Bucs’ freefall continues as Cowboys creep closer to playoffs

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The Cowboys held serve Saturday night.

They beat a very bad Bucs team in Tampa, and the Cowboys did it convincingly by the score of 31-15, with a victory formation inside the Bucs’ five-yard line to cap the night.

The game wasn’t as close as the score indicated. The Cowboys had 28 first downs to only seven for the Bucs, and led 28-0 at halftime before cruising to the win.

The win puts the Cowboys at 8-6, in the thick of a division race and wild card race that will go down to the season’s final Sunday.

Tony Romo’s four first half touchdowns should be the focus, but I can’t help but think the more interesting story was taking place on the opposing sideline.

Bucs coach Raheem Morris came in second place in last year’s Coach of the Year voting. He led one of the most exciting young teams in the league to a 10-6 record. Just one year later, his Bucs are one of the very worst teams in the NFL.

Tampa has lost eight straight games. Only the Colts give up more points, and it was easy to see why on Saturday night.

The Bucs’ tackling is uniformly poor. Felix Jones rushed for 108 yards and Sammy Morris came out of semi-retirement to run for 53 more yards against a Bucs defense that is too easy to push around.

Tampa doesn’t get any pressure on the passer, which is why Romo was able to throw for 249 yards on only 30 throws with three touchdowns, with only seven incompletions.

A report surfaced Saturday that the Bucs could choose to keep Morris after the year, but take away his duties as defensive coordinator. That may be a tough sell if the Bucs finish the season on a lifeless 10-game losing streak.

The Bucs are a sinking ship. With two road games left, it’s worth wondering if Morris has coached his last game at Raymond James Stadium.

48 responses to “Bucs’ freefall continues as Cowboys creep closer to playoffs

  1. The highest job Raheem Morris ever held was as an ASSISTANT COORDINATOR. He tattle-taled and backbit Gruden out of his job and kissed butt to get named affirmative action coach of the Bucs. What made anyone think he could be a head coach?

  2. You make it sound like Romo had all day to throw. As usual he had to pull an Iverson juke on every throw past 12 yards. He gets criticized but if you gave him the protection Brady gets he’d be ridiculous. Keith Brooking is terrible. The broadcast also didn’t seem to notice that D ware didn’t play the second half until just about halfway through the 4th when they were curious as to why he wasn’t rushing Freeman. If their going to beat Philly the O-line and D better play a lot better than they did against Tampa.

  3. Everyone said Kubiak was a bad coach and wanted him axed.

    The Bucs should get a new coordinator and kick the garbage out of their locker room. See Haynesworth, Albert

  4. Da Boys… still found ways to make critical mistakes and actually gave the Bucs a chance.

    This Cowboys team is error prone and just plain goofy from QB to HC.

  5. Bucs quit on Raheem. Too bad. He needs a string OC and DC but he’s a good coach. Not perfect by any stretch but good.

    Bucs are so young. 22 players Witt less than 3 years and youngest average age. The lockout killed them. No chance this year but keep them together.

  6. I am a Dallas fan, but man. Every Dallas fan was getting nervous. We saw the huge lead scenario before, and couldn’t help but be nervous. All you other fan bases, even if Dallas wins it all (I doubt they will), take comfort in the fact that, no matter what the lead, we’re never comfortable.

  7. I would love nothing more than for our ownership to fire Raheem Morris… but who do we replace him with?? No premier head coach (Gruden, Cowher, Reid) will come to a team that isn’t financially supported by ownership. In the NFL era of free agency, to simply sit back, not participate, and overpay Quincy Black and Michael Clayton is a recipe for disaster. Because of no ownership support, we will be forced to settle for Jeff Fischer (if we are lucky), who is knowledgeable and capable, but he had a roller-coaster ride in Tennessee… a strong candidate will want more control or total control of player personnel, spending guarantees, and strong veteran leadership brought in to mentor young talent. The Glazers would essentially have to backtrack on all their rhetoric about building through the draft, promoting from within, and say that they were wrong. This will never happen. They have already run Manchester United into the ground and are about there with the Tampa Bay Sucs. I love the Bucs, but wont be buying tickets as I have each year of the last ten to watch this garbage any longer.

