Wade Phillips says he’ll be back to Texans within 10 days


Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is taking a medical leave of absence to have surgery, but he says he’s going to be fine.

“I feel good. I don’t have any physical problems right now. If I get this done . . . then I’ll be fine,” Phillips said today, via the Texans’ Twitter. “It’s an operation . . . I feel good. The doctors say they can handle everything . . . They see me getting back within 10 days.”

Phillips wouldn’t go into what health problem he’s having, but he tried to laugh it off.

“It’s not life-threatening. There’s no chemotherapy involved,” Phillips said. “I don’t want to get into it. It’s not a vasectomy, in case you wondered.”

According to Phillips, the Texans won’t miss him much while he’s gone.

“The game plan is set up. . . . I expect everything to run smooth,” Philips said. “I haven’t done a good job if they’re not ready to play.”