Billick says he’d be interested in Dolphins job

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Brian Billick thinks that he’s too old and expensive for the Jaguars.  But he sees a potential fit farther south.

Billick tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that the former Ravens coach would be interested in the coaching job in Miami.

The Dolphins are a marquee franchise,” Billick said.  “But at the end of the day, it’s the structure of what they put together.”

While Billick was diplomatic and tactful, it’s clear that he has some concerns.  “It has to be a partnership between the head coach, general manager and ownership with a very specific vision,” Billick said.  “The Dolphins are probably a long way from formulating their plans.”

Jackson points out that Billick said earlier in the week on NFL Network that the coach/G.M. pairing is “a marriage,” and that the two men have to “forge that relationship.”  Given the perception that G.M. Jeff Ireland betrayed former head coach Tony Sparano by accompanying owner Stephen Ross to California in an effort to hire Jim Harbaugh while Sparano was still employed, Billick and any coaching candidate will have concerns.  Thus, the manner in which Ireland and Ross handle that situation could be more important than anything the coaching candidate says during the interview, even if/when Billick is pressed to explain how he was the only coach to lose to a 1-15 Dolphins team in 2007, supposedly costing Ross $40 million via the increased purchase price that Wayne Huizenga imposed after avoiding the ultimate bookend to the accomplishments of the 1972 Dolphins.

Still, if owner Stephen Ross is looking for a guy who has won a Super Bowl ring (as opposed to a “young Don Shula”), the list of available coaches is limited.  Since the 2000 season, it’s Billick, Cowher, Gruden, and Dungy.

Dungy isn’t coming back.  For Gruden and Cowher, the presence of Ireland likely will be a non-starter.  And so this high-stakes edition of Match Game could all come down to Billick, whom Armando Salguero of the Herald has predicted will indeed be the next coach of the Dolphins.

57 responses to “Billick says he’d be interested in Dolphins job

  1. Brian Billick is interested in ANY NFL job. Not exactly like he has been in any type of demand since he left the Ravens.

  2. Billick would be a lousy choice for the Dolphins. He got the Ravens job based upon the production of Randy Moss and Chris Carter.

    When Moss lit up the scoreboard everyone billed him an “offensive genius”. But he won that Super Bowl ring on the strength of the defense.

    Can you imagine him having to find a franchise quarterback for the Fins? I’m sure he’ll be looking for a “young” Kyle Boller or Trent Dilfer. Barf.

  3. Man, at a first glance at the headline, I thought it said Belichick, and I was ready to personally go and fistfight Jeff Ireland.

    Clearly more coffee needed.

    Carry on.

  4. Yeah… him acting like he is being picky is hilarious…. he will take ANY available job.

    Though I find it interesting that there is ZERO demand… I wonder if he has a bad rep amongst GM circles…. he was all but publicly begging for the Buffalo vacancy before Chan got picked and they didn’t even give him a ring.

    I do agree thought that he was given too much credit for an offense with 2 HOF receivers and then won the SB on the back of a defense that he inherited.

  5. The Dolphins will have to stand in a very long line for Mr. Bilicks’ services.

    He’s in very high demand these days.


    Embarrassing that he has to publicly pander for an NFL job this way.

  6. As a Dolphins fan, NOOOOOOOO!

    Just because he won a Super Bowl ring, doesn’t mean he can do it again. I would rather get someone young and hungry. If the Bucs are dumb enough to fire Raheem Morris, I say hire him.

  7. An offensive “genius” that won his Super Bowl with Defense.
    Drafted Kyle Boiler, and stuck with him when it was evident that he could not play.
    And He basically told his owner that he would not get fired.

    There is a reason he is not coaching.

  8. Brian Billick thinks the Dolphins are a marquee franchise. Then he watched the NFL seasons beyond 1995.

  9. So, Billick would not be interested in a job like Jacksonville where there is hard work to be done and no South Beach glory, but he would take the ‘Fins job. No thanks, Toolbox….We don’t really want you either.

  10. I would certainly take Billick over other retreads out there. Either him or a “young and hungry” OC would work for me. And remember, you’re not hearing about the fins interviewing “young and hungry” coaches yet because they aren’t allowed to until the regular season ends.

  11. As much as you can say a Super Bowl winning coach gets “a bad rap”, Billick gets one.

    Yeah, he made his reputation on offense with the Vikings. But he was smart enough to realize he didn’t have the likes of Randy Moss in Baltimore.

    Too many coaches try to recreate what it was that made them successful so they can “prove” their genius. Billick didn’t do that and adapted to his circumstance.

    He had a strong defense and they grew a good offensive line and a powerful run game. If he’d been able to find a legit QB, there’s no telling how many titles they could have won.

