Chargers may have to rebuild left side of offensive line


After the 2011 season ends, the Chargers may have to find a new coach and a new G.M.  They also may need a new left guard and left tackle.

With Pro Bowl guard Kris Dielman considering retirement after a concussion that caused a seizure during a flight home from New York, left tackle Marcus McNeill’s future also is in doubt, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Per Acee, McNeill’s $10 million guaranteed base salary has an exception for spinal injuries, given McNeill’s medical history.  With McNeill on injured reserve due to a neck injury, the Chargers could avoid paying him another cent, if he can’t pass a physical due to the neck injury.

McNeill had no comment on the issue.  McNeill’s agent told Acee that McNeill plans to play in 2012.

Claimed on waivers last month, Jared Gaither has been a pleasant surprise in place of McNeill; the money saved by moving on from McNeill could be used to sign Gaither.

Acee writes that Dielman has a $1 million roster bonus due in early March, along with a base salary for 2012 of $4.5 million.

Then there’s the possibility that center Nick Hardwick will bolt the Bolts.  He’s due to be an unrestricted free agent.

So, basically, a lot of changes could be coming to San Diego.  Time will tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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  1. Wow, tough business. If you get injured DOING YOUR JOB were not responsible. How can people complain about what these players make. He’s playing with spine injuries I guarantee he received playing ball FOR FREE in college. And, it appears he injured/reinjured his neck even more in the NFL and then the team puts stipulations in his contract to protect themselves from additional spine neck injuries?

    “The six-year, $48.985 million contract guarantees McNeill’s full salary in 2012 and most of his 2013 salary against injury – except injuries to the cervical spine. And the contract allows for forfeiture of McNeill’s $10.5 million salary if, due to a spinal injury, he does not pass a team physical in the first week of the new league year.

    McNeill was placed on injured reserve last month after leaving two games in a three-week span due to neck injuries. In that McNeill came into the league with concerns about his spine and underwent neck surgery following the 2008 season, stipulations in his contract protected the team against further spinal issues.”

  2. joetoronto says:
    Dec 16, 2011 1:05 PM
    Who cares, the Chargers are irrelevant.

    The Raiders just sold out again. 7 in a row, baby!

    Dont get too excited there Raiderette!! That just means that a full stadium will watch your pirates take a beat down against the Lions. Your sad season is irrelevant.

    My 9ers are the only bay area team. You guys belong in LA. That’s you real fan base. You guys are idiots.

  3. I used to love Gaither when he was on the Ravens. He was studly, and huge. But he has no work ethic. He is a guy who has always skated by on his size.

    The Ravens know when to let players walk, and the fact that they let this guy go should tell other NFL teams something. Gaither may show up a few times a season, but he isn’t a long term answer.

  4. Not to mention Vincent Jackson, Mike Tolbert, Jacob Hester, Antonio Garay, and others will be free agents. And, they need about 6 players in the defensive front 7 to put pressure on the QB.

  5. Leave it to joseytoronto to put his foot in his mouth (nobody does it more on PFT). This is the FIRST time the Raiturds have been able to sell out at least six games since they moved back to Oakland in ’95. Pathetic! As an aside, the Raiturds average 6,000 less fans per game than the Chargers. The Raiturds are LA bound once again.

  6. Norv Turner should “bolt the Bolts”. He’s an offensive coordinator masquerading as a head coach. Much like Jason Garrett. What is it with these Dallas O-Coordinators?

  7. sourdough says:
    Dec 16, 2011 1:57 PM
    “Leave it to joseytoronto to put his foot in his mouth (nobody does it more on PFT). This is the FIRST time the Raiturds have been able to sell out at least six games since they moved back to Oakland in ’95. Pathetic!”


    First time the raiduhs have been able to sell out six in a row since they moved back to Oakland in ’95!?!?

    What a truly pathetic fanbase.

    McNeil will be back as will Hardwick. Jackson, I’m not so sure.

  8. CBM:

    – we offered Brees a contract and he turned it down

    – Turner was the biggest mistake Aj ever made. LT began his injuries the following year

    – we offered Sproles a contract more than the Saints per year only it was a shorter contract than he wanted.

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