Tebow told Tillman that his interception was “lucky”

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Bears cornerback Charles Tillman made a leaping interception of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Sunday, and after the game Tebow had nothing but praise for Tillman’s effort on the play.

“That interception Charles Tillman had was a great play — you know, bad decision on my part, which I can’t have, and got to improve,” Tebow said. “But that was a great play.”

During the game, however, Tebow told Tillman that the interception was more about luck than skill. NFL Network had Tebow wearing a microphone during the game against the Bears, and the audio from Tebow that aired this week included Tebow approaching Tillman and telling him, “You’re lucky. You’re lucky to get one.”

Tillman turned toward Tebow and asked, “What did you say?”

“I said you’re lucky, man,” Tebow said. “Lucky, lucky. You know that, too, man.”

Tebow’s comments seem to suggest that he takes a different view than his pastor, who claims that there’s no such thing as luck on a football field, there’s only God’s favor.

124 responses to “Tebow told Tillman that his interception was “lucky”

  1. Tillman was lucky because God had left the room to use the can during that play. But he was back in time to push Barber out of bounds and cause that fumble in OT.

  2. Tebow is right. Tillman is lucky. Lucky that Tebow actually threw a ball that was able to be caught by someone within the field of play.

  3. This guy is a complete toolbag! Just another reason to further my dislike for this idiot. Enjoy it now Broncos fans because this run is ending soon.

  4. Imagine that- Tebow thought something different than what he said to the public. Golly-gee-whiz, guys.

  5. THAT int was lucky??? How about ANY of the 7 wins the Broncos have gotten with Tebow at QB???

  6. Luck? That was actually a really outstanding play by Tillman, to make the catch and get both feet down.

    “Luck” is when you’re flat on your back, the ball is tipped, and lands right where you happen to be.

  7. Anyone is lucky to do anything, Tim, when there’s a God that allows Holocausts, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, etc to happen. Tillman, his interception, and your NFL success included.

  8. And I’m not a religious person at all- just funny hearing Tebow Christ calling someone lucky.

  9. As a QB he is a good RB and as a person he is a hypocritical loser.

    Lets hear from the Bronco fans that were bashing Urlacher a couple of days ago for speaking the truth about your messiah.

  10. LMAO Tebow’s one to talk. He was lucky Barber ran out of bounds. He’s lucky Barber fumbled in OT. Hell, he’s been lucky all year and IMO he’ll be lucky if he keeps his team within 2 TDs of the New England Tom Brady’s.

  11. Nothing lucky about that grab.

    Interesting what he says when there’s not a reporter and microphone in front of him.

  12. I’m no Tebow fan… and I’m aware that wearing religion on his sleeve opens him up to criticism. But this kind of nit-picking is starting to resemble bigotry.

  13. The guy who is being considered the savior of his franchise because…………..

    -he won one game when his team got an onside kick and then the other team fumbled in overtime….

    -won another game when the other team’s qb threw a horrible int in his own end at the end of the game…….

    -won a third game when the other team’s RB inexplicably ran out of bounds for no reason to stop the clock and then fumbled in OT……

    …………..probably shouldn’t be calling other people “lucky”.

  14. Hah Tim Tebow’s confidence is pretty high. I can’t wait for the Patriots to come in and ROLL OVER the Broncos. And this is comin from a Dolphins fan.

  15. As if Jesus himself didn’t talk smack during his tenure……..Who can forget….”You got Lucky Judas…that all ya got”…….See me in 3 days…..punk

  16. First round matchup-Pittsburgh @ Denver. God favors Tebow but Harrison’s coming-and hell’s coming w/ him. We’ll see who wins. I’m betting James breaks Churchy McBride in half. lol

  17. Actually, Tillman was fortunate. If you look at the replay the receiver had slip to the ground in front of Tillman. If Willis could have stayed on his feet, it could have been a completion. Smith, you need find someone else to spew your venom on. What is it with you and Tebow? Is that you sole journalistic mission in life?

