Tillman says Tebow didn’t talk trash

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We interrupt the ongoing coverage of the Sam Hurd story to resume the ongoing coverage of all things Tebow.

On Thursday, MDS pointed out that Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow told Bears cornerback Charles Tillman after an interception on Sunday, “You’re lucky.  You’re lucky to get one.”

Tillman tells ChicagoBears.com that Tebow wasn’t talking trash when he said it.

We were joking around,” Tillman said.  “If you would have heard how he said it, it was pure joking.  He was smiling, laughing.  It was nothing.  I don’t think it was trash talk or anything derogatory or anything like that.  It was just good fun.”

It would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t.  But at least Tillman isn’t going to Hell.

32 responses to “Tillman says Tebow didn’t talk trash

  1. Can we now have all the hate-tits from yesterday’s post take back there ‘hypocritical’ statements?

  2. Tillman..you do not understand…the press was/is looking for anything negative about Tim Tebow..now, you have spoiled it..and, i bet your comment today will not get the amount of press as yesterday….which was negative toward T.T.

  3. This is a news story? Seriously? It’s official: Tim Tebow is the new Brett Favre – the universe revolves around him. Except without the actual talent to be an NFL quarterback, that is.

  4. Breaking news: Tim Tebow doesn’t talk trash and is an all around nice guy.

    Nice undercover work.

  5. I am an unashamed, unafraid Tim Tebow fan. His impact on professional sports has been like a hurricane of fresh air through a world that is increasingly filled with selfish, immature, and criminal athletes. I have no doubt about the legitimacy and value of his fame, and I hope more of us are energized by it. The sad truth is, however, that there are still legions of people out there who are lying in wait to denigrate and ultimately destroy a decent, talented, and noble young man. Why? Is it because Tim Tebow makes us uncomfortable with our own shortcomings? Is it our discomfort as a society with all things spiritual? How is it that we are willing to take in stride the pathetic behavior of athletes like Michael Vick while we continue to over-hype his meager skills as part of the bargain? I’m not sure I have any of the answers, but what it says about us as a people is disturbing.

  6. Tillman better NOT cross Tebow. Kyle Orton was in Tebow’s way and got fired. Brandon Lloyd dared speak out against Timmy and got fired. Todd Haley and Tony Sparano lost to Tebow and got fired. Chris Leak got brutalized in the media for daring to lead UF to a national championship while playing ahead of Tebow. Cross Timmy at your own risk!

  7. @acasar123

    Here is why I don’t like Tebow. A quote from an article featuring Troy Polamalu:

    ‘While Tebow, the son of missionaries, lives the evangelical Christian life, the Steelers star said in an interview that he’s cautious not to push his religious beliefs onto strangers. “It can lead to resentment, and that is not what you want,” Polamalu said. “There is also a sense of arrogance sometimes when people are really hearty, evangelizers, and that is opposite of what faith is. Like, ‘I know this better than you.’ There are a lot of pitfalls to that.”‘

  8. O of course he didn’t talk trash I said it the other day the media is out to kill this guy….it’s their personal mission. Most people in the media are left wing douchbags hell bent on making tebow look bad because he’s religious.

  9. how hard is it for you and tebow bashers to figure out the vast majoriaty of people who like and root for this kid do so because he ia is just a good kid who is doing what you and the rest of his critics say he can’t? no matter what he does or how he wins, it is never good enough for you people. it always followed by a yea but as if he had nothing to do with the broncos win streak. hate to break it to you but the defense is the same one they had when he took over and the broncos were 1-5. didn’t hear them getting all the love from you bashers then did we? if you listen ater the games he is always talking about the team and how he and they need to improve. it is not like he is the one putting himself in front of the team. as for his beliefs good for him,at least he does not say 1 thing in public and then go out at nite and doe the excact opposite. let me know when he gets popped with a hooker, doing drugs, beating his woman or gets a dui. until then lay off the guy! I am not a huge fan of the god talk either but he is not a phony no matter how you try and twist something like he said to tillman around around.

