Oregon’s LaMichael James expected to enter NFL draft

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Oregon running back LaMichael James says he isn’t ready to announce his intentions for the NFL draft, but a report out of Oregon says he’s already made up his mind.

A source within the Oregon football program told the Oregonian that James has decided to declare for the NFL draft after the Rose Bowl, via our friends at CFT.

James issued a statement through the Oregon athletic program saying he hasn’t decided for sure, but players often wait until after their teams’ bowl games to announce publicly that they’re leaving. Privately, everyone expects James to turn pro.

James has been the NCAA leader in rushing yards per game each of the last two years. The biggest question about James is his durability; he was slowed by a knee injury last year and missed two games with an elbow injury this year.

12 responses to “Oregon’s LaMichael James expected to enter NFL draft

  1. Ehh not the best move. All his durability concerns have had him fall out of round 1, he could probably get back in next year. Then again, running backs wear out fast

  2. AD has durbilty issues as well in OK hes been healthy for the most part of his career, but taken a chance on a guy like james, i wouldnt pass that up

  3. scouts say hes to short. 2 words. darren sproles. all james has to do is put on a little bit more weight hell be ok. hes more of a change of pace back

  4. mvpoloamalu:

    He has durability concerns, so he should waste another year of his life playing for no money?

    I never begrudge when a RB comes out. Those guys take a beating, and by the time their rookie deal is over, they get one “real” contract (which is reduced if they’ve been hurt previously), then retire.

  5. IMO RBs should always come out early if they have the chance to go in the first few rounds. It’s too risky to stay and plus, just the wear and tear is reason enough.

  6. Change of pace, third down back, in the NFL. End of the third round to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    The end of the Mewelde Moore era in Pittsburgh!! YES!!!!!


  7. Running back should come out when they can. It’s a position that relies more on instinct than experience and running backs can wear down fast. Better get worn down while being paid than playing in college again.

  8. Probably will be a 3-4th round pick, not much else he could accomplish at Oregon except a Naty. All he did was rush for over 1500yards his first 3 years. Too bad he got hurt this year he probably coulda hit 2000yds.

  9. The kid is “beast strong”. He carries lineman that outweigh him by 100 lbs like rag dolls. He is like Barry Sanders, just not quite as strong, but faster.
    Don’t sell this kid short. Just watch the Rose Bowl this year if you haven’t seen him play.

  10. If he’s got durability concerns, he’d be wise to get to the NFL ASAP. The guy is lightning quick and has breakaway speed. If I were an NFL head coach, I’d love to devise ways to get him 12-15 touches a game.

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