  18. Your tears are delicious Bears fans. They have been all week. Not nearly as delicious as Urlacher’s, though. I love that your season is over. Your team is not good, with or without Cutler/Forte. And you will be second fiddle (if not 3rd/4th) in your division for many years. Cry little girls. Cry.

    By the way, if you saw the video, there is no mistake that he was joking/ribbing. He had a huge smile on his face. When he said ‘you know that too man,’ he was talking to Peppers, I believe.

    When Tillman said, “What did you say,” it was because he didn’t hear him at first. Not like, “what you say foo? I’m gonna knock you out.”

  19. goblue714 says: Dec 15, 2011 11:35 AM

    The media will try anything to make tebow look bad, it’s really sad.


    Really? That’s funny, because I thought the opposite with all the sunshine they keep blowing up his butt. I never thought it could get any worse than the Brady love fest the media has, but then Tim Tebow came along. If anything, the medias agenda is to try and make him look better tan he really is.

  20. Silverback9999,

    That’s what I’m talking about!!!

    If Denver does in fact get to the playoffs and plays Pittsburgh, James Harrison will key on him and the world will see Tebow’s real side.

  21. eaglesnoles05

    God doesnt allow those things to happen. man brought these thing on themselves when they came into sin. God may have permitted these things to happen but never approves. its pains God that man continues to live in sin despite his efforts to deliver them through his son Jesus Christ.

  22. When Trent Dilfer wins a friggin’ Super Bowl, the media perception was the Ravens were able to do it “despite” the limitations of the QB using a similar formula to Denver’s current strategy (solid rushing game and solid defense). Dilfer wasn’t even re-signed.

    When Tebow helps the Broncos string together a series of wins (vs. the Vikes a week after they lose AP, vs. Oakland right after Campbell goes down, vs. the Bears a week after Forte goes down), he gets all the credit in the world (Willis who?) and is the subject of the most overexposed, tired and played out sports story since the Favre retirement saga. Despite the fact he is averaging 117 yards passing a game and has a completion percentage below 50%.

    Even Kirk Cameron is sick of hearing about Tebow by now.

  23. It’s comical how mad people get when someone proves them wrong, time after time. When Tebow beats the Pats I suspect there will be wrist slashings. hell I’m suprised Merill Hodge is still breathing.

  24. Tim is right on… he was saying Tillman was lucky that his hands are better than Tebow’s receivers.

  25. The things you say to a competitor during a game are not necessarily what you think when the dust settles…and if that’s the worst he has to say to a guy…

  26. i think Tebow needs some more street cred… he should do a couple late night tours at the local strip clubs and make it rain… then go find a few dog fighting farms to finance, then an accidental gunshot wound to some part of his body, afterwards go get a few of the female tebowers knocked up, refuse child support and smack a few of them around so they know their place. Then after all that, he can stop playing hard, demand more money, become a self centered and immature punk,and throw all his teamates under the bus when they don’t perform…

    seems to me this the formula for gaining respect and popularity in the NFL….

  27. I can’ t speak for Tebow, but watching the game and the actual play would lead me to believe he was refering to the fact that Tillman was lucky that the intended target fell down on the play thus making it much easier, though the catch itself was impressive.

  28. Tebow was telling Tillman that he was lucky to get that interception because he rarely throws the ball as a quarterback in the first place.

    Then again, when Tebow DOES throw the ball, it’s typically almost only to ONE receiver per game.

  29. You know the best thing about Tebow is? He is getting built to such a high level that the ensuing crash will be a thing of beauty to watch.

  30. I heard a lot of the mic’d up on VS. It was awesome. The guy does talk a lot of smack and acts a lot different then I thought he would. I can also see why everyone says he’s such a great leader now.

  31. Smith needs to stop trying to escape his my-parents-didn’t-love-me name by pushing phony stories for attention.

    Tebow and Tillman were laughing throughout the exchange. He was messing around — not talking trash.

    Also: it’s not been confirmed by like 5 different major news sources that a) the pastor isn’t and never claimed to be Tebow’s pastor, and b) never said that God is intervening in football games, just that “Tebow is in his favor” for the good he’s done, win or lose. See: Denver Post.