  12. Remember the old days when a man was interested in a job he would place a personal call to someone within the organization?

  13. My God man.

    King Carl, Jeff Ireland and Brian Billick, all on the same team?

    What a recipe for disaster.

  14. Brian Billick is a pompous ass, and that’s probably why no one will hire him. But if I was a GM, he would be one of the first coaches I would consider.

    In Baltimore, his teams were always competitive and the talent he had on the offensive side of the ball was absolutely horrendous. That wasn’t his fault.

    Anyone who thinks the likes of Raheem Morris, Leslie Frazier, Jim Swartz, and Norv Turner, just to name a few, are better than Billick are not rational. Billick is certainly qualified and deserving of a spot on the NFL sidelines.

  15. For the love of god hire him, that way I don’t have to hear his I am better than everyone else attitude when calling games. His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard!

  16. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

    Remember 2007. Remember going 1-15? Rememeber who the “1” was against?

    He had 4th and goal from inside the 1 with a few seconds left against us that day. Down by 3. McGahee was killing us. Billick decided to kick a FG to send it to OT rather than just stick it in us to win the game.

    He played scared against a team that was collosally, almost historically, bad. That’s all you need to know, Stephen Ross. .

  17. As the wordsmith Billick has tried to be, he fumbles his words on games he calls & the coaches show on NFL Network. Calling players wrong name & getting tongue-tied more frequently than his standards.

    Just like Shula, from Baltimore to Miami.

    Maybe he can bring his buddy Fassel back to NFL…

    Definitely rode coattails but was on/around Bill Walsh’s coaching staff

    Whoever coach is, don’t stick w/ Henne. He is a glorified loser. 2 words. Appalachian State.

  18. who ever the new coach may be please please keep Nolan the mans a genius he’s the only one that’s got something goin for us oh ya and Rizzi too are special teams have been well above average

  19. Its a good match, but i doubt if he connects, given his ego. I’d consider him , but who the QB will be is the big issue – stay the course with Matt Moore and draft the 2nd tier QB – Barkley-Landry Jones-Robert Griffith III? What assistants could he lure and cherry pick from other blown up staffs? (Colts, Bucs, Jags, Chiefs)

    He has a no. 1 receiver, decent defense, and he could retain Mike Nolan as the DC b/c they worked with the Ravens.

  20. I’m sure the Bills, Jets and Pats would applaud the choice. We were sad to see Dave Wannstedt go. Fins have you considered Marty Mornhinweg, Rich Kotite, or Rod Marinelli? If you went back to Saban or Cam Cameron that woudl be great too.

  21. @normswifevera

    Yes, if only he could have found someone better than Trent Dilfer, Elvis Grbac or Kyle Boller to quarterback the team.

    But isn’t that part of being a head coach, especially one with an offensive background?

  22. Land Snark says:Dec 16, 2011 9:12 AM

    When Moss lit up the scoreboard everyone billed him an “offensive genius”. But he won that Super Bowl ring on the strength of the defense.

    Exactly. Kind of like that #4 in Green Bay who got his rear covered more often that not by solid Fritz Shurmur defenses.


    orangeflh says:Dec 16, 2011 9:50 AM

    I rather like Billick in the booth; much more than Gruden or Jaworski, anyways.

    I agree….and you left Collinsworth out…who IMO is terrible opposite Al Michaels.

    It amazes me how many of these former coaches and players screw up while on air. 3 instances this year where a QB was in the act of throwing (arm going forward), yet the ball went backwards….either way, a fumble….and everyone mentioned there, except for Jaws, has jobbed that call up this year making fun of the officials until someone in the trailer has to ear piece these guys to tell them what the rule is.

    Cowher will be back, but the longer he’s gone, the more the window closes. Dungy I think is done. Billick will be back in some capacity in coaching, but has too much pride to take a coordinator job…may keep him from HC gigs. Today’s owners and GMs want the next young gun, and you’ll see alot of turnover because of it.

  23. As a Dolphins fan, the only thing that interests me about Billick is that he’d probably keep Mike Nolan around based on their history. Other than that, I’ll pass.

  24. Ok…#1, he has no idea what Jaguars are looking for because no one in the Jaguars organization has come out to say what they are looking for in HC. But I do know Mr Kahn said yesterday he is going to do what EVER it take to put a winner on the field in Jacksonville ASAP! So it sounds like he will be willing to spend the $$$.

    #2 I believe this website reported that Mr Ross stated that he wanted a young Don Shula as the next HC at Miami….and Brian Billiack you BIG JACK ASS, you are no DON SHULA sir!!!!!

    #3 So for your arrogant comment about the Jaguars, I hope no team considers you. You cant coach, you are NOT very good in studio or in the booth – so I wish you would just go AWAY!

