Redskins will place LaRon Landry on injured reserve


LaRon Landry looked like one of the best safeties in football at times this year. The rest of the time, he didn’t look healthy or wasn’t on the field at all.

Landry’s season will now end on injured reserve because of a strained left Achilles’ tendon and strained groin, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

Landry ended last year on I.R. with similar problems.  Rookie DeJuan Gomes will start in Landry’s place the rest of the way.

The sixth overall pick in the 2007 draft will be a free agent in the offseason. He’s only played 17 games over the last two years, so the Redskins may be able to retain Landry on a somewhat cheap short term deal. The franchise tag is also a possibility.

21 responses to “Redskins will place LaRon Landry on injured reserve

  1. Guy gains awesome mass and definition once he gets into the NFL. Works out for “hours at a time”. Starts to get tendon issues…

    hmmm, if it walks like a duck…

  2. They should place the franchise tag on davis and let landry test the market. With his health I do not anticipate he will get a blockbuster deal. It doesn’t matter how good he is if he’s never on the field. I think a lot of skins fans are getting tired of him never playing.

  3. Laron Landry does not have a football body at the moment. With all that mass and definition he has the body of a body builder. Of course he is always going to be injured. He’s to musculer. David Boston was a freak in the weight room as well. He could never stay healthy. Also if you look at the great players of the game you don’t see to many with a body buider type body. Take a hint Laron and work on your speed instead of picking up that dumbell. #Awfultrainingstaff

  4. laron landry is a top 5 safety in the nfl. he completely changes the defense for us…reed doughty is simply garbage. he makes sure tackles, but laron makes plays, and a playmaking safety is extremely important

  5. @ashburninsider

    I agree with you completely. The guy seems more interested in body building and posing than building athletic performance.

    That said, he was healthy until last year and the problems he has encountered this year may just be an extension of that injury. The problem may not be that he over trains or trains in the wrong way, it may just be down to his attitude. He thinks he knows better than the medical staff, and declined to have surgery. His way clearly didn’t work.

    It’s a pity, the guy has huge natural talent but I don’t think that Redskins fans will ever get to see him realise his full potential. Maybe he will reach it if he has a fresh start some where else, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

  6. Yet another underchieving, often injured Redskin who will go to another team and become an All-Pro…a la Carlis Rogers and Brandon Lloyd.

  7. Let him go, see if anyone gives us a draft pick for him. He’s been all bombast and missed tackles since Sean Taylor died. Flexing like an idiot, failing to wrap guys up, can’t stay healthy. He don’t even know the lyrics to “Hail to the Redskins”. Eaglesfootballfan is right…the whole secondary is less than adequate. Of course, a QB and some linemen are higher priorities….

  8. ^^^^^^

    Newsflash…..he is a free agent. Teams don’t give draft picks up for free agents

  9. @eaglesfootballfan. The skins pass defense is ranked 12th in the league. The eagles are 11th. So I dunno how u can say the skins secondary is garbage.

  10. What a dilema: re-sign him and he watches from the sidelines, again. Let him go and he has a pro-bowl year for someone else.

    The Skins’ staff can’t keep anyone healthy, and if they are on the field they misuse them anyway.

    Gronkowski (sp?!??) get’s an award because some a-hole coarch thinks a DE makes a good coverage linebacker. Stupid.

    And there’s Andre Carter making sacks….

    I think they should let Landry go. But I also think it doesn’t matter. They’ll still botch up the position.

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