Holmgren: Pat Shurmur will be around a “long time”


Browns President Mike Holmgren made Pat Shurmur his first head coaching hire in Cleveland.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Holmgren is backing Shurmur completely after a disappointing 4-9 start to the year.

“We have a very, very competent young head coach who will be here for a long time,” said Holmgren via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Later Holmgren was asked to elaborate: “He’s going to be the head coach. I’ll elaborate on it, he’ll be the head coach.”

It’s too early to evaluate Shurmur as a head coach. It’s not too early to say that the Browns and their fans probably didn’t expect a step back after Eric Mangini left.

Holmgren acknowledged that doing a year with Mangini had its downsides.

“This is like the second first year and you can say, ‘You wasted a year,'” said Holmgren. “We know that now, I suppose you could say that now, but at the time? No. I don’t regret the decision I made.”

While the Browns didn’t have a great record under Mangini, they pulled off some impressive wins and were a difficult team to play each week. They were a little unlucky, losing seven games by one score last year. This year’s Browns team is not as competitive.

Holmgren’s saving grace since arriving in Cleveland is that his drafts have been solid.  That should pay off for Shurmur in the future, assuming he’s very, very competent.

52 responses to “Holmgren: Pat Shurmur will be around a “long time”

  1. Not a Browns fan, so I don’t see them play week in and week out, but it sure seemed like Mangini had this team going in the right direction. Then Shurmur came in and backed it up a step or two.

  2. Holmgren is very very delusional if he thinks Shurmur is a very very good coach. Or his ego is very very large which doesn’t allow him to see he made a very very big mistake.

  3. Now all he has to do is back McCoy and it’ll be the first time in awhile that we had the same starting QB and same HC for two straight seasons. Let’s see what consistency can do.

  4. Does Holmgren mean a long time as in many temporal years, or a more theoretical ‘long time’ as in ‘Pat Shurmur is the worst piece of garbage ever hired to coach a football team at any level and one day of his incompetent crap seems like a really long time’? Seriously, put his firing on pay-per-view. It would bring in more money than season ticket sales if this assclown does get 3+ years to prove he’s the worst hire ever made.

  5. Does it really matter? It has been so long since the Browns were relevant. Despite the parade of high profile GMs and coaches & high first round picks they have had since their return to league, they just have never gotten it together. Maybe it is time for new ownership in Cleveland, because this simply hasn’t and isn’t working

  6. Wow. After not even one year, Shurmur gets the dreaded vote of confidence. This doesn’t bode well for Shurmur, especially since Holmgren is such a pathological liar.

  7. hopeful that they sign on to colt for another year and jus focus on getting him some skill players on offense as well; however, given the chance a few times holmgren asked to delay talking about colt to after the season. god speed brownies.

  8. And a collective cheer was heard in the other three cities comprising the AFC North Division….

    The “Mistake on the Lake” is alive and well.


  9. The Browns have had four games this year that have turned on a single play. Two wins fell with bad snaps. They’ve been much more competitive than their record shows.

    Are they great? Absolutely not, are they close to the Ravens’ and Steelers’ level? No.

    But positive rebuilding has begun. They need depth, they need consistancy at head coach and QB. They’re finally going to get the latter, hopefully they can complete the former.

  10. @dexterismthero

    Are you simple minded or just stupid? Or maybe you’re just one who is so upset by Steeler success that you can’t think rationally (or even think at all.)

    This article is about the BROWNS – GET IT???

  11. In other words the Cleveland Browns will continue to be irrelevant for a “long time.” Which sucks, because I’m getting ready to move to Ohio and will be stuck with having to watch this crap every Sunday.

  12. Shurmur is in over his head . as a life long die hard Browns fan since 68 this season just doesn’t set well with me . to many games the puppet didn’t have them ready to play . they lack discipline . they lack talent . far to many games they weren’t even watchable . since Patsy the puppet will be around i hope the fat man gets him some much needed help .like a competent offensive coordinator & special; teams coach . we went from one of the best ST Units to one of the worst . what a mess . end this nightmare of a season . get the puppet some help . at least Manginis teams played hard and were in every game .i hate egos !

