Ben Watson lands on injured reserve with concussion

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Lost in the deserved hype and hoopla regarding the Browns see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil handling of Colt McCoy’s concussion is the fact that two other Browns players suffered concussions during last Thursday’s game against the Steelers.

One of them won’t be playing again this season.

Tight end Benjamin Watson officially has been placed on injured reserve.  Though the announcement of the move doesn’t mention the affliction, he had been ruled out of Sunday’s game at Arizona with a “head” injury.  (At least they’re not calling it “neck” or “concussion-like symptoms.”)

While the Browns fairly have been criticized for allowing McCoy to re-enter the game only two plays after he absorbed a wicked hit to the face in plain view of many players and other non-player personnel on the Browns’ sideline, they deserve credit for removing Watson and fullback Owen Marecic from the game after both players suffered concussions.

Still, a batting average of .667 remains unacceptable in matters of this nature.

6 responses to “Ben Watson lands on injured reserve with concussion

  1. You’re okay with the Browns saying “head injury?” But not the Steelers saying “concussion-like?” A head injury could mean anything, such as a cut on the forehead. Seems their word usage is more evasive than the Steelers, but since you seem to be okay with it, maybe you have a head injury.

  2. The other thing lost in the ‘deserved hype and hoopla’ is the fact that McCoy took and PASSED the SCAT2 concussion test after the game. If he passed it after the game (although soon after developed concussion symptoms) a reasonable person would assume that he would have passed it during the game and would have been reinserted into the game anyway.

  3. Even with the Browns allowing McCoy to go back in the game, you still take a shot at the Steelers for concussion like symptoms?

    Look, to me, a concussion like symptom is laying on the ground after getting hit in the head, with your arms raised up in the air, like McCoy was. Maybe the bright lights hurting his head is a concussion like symptom?

    At least the Steelers hold players out if there is a chance they have a concussion. The Browns just let their QB go back out there and blow the game for them.

    I guess that’s OK though?

  4. If you go back an watch the play, Ryan Clark dropped his head and speared the hell out of Watson which made his head bounce off of the turf.

    It should have been a penalty, and to keep with consistency Clark should have been fined.

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