and you can’t argue with the results. I was at the Bears game, and there was a sense that even being 10 points down with 5 minute to go, it wasn’t over…and after the touchdown nearly the whole stadium knew victory was eminent, whether it was in overtime or in regulation.

    Denver faces the most potent offense they have seen this year. Denver’s offense needs to spin the clock with the running game, and the defense needs to get to Brady 3-4 times and force a couple turnovers.

  47. For everyone on here saying “God watches football while people starve” or “God cares about football more than the millions of people dying.”
    Let me give you a little background to the Christian faith.
    As Christians we serve a God that is Omnipotent or Omniscient which means he is at all places at all times.
    Now I understand for those who are atheist or have different beliefs may not understand that. But as Christians we do. We believe he is the God that created the heavens and the Earth. The God that sent his son to die for our sins, and be raised from the dead.
    So for you to put my God, Tim Tebow’s God in a bottle like that and assume he can only do one thing at a time is insulting and just flat out uneducated.
    I would suggest that if you are going to have opinions about Christianity that they be informed opinions and not just something you came up with.
    Little clue for all of you out there I can give you a little sneak peek to what happens in the end… we win!
    Judge Tebow for his football performance all you want, but if you really want to talk religion then let me know, I’ll be here.
    I’ve been a Broncos fan my entire life, and I can honestly say that I am very excited for our future, and the sky is the limit for Tim Tebow.
    God Bless + Go Broncos = GB^2

  48. I have read about a hundred comments that say something to the effect of:

    “So God cares about football, but he doesn’t care about all those people who are suffering from hunger, tragedies, (fill in the blank)?”

    I understand where people are coming from, but I do want to address these comments. Obviously, I have no idea if God is working through Tim Tebow on the football field. But IF HE IS, I can guarantee you it is not because he cares about football or the Broncos or whatever. And it certainly is NOT because he cares about trivial things like football more than suffering humans.

    IF God is working through Tim Tebow on the football field, it is for one reason: to get people’s attention. To get people to ask questions about faith and God. To get people to see a spark in Tim Tebow and wonder if maybe they should find out more about his love for God.

    And guess what? That’s exactly what is happening.

    Tim Tebow has a huge passion for those suffering people that everyone keeps talking about. Did it ever occur that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE God could be using all of this Tebow hooplah to get more people to think about the things that actually DO matter?

    What if there are people out there who’s faith increases by watching Tim Tebow, and maybe they watch Tim Tebow’s heart and passion for the suffering, and maybe they start to give and help and support those that are suffering too?

    No, God doesn’t care about football. He cares deeply for humans and their suffering. But He realizes that humans pay a lot more to football than to suffering people, and He has to get our attention somehow.

  49. Even if the Broncos lose to the Pats Sunday(which I personally hope doesn’t happen), it’s still very easy to assume that they will easily go 9-2 under Tebow, which is FAR from what people thought he was going to do, and I’m just putting this out there, if he had started the season, they would probably be 12-4 in the end. Hate him or not, there’s no denying what this kid does for his team.

  50. So God likes the Christians in Denver more than he likes the Christians anywhere else.

    He must really hate Marion Barber.

  51. I like Tebow, and I hate the Pats. But as a Christian, I think this whole storyline is getting to be too much. As Mike wrote the other day, there are good and bad men, saints and sinners on every team. Lovie Smith is a good Christian man. I don’t think God is chosing sides in football contests to favor Tim Tebow.

    It’s Brady Time. Let’s put this thing to rest.

  52. @broncofanatic7

    Plus he is using his foundation to build a hospital in the Phillipines. Probably just the beginning I’d say.

    Donning mask, surgical gloves and snipping foreskins again, no doubt.

  53. Week 9 Raiders (4-4) Palmers first game as a starter
    Week 10 Chiefs (4-5)
    Week 11 Jets (5-5)
    Week 12 Chargers (4-7)
    Week 13 Vikings (2-10)
    Week 14 Bears (7-6) Against Caleb Hanie and Marion Barber!

    Beat someone with starters and a winning record before we all get too exited!

  54. Just because Tebow credits a god with his success doesn’t make it the truth, nor does it clarify whether that god is anything other than the Demiurge. Just saying. It takes a fan-base of belief-sharing Christians to mythologize Tebows run of success as something other than another superstitious quirk… like not washing his practice jersey… or not shaving while a team is winning.