  10. I think most intelligent people already knew that Tebow was joking around and not trash talking.

    I guess that’s why “he-who-can’t-be-named-or-else-get-your-post-deleted” wrote an article proclaiming that Tebow was trash talking…

    he’s stupid.<<<for the other dense people around here.

  11. Maybe no one remembers the guy but Mike Rucker, a very solid DE for Carolina was a guy who talked trash but always kept it clean (no swear words). I think it’s funny actually.

  12. I guess this is as close to a retraction as we’re gonna get, even though it would be nice to see MDS apologize for his baseless attempt to incite public hate towards Tebow. I didn’t realize PFT was a tabloid.

  13. Future PFT article: Suh gets the interception, Tebow tries to joke around with him, Suh kicks Tebow in the head. Suh gets struck by lightning. Tebow wins game.

  14. The problem with the Tebow haters isn’t that they necessarily hate Tebow I think its more that they want to be “right.” So many people think they’re great talent evaluators and predicted Tebow would suck. Its their ego that clings to the hope that Tebow will fail. You can certainly point to flaws in his game but lets remember that he’s only a second year player with not many starts under his belt and he admittedly started farther behind other QB prospects as far as mechanics and accuracy. How about we all just reserve judgement and just root for a genuinely nice guy who seems to have a touch of magic. Let HIM declare who he will be with his play on the field instead of trying to declare it for him. And if the haters will do that, they’ll realize its actually very enjoyable to root for the guy and they might actually have fun doing it.

  15. Tebow and Tillman class acts of the NFL…now for the other side we have killers, rapists, assault’s, and latest one drug dealers.

    God Bless Tebow and Tillman

  16. Let’s see any of the haters from yesterdays slanted article come on here and apologize. Doubt that will happen since they are pathetic losers in denial

  17. Look, there are only – what? – ten or twelve very good pocket-passing quarterbacks in the league right now, maybe fifteen. But there are only a handful of very good teams. Having a traditional stay-in-the-pocket QB doesn’t guarantee success. So with someone like Tebow or Cam Newton or whatever, why not take a shot? You hope he learns how to be a more effective passer as he gets game reps, and along the way he can help you win with his athleticism, creativity, and leadership.

    Both the effusive praise of Tebow and the incessant hating of Tebow are becoming annoying. Just let him play ball. He loves Jesus. So what? His mechanics suck. So what? Worry about your own damn team.

    I’m far more interested in Tim Tebow the Broncos QB than I am Tim Tebow the pop culture phenomenon. My team might meet his team in the playoffs, and I want to know his tendencies as a ball player, not a church goer.

    For the record, I think the Patriots will win this weekend, but I think the score will be like 84-79.

  18. metalhead65 says: Dec 16, 2011 9:01 AM

    hate to break it to you but the defense is the same one they had when he took over and the broncos were 1-5. didn’t hear them getting all the love from you bashers then did we?

    Through the first 7 games the Broncos gave up more than 40 points in a single game twice.

    Since then they have given up more than 13 points in a single game twice.

    The defense gets love now because they’ve gotten much better. They don’t get love as an excuse to have Tebow.

  19. many people think they’re great talent evaluators and predicted Tebow would suck

    and they did so because they don’t like what he stands for.

    I don’t like what Vick stands for, but I can admit he was a good quarterback.

    Last year.

  20. It’s not trash talk if it’s true. Tillman made a great play on the ball and deserves credit for that but it was was also lucky because he had to come up from behind and over receiver Matt Willis who was on the ground either because he fell or was pushed ( still looking for full video on that play). So he was in fact lucky to even be in the position to get his hands on the ball.

  21. and this is a story why?………………….

    One could go up to Tebow and tell him about some luck:
    your lucky the jest defensive coach was a jerk and thought you would throw the ball down field and not run…………….

    your lucky the idiots coach of san diego who needed 10 yards for a field goal ran the ball three times to the same place for a 5 yard loss taking them our of field goal range………..

    your lucky Adrian Pederson did not play and that the QB was a rookie with three games under his belt………..

    your lucky Marion Barbor ran out of bounds to stop the clock and then fumbled away the ball giving you a tie game…………….

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