  25. I believe that old Brian thinks a little higher of himself then the owners in the NFL do. On a list of top candidates he is not on many if any lists.

  26. You idiots keep giving Billick a hard time about Boller, when:

    — In Baltimore, the head coach doesn’t have final say on draft day,
    — Boller was highly regarded out of Cal…just like a hundred other dudes that were solid 1st/2nd rounders and never made it, and
    — Of course Baltimore had to start him for a few years. Who the hell else was on the team, and how was he going to get better on the sidelines?

    And Billick was an “offensive genius” because of what he did in Minnesota, and yes, that didn’t happen in BAL. Maybe, though, that doesn’t mean he’s not good at offense: maybe it means he’s a really good coach that can adapt his strategy to the players he has, and can find a way to win within the limitations of his team. You don’t see Mike Martz or the Ryan twins making changes to their plans — yet Billick led one of the best offenses ever then, just a few years later, led one of the best defenses ever. At the NFL level, that’s an amazing achievement.

  27. Love all of the standard excuses trotted out Billick’s name gets mentioned:

    1) Won with a team someone else built.– So what? Why couldn’t the last coach win with that group?

    2) Drafted Kyle Boller and stayed with him too long: That’s just not understanding how the Ravens do business. Ozzie Newsome is one of the strongest GMs in football and makes all draft decisions.

    2) Rode the coattails of his great players– Can’t that be said of any coach who had great players on his team?

    3) Offensive coach who won with defense: This is a very odd one. Doesn’t he get credit for being able to adapt and not insisting on running his signature offense when he didn’t have the personnel? By that standard, doesn’t Bellichick get credit taken away because he is a defensive coach who has won Super Bowls DESPITE very suspect defenses? Has ANY coach in history rode a player’s coattails more than Bellichick has ridden Brady’s?

    Listen people, we all know why you don’t like Brian Billick. He is arrogant and obnoxious. Kudos to the very few of you who actually had the stones to admit it and not trot out one of the stupid excuses above.

  28. What a JOKE you are Brian Bilick. This guy has been interviewing for the next head coach job with each televised game he calls. It’s pathetic!! He doesn’t even try to hide that he’s desperate to get back into coaching and what he cant seem to understand is that NO ONE WANTS HIM!!! How many coaching jobs have been vacated and vacant since he was last a coach and how many times has he been interviewed for the openings…ZERO!!!

    He needs to swallow his pride and go be a coordinator again for awhile before anyone is gonna trust him with another head coaching job.

  29. dspyank2k11 says:
    Dec 16, 2011 12:58 PM
    and we Bills fans would enjoy that very much.

    Yes, because a SB winning coach with a winning career record could never measure up to the football mega-genius coaching your team.

  30. Billicks name doesn’t sell tickets,and that is all Steve Ross wants to do. Its only about money for Ross, nothing else. They can’t sell tickets in Miami unless it is to the visiting fans base.

  31. If you can get past the ego and arrogance he actually is a very good coach.

    He knew how to push the right buttons and get the best out of a team that had virtually no offensive talent.

    furthermore when the media was trying to tear down Ray Lewis at the Super Bowl he had the stones to tell them that they were not qualified to ask those type of questions.
    It was brilliant and tragic, brilliant in that all focus and pressure went from Ray to Brian and tragic in that the sportwriters never got over it and he was villified.

    But he did what was needed and it worked!

    Plus after beating Tennesse on the road in the playoffs , the best locker room quote by a HC ever “F…the Titans!!!”

  32. Do the math, folks! There have been 48 coaches to coach a team to the Super Bowl. Of those 48 coaches, 28 have won it. Of those 28 who have won it, 8 went on to coach other teams. Those 8 are Lombardi, Flores, Seifert, Vermeil, Jimmy, “THE SNAKE” Johnson, Holmgren, Parcells, and Shanahan. Of those 8, NONE won a Super Bowl with their second or next team, and only two got their second team to the Super Bowl!

    Of those 8, only Shanahan is still employed in the NFL, and he isn’t taking the DEAD SKINS anywhere near a Super Bowl as long as Daniel Snyder owns that team!

    Brian Billick, an offensive guru, won with a dominant defense, and I agree with other posts that he is pandering for the job and hasn’t had teams ringing his phone off the hook since the Ravens fired him!

    The answer is clear: HIRE JEFF FISHER!

  33. By the way, Lombardi gets a pass for not winning with the DEAD SKINS as he was only there one season before illness forced him to leave us too soon.

  34. Why not lure a great coach by giving him part ownership of the team. Instead of allowing numbskull hollywood types to be owners, dish out some ownership that is worthy.

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