  8. Wow, nothing is more exciting than watching a team on a 3 game skid play one on a 7 game skid. Please Mr. Goodell, let’s see more of that fantastic NFC East football in the 2012 Prime Time schedule!

  9. Cowboys roll as Romo rolls.

    He can carry them to the Superbowl or bring a painful end.

    Romo is the new Favre.

  10. The Bucs fired Gruden after going 9-7 for a second time in a row, only a few years from a Super Bowl win. I don’t see Raheem keeping his job.

  11. Raheem Morris’ guys have quit on him that is obvious. No way can you keep a guy around in that situation. They picked up Haynesworth… Nuff said

  12. As a Cowboys fan, who cares? They lost the season so many times this year, it is a joke. I like the old school Bucs with Doug Williams, Ricky Bell, Lee Roy Selmon, and, I will include, Derrick Brooks. Tonight’s game.. it’s a win, next week the Eaglets at home, then the Gnats away… another off season at home.

  13. The Cowboys didn’t close out the game. The Bucs quit. Down by 16 with 5 min left they did not move with urgency. I’m worried about Philly.

  14. The heat Romo has taken this year is really unjust.

    The guy is playing lights out football.

    It’s too bad the Cowboys blew so many games this year or everyone would be talking about Romo being one of the very top QB’s in the league.

  15. Wow, the only thing missing was the Orange uni’s with “Bruce” on the helmet. I was hoping the Bucs would put up some sort of fight. As a GIANTS fan, a win for the Bucs would have done wonders for Big Blue. Instead, the Buc’s first offensive drive put 7 on the board for Dallas. Oh well, maybe the Eagles can help next week.

  16. Jeez… can teams give coaches more than 2 years to turn around a franchise ?

    The Bucs last year were playing like a young, up and coming team that needed some experience to turn the corner and be a playoff caliber group. This year they look like a train wreck. This was Morris’s year to prove he had really turned the franchise around – but they’ve moved in exactly the wrong direction.

  17. I can not think of anything to add except that it would be insane for the Bucs think this team will be better next year without some major changes.
    Note to Glazers: Spend some money on this team or sell it please!

  18. twoody50 says: Dec 18, 2011 12:12 AM

    Why do all the sports reporters think Dallas just beat a super bowl contender. It ws Tampa Bay. Dallas has no defense. They are done.


    Funny I’ve seen a ton of coverage, watched the game last night, and didn’t see ONE person say the Bucs were a Super Bowl contender. Way to make one up Jr.

  19. Da Boys… still found ways to make critical mistakes and actually gave the Bucs a chance.


    Sure, when never getting closer than 16 points in the second half is “a chance”.

  20. Garrett continues to make questionable calls – pass on 3rd and long ending in a fumble.


    Yeah, you should never pass on 3rd and 19.

  21. The Cowboys didn’t close out the game.


    What game were YOU watching? The one I watched, the Cowboys were kneeling on the ball inside the Bucs’ 10 yard line at the end. The one I watched, Ware and Ratliff were pulled for just about the entire second half just because.

  22. “Oh yeah, that’s right. Two irrelevant teams.” said the 49er fan. Didn’t the “irrelevant” Cowboys already beat those guys? In Candlestick Park?

  23. Call me when the Cowgirls win a second round playoff game…It’s only been 15 years since that last happened!

  24. What did coach McCay say about the Bucs years ago when the reporter ask about the teams execution he said he’s all for it.

  25. Raheem Morris was not ready for the HC job. He went from a positions coach to HC in a week. That’s basically graduating middle school and going right off to college. He wasn’t ready for it at all obviously. I say TB needs to move him down, that is if he’ll accept (highly unlikely), and hire an experienced HC and BETTER OC. Team is good but coaching is bad.

  26. Call me when the Cowgirls win a second round playoff game…It’s only been 15 years since that last happened!


    I knew you were a poser.

  27. It’s too bad the Cowboys blew so many games this year or everyone would be talking about Romo being one of the very top QB’s in the league.


    They should be talking about that anyway.

  28. Howley

    Tampa quit, down by 16 with 5 min left, they weren’t moving with urgency. I don’t feel like this game means much. All Philly has left is beating us. And the giants game will be a toss up. Last night does not put me at ease. We will miss demarco. And our secondary is terrible.

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