  13. Shurmur was a bad O-coordinator in St.L and a worse head coach in Cle. But, the icing on the cake is his utter and complete disregard for the health and safety of Colt McCoy. After Holmgren’s combative press conference, it’s painfully apparent that the Browns organization is not only incompetent, but uncaring and borderline malicious in it’s treatment of players. Good luck Cleveland, you’re gonna be subjected to bad football and bad football people for a long, long time.

  14. Holmgren is just following in Parcell’s footsteps, as the fat ex NFL coach stealing money in a front office position……Soon, he will retire, after taking them for millions…..

  15. @hounds32

    You just won the award for the worst English and punctuation every used in a ?sentence?, ?paragraph?, ?short story?!

    STOP drinking the water straight from that burning river you have running directly through the middle of your cesspool!!

    You have one brain cell left! Don’t let it get away!!!

    I plugged that mess into Google translate. There was smoke coming out of my processor.


  16. He may be a good coach. But he doesn’t have the players to help McCoy win. A good coach and a one man team is not going to cut it. They need to clean house with everyone except Colt and then maybe, Shumur will “get” good.

  17. Shurmur is a first year coach. The offense is in the first year of a new system (west. The defense is in the first year of a new system (3-4 to Juron’s 4-3).

    This is a team that said they were going to build from the bottom up, through the draft. All these changes will not be implemented seamlessly and without difficulty. The goal is long term sustainability.

    Firing him now would be exactly what got the Browns into their current mess in the first place. Give it a few years, look for improvement and grade the draft classes a few years in. Only then should one pass judgment.

  18. i don’t know if he is a good coach or not, but i do know this. cleveland needs to get stability in its HC and front office. Look at the Ravens and the Steelers. That is how to do it. Even the Bengals have stuck with Marvin Lewis mostly because Mike Brown is cheap, but the bottom line is that there is a lot to say for stability.

  19. The coaching musical chairs has to stop in Cleveland. Figuring whether Shurmur is the guy or not takes more than one season. The Browns have sucked for so long, why not let Shurmur be there a while and see how he does?

  20. cincyhokie says:
    Dec 15, 2011 10:11 AM

    Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals fans rejoice! Thanks Cleveland!
    You’re a Bengals fan. What do you have to “rejoice” about? I guess as long as Cleveland stays in disarray and your Bengals can continue to finish a distant 3rd in the division, that’s worthy of rejoicing to you.

    Bengals fans are weird.

  21. Is Holmgren on crack??? This can’t be a good decision. Shurmur doesn’t even know how take concussed players out of the game and this guy is going to be the coach for a long, long time? Give me a break!

  22. No, in all seriousness. Keeping a HC for more than 2 years will be needed for the Browns to get over the hump. This is a good move to keep Shermer for the Browns. Browns fans may not like it but it’s neccessary.

  23. I admit, Shurmer isn’t the most media friendly coach ever by a long shot, but the only thing I don’t like about him is his play calling.

    Two plays:

    End of the game where a TD would have made it closer, though we still would have lost. Only 1 WR had a route taking him to the endzone.

    The series that Colt went in after the Harrison hit the same thing, 3rd down, 1 frigging receiver in a pattern taking him into the endzone. They weren’t deep routes, we were just on the 15 or so.

    I didn’t like those play calls, I would have gone for 2 deep routes on opposite sides of the field, one intermediate and one crosser. Only 1 receiver 15 yards downfield? C’mon coach. Too conservative.

  24. Ego driven GM, Head Coach running an offensive scheme that no other NFL team bothers to run anymore, a weak armed undersized QB. Yep, looks like we’ll be hanging out down here at the bottom of the division for a while

  25. dexterismyhero says:Dec 15, 2011 9:18 AM

    What? Nothing about James Harrison for the Steeler fans to whine about….

    @ dexteris(an idiot)myheroNOPE…Just your whining about them…

  26. whatcanbrowndo says:Dec 15, 2011 1:14 PM


    Any Squealer fans want to guess who owns those records for their first four years coaching in the NFL?

    seriously stainsfan???? How many trophy’s his team has??

  27. ->whatcanbrowndo says:Dec 15, 2011 1:14 PM


    Any Squealer fans want to guess who owns those records for their first four years coaching in the NFL?<-

    That's good coaching!

  28. so this is why Seattle let Holmgren go without a lot of fuss, he doesnt know what he is doing. Its that simple.

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