  32. Meanwhile the NFL announced today that in the mood of the holiday spirit, the upcoming game with the Patriots would be moving to 34th Street.

  33. No mater if it has been luck for Denver to be on this streak, a win is a win, period.

    As for the comment from swagjag, he is spot on. Denver is counting on Tebow not having to go point for point with a high powered offense. Let Denver’s defense keep the game close and they play for the win on the last series.

    To anyone who thinks that if Tebow played in the Oct 2nd game against Green Bay and would have scored more then the 23 points they did, you need to put down the crack pipe.

    I say give Tebow a year or two and see if he can develop in to a dual threat. But today and isn’t.

  34. Media wants Tebow to fail?

    Everytime I turn my television on its a story about how great he is. Not sure how that’s negative.

  35. Tillman was lucky. If you watch the film it was the Bronco’s receiver who prevented him from following out of bounds. When Tillman was falling backwards the Bronco’s receiver, who was on his knees, broke his immediate fall allowing him to gain possession and stay in bounds. Not skill just pure luck.

  36. mlan08 says:
    Dec 15, 2011 11:31 AM
    LMAO Tebow’s one to talk. He was lucky Barber ran out of bounds. He’s lucky Barber fumbled in OT. Hell, he’s been lucky all year and IMO he’ll be lucky if he keeps his team within 2 TDs of the New England Tom Brady’s.

    You mean like the pathetic winless Colts did last week?

    Oh wait, my bad…the Colts were within one TD last week. And that’s with Wilfork lucking into a fumbled ball in the end zone.

  37. Exactly what is so intriguing about Tim Tebow? The talking heads question his IQ for using his legs instead of his arm. He has horrible accuracy and terrible mechanics but is being heralded as the second coming of Terry Bradshaw. He has only started in seven games but unlike the Philadelphia Eagles he doesn’t disappear in the fourth quarter because God is on his side.

    Let me make it clear I do believe in God and my feelings about Tebow mania has nothing to do with his belief system. Sure I know he’s a Christian, but I’d like to think that God has better things to do than paint his face orange and drink a Coors lite while watching the Denver Broncos play every Sunday. But those out there that truly believe that there’s a higher power somewhere who’s to credit for the success of the Tebow Broncos in recent weeks ; not only are you delusional listeners of burning bushes BUT do not know football.

    Yes we’re all witnesses to Tebow magic. He can walk on water, turn Gatorade into wine, make the last 3 minutes of any game that week heartstopping , But the most important facet of TebowTime, HE DOESN’T HAVE A TOUCH DOWN DANCE.

  38. still waiting for Teeb to put up real franchise QB numbers, instead of the 150 yards 86 rating games he’s been doing

    he’s gonna get leveled on a run, or they bring in a real passer in the off season, then the only thing he’ll be carrying is a clipboard…..

  39. Dear Monkeypeople,

    Please sit down, take a deep breath, and deal with your hate — deal with your anger.

  40. I was always under the impression that anyone making a play on the ball, if he is touching any part of the out of bounds area or any object or player in the out of bounds area means he is out of bounds himself…..

    Thus, luck……The refs blew the call.

  41. Will a large number of football fans finally acknowledge that Tebow is a winner if they beat the Pats? I know, that’s a big IF.

  42. What Tebow said was in the heat of battle. Let’s not rush to judgement. After cooler heads prevailed he said the right thing. Besides his “lucky” comment could have also been interpreted as Tillman being lucky that Tebow did not account for him before he threw the pass.

  43. kenhawk says:
    Dec 15, 2011 11:38 AM
    But hey Urlacher saying Tebow is a good running back, totally different.


    Tebow made his comment during the game, Urlacher made his AFTER the game…the game that his team lost…on DEFENSE. That running back marched down the field on Urlacher and that defense. Tebow’s comment could have been said in jest. Urlacher’s was just said in stupidity.

  44. This is really bad because the networks made him to be a Saint but as you can see, between the lines he’s just like everyone else

  45. Notice how the Broncos fans who were ripping Urlacher for being classless after the game are falling all over themselves to defend Tebow for his comment?

