Carson Palmer: Hue Jackson “on our a–” about penalties


It’s not exactly unusual for the Raiders to lead the league in penalties. But this year Raiders coach Hue Jackson has seen enough.

With the Raiders currently leading the league in both penalties and yards, Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer says Jackson made a point in practice this week of chewing players out for stupid mistakes.

Coach was on our a–,” Palmer told Alex Marvez of “It was an intense week. We got back to some of the small things that I think got overlooked when we were on a little bit of a [winning] streak. It was back to fundamentals.”

In the last two weeks the Raiders have lost to the Dolphins and Packers by a combined score of 80-30, and they’ve had 21 penalties for 180 yards in those two games. So it’s easy to see why Jackson would be on his players’ a–es.

The good news for Oakland is that the Lions are coming to town on Sunday, and the Lions have had a lot of penalty problems too — Detroit is third in the league in penalties and fourth in the league in penalty yards. The officials in Oakland are going to have their hands full on Sunday.

40 responses to “Carson Palmer: Hue Jackson “on our a–” about penalties

  1. Hue Jackson does not have any leadership quality and it was pathetic when he cried when Al Davis died.

  2. The Raiders need to clean up the stupid penalties like offsides, false starts, etc. The questionable holding, PI, and personal fouls that magically seem to only go one way in Raider games are out of your control.

  3. Nice to see Hue addressing this with 3 games left. Would’ve been nice to see something done after the opener.

  4. Last time I checked, ass isn’t one of the 7 dirty words. This self censoring nonsense is foolish. Swearing is a part of the game of football, so get with the culture or go blog for some political news website.

  5. They may need to double the size of both the officiating crew and medical crews to handle all the dirty plays in this game.

    Might as well add an accountant to add up all the penalty yards, too. And all the coming fines.

  6. That trade looks great. Palmer was/is probably the best of a line of USC busts…Leinart, Sanchez.

  7. Good for you, Hue.

    The Raiders penalties have been issues for years and years. Different coaches. Different players. But it has always been an issue.

    I seriously want to see what the Raiders can do without leading in penalties so many years.

    It will be nice to see them stop. Players need a good chewing out sometimes.

  8. It wont matter. Even when the Raiders play solid flag litter the field.

    More then a quarter of the penalties called are never called on anyone else in the NFL

  9. Carson was good trade how many teams rite now need a QB and people that don’t fallow Raiders talk out there ASS our back ups suck..The NFL can say what they want but them reffs just suck balls they hate the raiders year after year different players and coaches but same results don’t make sense, it gets old and people don’t see all the calls we don’t get either…all the hatters are the ones saying we raider fans cry, but its the truth how many times do u sit there on 3rd and 1 we get good play in and the ASS zebra drops a turd of yellow from his ASS..I got 2 boxes at home one of broken TV remotes and one of new ones

  10. The downfall of Carson Palmer’s career since his knee injury tells you he’s nothing but a coward.

    Raider fans deserve the shame and humiliation they receive on a daily basis for making this trade.

    Yeah, penalties are the reason you suck….

  11. So was he on his Ass while he was getting his pedicure?sounds like he lives the San Fran lifestyle not the Oaktown style!

  12. Since the Media will not tell the truth I will….
    80% of both Lions and Raiders penaltys are pure BS.
    The NFL does not want these 2 teams to win so it does not take up space fro teams like the Packers, Steelers and Patriots…
    Obviously SUH stomping on a guy is a penalty but what is never reported is that the guy he did that to was holding him all game and there was never a flag called, it’s the same crap with The Raiders… It seems like other teams can Hold against the the Raiders all game but NO flag and as soon as a Raider looks at a guy wrong there is 15 yards

  13. I love young fans. You know, the ones who bash the Raiders constantly because their football knowledge only goes back 7 years or so. Or better yet, feel they are fans because they are able to pronounce the name of the starting QB on their favorite team.

    Every team has gone through stretches of futility. Not every team can come out of a seven year funk and still be one of the top 5 winningest franchises in football history.

  14. it is amazing that “my” team is the one the refs pick on and everyone else gets away with everything. there is holding everyplay but they usually only call the flaggerant ones. i coach hs defensive line and teach the boys how not to let the oline grab them. if they can do it most of the time. mr. greatest of all time suh should be able to without kicking like a girl.

  15. I think Palmer is way better than jason c.

    When Jason Campbell came. It took him a whole season to show any productivity with healthy players. Carson stepped up off the coach and ran the team with a bunch of injuries and rookies. We are just in a panic for results. The guy needs more time, great things are coming. We need a better center. We need bush to learn how to pick up blitzes better. We need to get depth at offensive line and better defensive backs.

  16. So are you reporting this because he said “ass” ? This is as lame as when people made a big deal about Tom Brady telling fans to get loaded.

    I’m sick of the NFL. I never imagined it would come to this.

  17. I’m over Carson Palmer and Jason Campbell already. Time to focus on the future (Terrelle Pryor). Look forward to seeing if he can win the starting job off Palmer in next year’s training camp.

    All effort should be focused on getting Pryor starter-ready for 2012 season.

  18. Hue is on everyone’s answering machine about the penalties. He doesn’t like to show the players up in person, in front of the group, so he leaves messages.

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