    This is the time when, as an opponent, you want a lockerroom of atheists just so you aren’t misattributing his success to some higher power.

    And, honestly, can you imagine the friction he would cause if he’d said something like this to a non-christian team-mate?

    “Don’t worry. God told me we’re going to go score.”
    “What? C’mon, man! Really? Now? I mean, no offense, but just shut up, alright? Why don’t you go listen to the OC instead?”

  55. Give me a team full of Tebow’s – over achievers who have only a limited skill set who believe in each other and who give their best.

    I’d take that over a team with one Tom Brady and a defense that plays like it is from a local girl’s school.

  56. I hate the Patriots more than anybody, but I can’t wait for them to beat Denver this week. You can’t be a fluke and beat the Pats. The media coverage of this guy is overkill, and ruining the NFL way more than other recent dumb changes like pink accessories and overofficiating. I used to be able to watch and enjoy any NFL coverage, now I can’t even watch ESPN. Let’s put an end to this dumb sheet.

  57. Believers are gonna believe and doubters are gonna doubt. And none of it influences the game one way or another.

    From where I sit, it’s the Christians in the media that keep this story of a Christian football player magically winning, going.

    In rational circles, he’s a game managing QB with a great defense and a last place schedule, whose team has got some great bounces and a lot of luck, which is nothing new in the NFL.

    But the media knows that his story is great for web hits, advertising, and…making money, which is always the bottom line.

  58. If Tim Tebow is such a devout Christian, what is he doing working on the Sabbath, anyway? I suppose preachers work on Sunday, and he’s seems to be spreading the word…

    Love it or hate it, the whole Tebowmania thing has certainly been a fun element to another great NFL season.

    To all the lovers and the haters alike, it probably doesn’t stand a chance of happening, but imagine if the Tebows make the playoffs and roll all the way to the Super Bowl, where they meet…the Undefeated Packers. I get nauseous at the thought of all of the pregame hype and storylines, but damn, that’d make for a pretty riveting matchup.

    Just sayin’!

  59. As a Broncos fan who was very critical of Tim tebow, I can say i have been convereted. However, as a Broncos fan it would dissapoint me if Tebow were to take losing as “just part of Gods plan” and be ok with it as the article suggests. I am a Christian too but if I lost a game I’d be pissed. I wouldnt blame God I’d just figure he wanted me to try harder. I think Tebow will do the same. He’s a fiery comeptitor and if he were ok with losing and chalking it up to God, he wouldnt be in the position he is. Trust me, God is not deciding the outcomes of these games, but he is absoolutely using Tebow to spread His word, and tebow knows that is the real plan for him. Meanwhile, he can keep right on winning and its ok by us.

  60. @jziii …

    You think watching the Packers blow out the Broncos would be a riveting matchup? Seriously? You guys are starting to sound like LSU fans. They’re delusional enough to think they can beat the Packers, too. I’m not saying the Packers can’t be beaten. But it will take a fully functioning NFL team to do it.

  61. What’s with all these people who believe their invisible and/or invisible friends have anything to do with what happens in sports? That’s delusion, not faith.

  62. What’s with all these people who believe their invisible and/or imaginary friends have anything to do with what happens in sports? That’s delusion, not faith.

  63. Bronco fan here and Its funny to me EVERYONE picking the pats with that D… But that piss poor D aside ESPN showed a stat that US Bronco fans are VERY Familiar with, We have beaten them the last 13 of 15 times we’ve face them. Brady comes to town and EVERYONE picks them. Brady USUALLY leaves with a loss…
    Ill take you back to Shannon calling the National Guard for the @#$ kicking we put on them in the old uniforms. All Im saying is dont be so sure NE walks in to Denver and leaves with a victory.

  64. I certainly think it’s silly to think that god really is speaking to him(hell, i dont even believe in God). But what this does illustrate is the power of positive thinking and focus. Tebow has lots of that regardless of why he has it. It is a good lesson for athletes or anyone else in any profession to have , regardless of how you summon such confidence and focus.

    The Tebow story is a good one. I normally roll my eyes at such religious talk, but to each his own.

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