    If Tebow wants to see lucky all he needs to do is look in the mirror. Has any player in NFL history seen such a string of luck over a seven-game stretch?

  46. pigskinswag says: “That running back marched down the field on Urlacher and that defense.”


    Yeah, he marched down the field once the whole game and that was against a prevent defense. The other two scoring drives barely got past mid-field. Yeah, he just tore up the Bears defense. I bet Aaron Rodgers is jealous of Tebow’s ability to carve up a defense.

  47. 100 plus comments about Tim Tebow…sorry I don’t have time to read everyone’s thoughts…I’ve got to go trim my toe nails.

  48. PRIME example as to why you leave Religion out of the picture, and off the field. If you’re going to constantly brag about the grace that God is giving you, expect to be criticized every time you say something “unholy”. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. This is the name you’ve made for yourself, Tebone. I wish you luck.

  49. I love when the atheist get all fussy when God is mentioned. I’m now an official follower of Tebow, just because it pisses them-off. Most people are only defensive if they’re guilty of something, like say struggling with your faith. Just because someone believes God makes a difference in their life, doesn’t mean God cares about football (fools). The God jokes were funny 6 months ago, now they’re just lame and ignorant. If you believe in something good, why do people feel the need to attack you (jealousy maybe)?

  50. Gimme a break.

    Anyone who saw Sound FX could tell Tebow wasn’t trash talking and Tillman wasn’t upset. They were both laughing. Tillman said “What did you say?” because he didn’t hear Tebow. That’s what you say when you didn’t hear someone.

    This article is ridiculous. And referencing the phony pastor article is desperate.

    Of all the fabricated Tebow articles, and there have been plenty, this is the phoniest.

  51. 3rdstringqb says:
    “Yeah, he marched down the field once the whole game and that was against a prevent defense. The other two scoring drives barely got past mid-field.”

    For some idiotic reason the Bears went into a “prevent” defense. Who are your two primary communicators with the defense? Lovie Smith and BRIAN URLACHER. If it’s the fault of the “prevent defense”, shouldn’t have URLACHER lobbied to call something else after the first few times it didn’t work? Its funny how for some reason even when Tebow does something good, people like yourself try tof ind everything wrong with it. Last time I checked yards don’t gain points, scoring TDs, FGs, PATs, and safeties get you points. And whoever has more points at the end of the game wins. Tebow has happened to be the starting quarterback seven out of eight times when that has occured.

  52. Tillman was lucky. Certainly luckier than the other Tillman (Pat) when he intercepted those 2 bullets with his chest in Afghanistan back in ’03. Yay god.

  53. Broncos fans are excited, as they should be. Tebow has worked thus far….but it’s no different than the Wildcat a few years back. ‘Phins went on a tear, but the next season their schtick had been figured out. Same thing will happen with Timmy. Unless he starts throwing the ball better, his long term success is in doubt. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great person, just not a great QB. We’ve seen this before, a novelty which the talking heads go crazy about for a bit, then reality eventually sets in. Tebow has just delayed that reality from setting in with a favorable schedule and a few bone head plays from the opposition. He’s winning, great….for now. The Broncos can’t afford to base their entire offensive future around a guy who can’t throw, because then what are you stuck with if/when he gets hurt?

  54. Trash-talking Tebow? Maybe he should call another press conference to tell everyone how humble he is.

    Think about it…..

  55. Needless to say, if Tillman had reported this story and there’d been no audio to prove it, Evangeliheads and Bronchials would have pilloried him for trying to dirty up Saint Tim.

  56. Tebow is a starting qb on an NFL team, that is leading their division… hate all you want, that wont change the facts. Maybe most people on here are just bitter about their own teams failures.

  57. As Timmy keeps winning, he’s TRUE ego is going to shine through. If you have ever met this kid in real life, not on a TV interview, you would see how arrogant he really is. It’ll all come out soon enough, until defenses remember how to stop a college option team.

  58. “You’re lucky. You’re lucky to get one.” – Says the Guy that gets fluke wins against teams playing their backup HBs/QBs/Oline/etc.

