Rob Ryan says he’ll get Cowboys’ defense fixed

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has said that he’s the best at what he does.  Lately, he hasn’t been doing it very well.

He vows, as he and his twin brother are inclined to do, to turn it around.

Per the Associated Press, Ryan welcomes the blame for defensive collapses the last two weeks.  “And I will get it fixed,” Ryan said.

His plan to fix the late-game struggles includes watching game film as an entire defensive unit, instead of in position groups, and a new system for signaling plays in from the sidelines during a two-minute drill.

“I think we’ll think better in that situation and hopefully the game slows down,” Ryan said.  “Because right now, it’s too fast for us at the end of the game.”

To his credit, Ryan points out that none of the blame for the performance of the defense should land on the lap of coach Jason Garrett.  “I’m the boss of this unit,” Ryan said.  “That is what you hired me for to get things fixed because things weren’t great last year.  I’m proud of the job we have done here, the way we have coached and also the way we have played.”

Fine, but Garrett hired Ryan.  So if the defense under Ryan fails, Garrett should be blamed for entrusting the defense to Ryan.

Things should get easier this weekend, when the Cowboys face the Buccaneers.  It’ll change in Weeks 16 and 17, when the Cowboys face the Eagles and the Giants again.

36 responses to “Rob Ryan says he’ll get Cowboys’ defense fixed

  1. Not gonna happen. By the way, I’m SO impressed with Ratliff going after that reporter. It takes a REAL man to try to fight someone weaker than themselves. Ship Jay off to Detroit…he’ll fit right in.

  2. Well he’s been pretty much wrong with every one of his proclomations this year, so it’s a pretty good bet the Cowboys defense will be horrible the last 3 weeks.

    This guy has been a brutal coordinator every step along the way, why would that change in Dallas?

  3. What’s he supposed to say (when asked, as many people seem to think he just goes out to talk)? “well the defense has stunk. Our best player had some costly penalties last game. I’m looking to dig it further into the ground, hopefully someone will put up 100 on us before the year is done!”

    What a non story.

  4. @Soulman
    I see the public school system failed you.

    I don’t know if it’s Ryan or the scheme is too complex. Whatever it is, please fix it. This last minute winning/losing is killing me. It seems we play to the level of our competition every week, minus the Rams and Eagles game. Our secondary is like a boat with the bottom slowly deteriorating. It just gets worse by the week. Newman is being overpaid while under achieving.

  5. How is he supposed to fix what he has to work with? Every defensive player Dallas has sucks with the exception of Lee & Ware. That said, I do wish he’d just shut up.

  6. everyone hates on rob and rex because they wish they could be like that at their job. let the guy be who he is and he does a nice job just needs to get a few things tweeked. probably will be a head coach next year if an owner wants to make a big change

  7. Love the use of ‘I’ there, as if none of the other coaches or players have anything to do with it.

  8. I’m a Cowboys hater. Thats certified by the way. Ive got a lamenated license to hate this team so you KNOW its official! I say that to say this….. since when do we give coaches less than a year before we mark them as failures. The NFL has gotten out of control. This comment has a broader stroke than just Rob Ryan. Its rampant in the league. Every new hire is expected to immediately pay dividends. thats absurd! Lets give coaches 2..maybe even 3 years before we run them outta town.

    Now that I said that I can get back to my regularly scheduled hating. Some of these above comments made me laugh so loud people started to stare… already impotent!… lol

  9. trbowman says:
    Dec 15, 2011 11:30 PM
    Do these two knuckleheads do anything but talk?

    Well Rex likes to watch guys fill his wife’s 3 holes.

    Rex actually is a good head coach and coordinator. Rob couldn’t touch his brother’s talent with a 10 foot pole.

  10. I put my money on-it won’t get fixed you turd. Is he gonna tell us at the beginning of every year how the cowturds are going to win a ring? The ryan brothers are so overrated.

  11. vincentbojackson says:
    Dec 16, 2011 7:50 AM
    Why did you use a picture of Santa with this story?
    Funniest PFT post in weeks!


  12. Dont give me this crap about giving this bum 2 to 3 years to figure things out on D. Rob Ryan had years everywhere he’s been to solve 4th quarter and 2 minute offense meltdowns against his self proclaimed unstoppable defenses. In every case, he’s been an EPIC failure. If someone cared enough, they could pull game film of every team he ever coached D for, watch the 4th quarter of those games, and after wasting a few hours of one’s life, they would suddenly realize they were actually witnessing the definition of insanity. Each day that goes by where he is coaching requires two days to fix once he’s gone.

  13. I’ve never seen an assistant coach talk more than Bob Ryan (his dad too). It must have been one wild place in the Ryan household. His poor mother.

  14. Why do people keep touting this clown as a potential head coach? He’s not even a good coordinator. Even the Peter Principle requires that you be good at your current job before you get promoted to the one you can’t do.

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