Bucs could keep Morris, bring in coordinator


The Bucs will try to halt their downward spiral on Saturday night against the Cowboys, with Raheem Morris fighting for his coaching life.

Morris isn’t a lock to be fired yet. It’s possible the Bucs could decide to retain Morris, but change his responsibilities. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the organization is considering keeping Morris and taking away his duties as defensive coordinator.

Morris picked up those duties late in his first season as coach. The Bucs defense quickly turned around with Morris calling plays, and continued to play solid football in 2010.

The bottom fell out this year.  Tampa is 31st in points allowed and no team has given up more rushing touchdowns. Only one team gives up more yards-per-attempt through the air. In short, Morris’ “Yungry” group is among the very worst in the NFL.

Changes of some variety are coming in Tampa. Morris may need his team to show some signs of life down the stretch just to keep his job.

29 responses to “Bucs could keep Morris, bring in coordinator

  1. I’m not saying this is the best idea for the Bucs situation, but this is usually the best idea for many teams and it is often overlooked.

    In Houston’s case it was the perfect idea.

  2. The worst thing for this franchise would be to fire Morris. Sure they aren’t having the great year like last year, but they play in a stacked conference and aren’t benefittng from an extremely soft schedule like last year. You’ll see them to improve as they grow older as a team. Overall they have a lot of great young talent that has been developed nicely by Morris.

  3. Morris is a good young coach. Fiery.

    This sounds like a good idea.

    Remember most fans wanted Kubiak’s head last year. Instead, they brought in d coordinator and look…..

  4. The Bucs will win tonight. Book it

    This is the exact type of game that the Cowboys would blow.

    And the Bucs typically play to the level of their competition. Get whipped by Jacksonville, but nearly beat Green Bay.

  5. It sounds like this could be the cheapest way keeping Morris as HC with low pay and not have to spend the money for a REAL QUALITY head coach…. The DC will likely be one that the owners see fitting into their tight budget!

    This will probably be what happens…. Oh at The WOES for the next couple of years with this team and for their fans…. UGH!!!!

  6. The Bucs will be a fine team if they bring in Norv Turner at Offensive Coordinator.

    Let’s not forget also that they have the misfortune of being in an incredibly strong NFC South that has two guaranteed playoff-caliber teams and a very dangerous Carolina Panthers team. Their schedule isn’t easy. They’d have a strong chance at winning one or two of the weaker divisions in the league.

  7. The Bucs thought they had the next Mike Tomlin, it’s why they hired Raheem in the first place. The difference is, Mike Tomlin led a top defense when he was a coordinator in Minnesota. Raheem has never even been a coordinator period in the NFL. This is a case of a guy getting a job before he is ready. If Raheem had a season or two as a coordinator with more responsibility, he would have been better off. Instead, he’s just a guy who was given something he didn’t deserve and a guy who’s trying to learn to be an NFL head coach on the fly!

  8. The Glazer Family will take the CHEAPEST route
    (while spending everything else on Manchester United)

  9. .

    To be 31st in points allowed after the investments made in the defensive line during the last two drafts is disappointing. I believed it was the team’s strength.


  10. Their cheerleader of a coach benefitted from a weak schedule last year and right around week 6-7 he was talking NFC title. What a joke. This is a terrible football team. Getting blown out by the Jaguars should be all you need to know

  11. So…The Glazers are willing to bring in someone that’ll be an overall better coach that Raheem Morris anyway just to call Defensive plays? Raheem Morris was NEVER a popular fan choice as HC in Tampa Bay and it’s worse than ever now.

  12. Sorry but as noce a guy as he may be he is simply not head coach material at this time.
    You can bring in whoever you like and it will not alter fundamental problems with the guy being in that position.
    This is a head coach that has drawn multiple personal foul flags this year alone, what kind of example does that set? It’s no wonder the team is among the most penalised each year under him. A DC will not alter that part of Raheem.
    He’s too friendly with the players and as HC he will still be above whoever they bring in to coach, anytime a player doesn’t like what the DC is doing they run to best bud Raheem (not coach because they don’t call him that, he’s one of the boys) who is most likely to side with the player and chest bump them to celebrate.

    He’s too friendly, see Talib.
    He himself is too undisciplined, as is evident by the multiple flags.
    He isn’t a great motivator, the team wouldn’t have quit on him countless times if he were.
    He seemingly can’t gameplan for anyone or else we wouldn’t come out sluggish every single game and we might be viewed as something other than a slump buster.

    There is seriously not one aspect of a head coaching role that I can see where he excels, hell I’m not sure he’s even average at more than a few.

  13. As long as the next coach is Youngry like Morris, then they should be ok near the bottom of the NFC South again next year.

  14. Morris has the fan base in Tampa “fangry” (yes, Raheem, you aren’t the only one that gets to make up words. fangry= effing angry).

    That being said, the worst move before the 2009 season for the Bucs wasn’t hiring Morris, or short-lived OC Jeff Jagodzinski, but hiring Jim Bates to lead the defense when Ron Meeks was available. Ron Meeks took a laughingstock D in Indy and made them one of the league’s best, then he left and they crumbled last year and the Panthers were very good under his watch. This season he was the secondary coach and again the Panther D is dreadful. Ron Meeks is available and SHOULD be the Tampa D-Coordinator.

  15. Hard to come up with any decent argument to support extending Morris. He’s got lousy talent but his teams are getting pole-axed every week. In today’s NFL, that just can’t happen. If the Glazers and Mark Dominik extend Morris, they’d better do a real good job of explaining to the fans what changes will occur to improve this team. A status quo year in 2012 will guarantee 20,000 empty seats at RayJay and a full season of blackouts. The team stinks and changes need to be made.

  16. Panthers D is far from dreadful. They have at least 8 starters on IR. They arent world beaters, but theyre better than the Bucs D. Meeks is irrelevant. He has nothing to do with Carolina’s success or failure on Defense.

    The smart move would be to fire Raheem, and have the new coach bring in 3 coordinators. And a QB coach.. Alex Van Pelt? That’s ridiculous.

    Del Rio is the obvious choice for Tampa’s DC.

  17. TBTROJAN has some decent observations. I don’t believe the half a loaf style change of just the DC are the way to run a business. If you are going to change, change for the better not just move sideways.

  18. it will not matter what bucs do, they r going down 2 nite dummy. the cowboys will stomp the bucs this game will b dud, final score cowboys 35 bucs 0. morris will b receving his pink slip on monday. u can take all of this to the bank guaranteed dummy.

  19. BTW, the Bucs defense didn’t “turn around” last year under Morris, they just played less putridly. They need to get a DC who will get a system and stick with it and stop trying to out cute the toe team.

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