  59. @raiders

    Seriously look at all the anti-tebow comments on here, read any newspaper sports section outside of denver. The thing tebow does wrong is he tries to be a good person, and for that he gets scrutinized. He’s not the greatest QB in the world but cut the guy some slack.

  60. The accusors eureka moment.





    What we do know beyond the shadow of all doubt as of now is this. He is better than every Qb of the 2010 draft. I remember the nonstop praise of Bradford after he took the Rams to a 7-9 record last year. While being the 27th rated passer.

    McCoy? Clausen?

    I count it all joy. All of it.

  61. …let’s take just a minute to clear up the confusion in all the comments referencing “hate, jealously, etc.” when responding to any
    …now image an adult who publicly praised the tooth fairy on a regular basis…criticism of such statements is not “hate or jealously”, but rather it’s simply mocking a ridiculous notion…the same is true of the criticism of tebow’s regular public pronouncements regarding his “faith”…

  62. When it comes to hate, the people here have nothing on Tebow’s pal Reverend James Dobson. That guy is old school hate.

    Frankly if Tebow hears pixie voices in the huddle, I could care less. If he wants to believe he has magic powers from on high, that’s his business. But if his success validates the 18th century hatemongers that he does TV commercials for and allows him to give money to those causes, I am happy to see his career flame out.

  63. Pigskinswag says: For some idiotic reason the Bears went into a “prevent” defense. Who are your two primary communicators with the defense? Lovie Smith and BRIAN URLACHER. If it’s the fault of the “prevent defense”, shouldn’t have URLACHER lobbied to call something else after the first few times it didn’t work? Its funny how for some reason even when Tebow does something good, people like yourself try tof ind everything wrong with it.


    Urlacher isn’t the defensive coordinator. Neither is Lovie Smith. Urlacher runs the plays that are called. If they go into a prevent defense and the coordinator doesn’t want to come out of it, there’s nothing he can do. Besides, if Barber doesn’t run out of bounds, that prevent defense would have forced the Broncos to use too much time for a comeback, so it wasn’t necessarily the wrong thing to do in that situation. I just wouldn’t do it against Tebow because he sucks when a defense plays him straight up. Tebow didn’t beat the Bears. The Bears beat the Bears.

    And it’s not a case of trying to find something wrong. You don’t have to TRY to find something wrong if you take off the Tebow blinders. It jumps right out at those that know a little about the game. The facts speak for themselves. Tebow did nothing until the Bears went into a prevent defense and now you would think he won the game all by himself based on the ignorant comments people like you post. Fact is he had one good drive while the Bears were playing 15 yards off the receivers. Ignore that fact all you like but the tape doesn’t lie. Then he gets a little past midfield the next two times and you’d think he was Joe ‘Freakin’ Montana if you listen to those that watch with their hearts and not their heads.

    Try watching a game objectively sometime.

  64. Are you going to acknowledge that the Broncos WRs dropped 6 passes? Or are you not going to acknowledge the Broncos WRs dropped 6 passes? Are you going to acknowledge the Broncos had a FG blocked? Or are you not going to acknowledge that Broncos had a FG blocked?

    I mention that because the Broncos also had a significant number of mistakes and the Bears also had breaks to take advantage of.

    Of course it is a team game. Noone really credits the forutnate “tuck rule” or that Vinatieri kicked 2 FGs in the driving snow against the Raiders when they discuss Brady. Or that Vinatieri made game winning FGs for the Pats. No, the MVP and 95% of the glory goes to Brady.

    The prevent defense essentially worked for the Bears. You dont play man when you are up 10 points when the opposing team has no time outs. I know, I know, Tebow is totally incapable of throwing over the top. Got it. That is just another inaccurate observation. What ever you need to tell youself to make yourself feel good.

    I will say this too. People think it is always the prevent defense that Tebow takes advantage of. Well, the Dolphins never went into a prevent. The Jets never did. The Chargers never did. I know, the Vikings defense is horrible. It is actually ranked than the Bears. Hey, what ever.

    People, please keep the excuses coming. It gives me such pleasure. Thank you.

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