Wednesday morning one-liners

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he wants to keep the Bills in New York, but he’s not ready to commit $100 million in taxpayer money to upgrade Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Said Tony Sparano after being fired as coach of the Dolphins, “I can’t say enough about our players — I love and appreciate them all and I value the effort they gave me from the very first moment I walked in the door. They practiced and played hard every day, and always put the success of the team ahead of themselves. It was a joy to work with these special men, and no one can ask for more than what they gave me. For this they will always have my gratitude, and I am proud to have coached them.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a stoic approach to preparing for Tebowmania: “We’ll definitely look at that, how [Tebow] plays in the second half, relative to the first half. How much do they repeat the same thing, how much do they change? How much do they adjust the game plan? We’ll definitely study that, the end-of-the-game sequences.”

The New York Post brings up the subject of Peyton Manning becoming a Jet, just to brush it off as ridiculous.

Said Ravens RB Ricky Williams, “There’s times when I wake up and I feel energetic and I feel like I’m 25 again. But in reality, I’m 34, and for me, to have the opportunity to still play in this league, that a team still wants me on their roster, that’s what’s good. To land on a good team with a lot of veteran leadership and a great organization, I really feel fortunate.”

Bengals QB Andy Dalton is doing good in the community.

Said Browns TE Evan Moore of the Colt McCoy concussion controversy, “There’s a lot of things that we as players and the league itself could brainstorm to try to avoid these situations that might arise. There’s no question people need to get together and discuss ways to improve the system.”

The Steelers have several important players dealing with injuries as they prepare for the 49ers.

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips believes he’s deserving of another head coaching job.

The Colts can clinch the first pick in the NFL draft on Sunday.

Jacksonville may need to make a change at kicker.

The Titans have placed MLB Barrett Ruud on injured reserve and signed LB Kevin Malast to the active roster.

The Broncos credit locker room chemistry to the way the team rallies around each other in the fourth quarter.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt insists that his team has a solid foundation and a bright future.

Raiders LB Rolando McClain spoke with the media about his recent arrest just long enough to say, “I won’t comment on it. I haven’t and I won’t. It is what is. No comment.”

Chargers LB Antwan Barnes says that when he played for Rex Ryan, Ryan would tell him, “Be impenetrable like the skin of an armadillo.” But Barnes adds, “To be honest, I didn’t even know what an armadillo was.”

Cowboys LB Bradie James says the season is on the brink.

Giants WR Victor Cruz has come a long way to become one of the top receivers in the league.

For Eagles RB LeSean McCoy, a great individual season is being lost amid a terrible season for the team.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says QB Rex Grossman is auditioning for next season.

The Bears have learned the hard way that they’re lacking depth at key positions.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz is singling out DT Sammie Hill for playing well while Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley were out.

How will the Packers deal with the absence of WR Greg Jennings?

Christian Ponder remains the Vikings’ starting quarterback, even after a game when Joe Webb replaced him and put up better numbers.

Said Falcons QB Matt Ryan of coach Mike Smith’s health scare, “It’s scary because, obviously before anything, we’re all people and you develop relationships and you get to know somebody and you really care about them. So, obviously, in that situation, you’re nervous. You just are. You don’t like for those kind of things to happen.”

The Panthers are working on reducing penalties.

Saints QB Drew Brees made an appearance on Sesame Street.

Bucs DT Gerald McCoy is ahead of schedule on rehabbing his biceps injury.

Said Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt of WR Larry Fitzgerald, “You are almost running out of things to say about Larry because of what he brings to the table.”

The red zone has been a rough place for the Rams.

The 49ers’ fullbacks say they’re just fine with RB Frank Gore getting all the credit in the running game.

Pete Carroll says he’s not thinking about the playoff scenarios, but with three more wins Seattle could get there.

9 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Lions coach Jim Schwartz is singling out DT Sammie Hill for playing well while Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley were out.

    Now, if only Schw-FARTZ can teach Sammie how to respond to a pat on the back from his opponent AFTER the game.

  2. I hope a light is shined on the sham that is this Bills not getting funding story. As the only team in NY the Bills bring in 20 million annually in revenue for the state. How come NY was mire than willing to committ money to a stadium in NJ that brings in no money.

  3. Wade Phillips is right — he does deserve another head coaching position. And I’m sure there are some high schools, and maybe even some Div III colleges, ready to give him that chance.

  4. dbellina says: “Those are the biggest one liners I have ever seen.”

    Yeah, and the heaviest, too.

    (L.A. morning radio inside joke)

  5. blackbug99 says:
    Dec 14, 2011 10:55 AM
    I doubt Cuomo even knows where Buffalo is, but I’m sure he’d find a reason to cough up monies for the NJ Jets and or NJ Giants.

    The Bills already collect an a $900,000 per game welfare payment from a corrupt and bankrupt Erie County. They don’t need more welfare to keep ticket prices artificially low compared to the rest of the NFL.

    Time to wean the Bills off the public tit.

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