The Jaguars are having a miserable night

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The Jaguars couldn’t even enjoy their biggest win of the season for long.

Just four days after beating down the Bucs, the Jaguars are being reminded once again that they can’t compete with quality competition.

Atlanta leads 34-0 just after halftime. Everything that could go wrong went from for the Jaguars. Blaine Gabbert had one first down in the half and two lost fumbles.  One was returned for a touchdown to start the second half.

The team also fumbled a punt and gave up two passing scores to Matt Ryan. The only positive: Maurice Jones-Drew looked to be injured late in the first half, but he was able to return to the game.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, go ahead and spend more time with your family for the second half. We’ve got you covered.

15 responses to “The Jaguars are having a miserable night

  1. Boy what a great idea to put regular season games on a network that tens of millions of americans don’t get.

    Until I saw this headline, I had actually forgotten that there was an NFL game tonight.

    That’s gotta be great for marketing.

  2. Hey Gregg, where’s the Jags to LA topics. Now that you know this team isn’t going anywhere don’t change your tune. You guys have made it your personal mission to see this team moved so for old times sake give me some Jags to LA. I’ll be waiting………

    On that note, 2012 will be a great season. This is a bad team even though a #4 defense and 27 players on IR doesnt help. We are in a storm right now, but the sun is coming out. New owner, new coach, new OC, new receivers and playmakers are on the way. I love it.

  3. Sorry, but the “injured players excuse” is B.S. Last season, the Packers lost a bunch of players and they won the Super Bowl. The Texans have lost: Mario Williams, a couple of guys in the secondary, Andre Johnson (getting splinters in his a## from all the time spent on the bench with his injured hamstrings), our starting QB, and our back-up QB. The Texans are playing their ROOKIE THIRD STRING quarterback and still managing to win.
    Excuses are like a-holes…everybody has one and almost all of them stink.

  4. And another thing…Tampa Bay should be ashamed of themselves! They let THIS crappy team beat them that badly??? Raheem Moris’ can’t use his excuse about the Bucc’s playing superior opponents in this case.

  5. I hate to overreact and pull the plug so soon, but Blaine Gabbert probably isn’t the answer. He just looks pathetic back there, no idea what he’s doing and can barely move the ball.

    Next year, it may be a tough decision for them when it comes to taking a WR or another QB, they’d be crazy to look anywhere else. Tough to judge Gabbert with such a bad offense, but we might see the Claussen/Newton situation with someone like RG3 coming in and lighting a fire under that team.

    Ideally they will sign a starting quality WR in free agency and see how the draft plays out.

  6. thermalito says:
    Dec 15, 2011 11:56 PM
    Move this awful franchise to LA and get it over with. Jacksonville doesn’t care about them and neither does any one else.


    They wouldn’t care in L.A., either.

  7. can we please ban the jaguars from playing on primetime?

    they are brutal to watch, and this is coming from someone who is a football junkie, can watch any game between any teams. they are just tough to watch.

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