Matt Moore will start for Miami Sunday


J.P. Losman will not make a triumphant return to Buffalo as a starting quarterback.

Matt Moore returned to Dolphins practice Thursday and took the majority of reps with the first team. He expects to start and a source tells Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that Moore will indeed start.

I’m happy to hear this news because I picked the Dolphins in our PFT Picks. And while I root for Losman as a fellow Tulane grad, I have to admit Moore’s the superior player.

Miami can climb out of the basement in the AFC East with a win in Buffalo. That would be a sad moment for the Bills considering how this season started.

10 responses to “Matt Moore will start for Miami Sunday

  1. The Bills avoid the additional embarrassment of JP Losman carving them up for 350 yards and 4 TDs. If only they played the Seahawks next week and Marshawn Lynch could run for 150 and 2 TDs (oh wait!!! they play the Broncos and Willis McGahee will do it).

  2. I was expecting Losman to tear us up this week. Think about it: we have a defensive tackle playing outside linebacker…yet somehow we couldn’t find use for Aaron Maybin.

    Now our quarterback has the accuracy of a sawed-off shotgun…

  3. The fact that you used the words JP Losman and triumphant in the same sentence is mind-boggling. That said, it’s incredible how the Bills have not been able to harvest and grow talent. Seems like everyone who leaves gets better elsewhere.

  4. I’ll be curious to see how hard the Dolphins play now after so many of them rallied around Sparano. They know playing hard for Bowles won’t matter because he has no shot at the job. As far as auditioning for Peterson and Ireland, I don’t see that as motivation either. They may prefer a fresh start somewhere else with a organization built to win.

  5. In my opinion the season is lost the coach is lost (Ross is lost lol) we should let the back ups play and see what we got so the new coach who ever it may be can see what kind of depth we have and who to consider getting rid of cause with a new coach coming in u already know alot of players are gone sad but true go phins PUKE ON JETS!!!!!

  6. Matt Moore is obviously the starter of the 2012 season… (bye bye henne – safe travels). And our season is done… why not see what this kid Pat Devlin can do?!?!

  7. Luckily for Moore, he can play with concussion symptoms because the Bills won’t lay a glove on him. He could be staggering and doing sidewinders and they couldn’t get to him.

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