CFL offensive lineman attracting NFL interest

Every once in a while, a player makes the jump from the CFL to the NFL, and he makes an impact.  One of the next guys to get a promotion could be B.C. Lions offensive lineman Jovan Olafioye.

Olafioye worked out this week for the Vikings and Dolphins.  Over the next two weeks, he’ll get a look-see from the Browns, Steelers, and Jets — and possibly other teams.

Under CFL rules, Olafioye can sign with any NFL team on January 2.

He played at North Carolina Central University, and he was invited to a minicamp with the Detroit Lions in 2009.  Olafioye was not offered a contract.

At 350 pounds, Olafioye has played left tackle and right tackle.  For the B.C. Lions, the 2011 Grey Cup champions, Olafioye allowed no sacks.  He also was a finalist for the league’s Offensive Lineman of the Year award.

The last CFL player to generate this kind of buzz was Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake.  Maybe next year Olafioye will get a chance to try to block him.

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  1. Vikes draft Kalil as LT, sign Olafioye as a RT. Boom, replace Charlie Johnson, Phil Loadholt. Guaranteed Ponder survives a few more games a season and less bone headed plays per game. Now we really need at least one new guard.

  2. Jan. 2? Well, he won’t be helping anyone this season unless he’s a really quick study for a playoff team. But the Steelers desperately need help on the o-line so let’s take a look at him.

  3. The reason it’s only till Jan. 2nd is because he’s in his option year. When the NFL agreed to give the CFL money years back that was one of the provisions. So even though he’s technically under contract with the (BC) Lions, he is free to jump to the NFL until Jan. 2nd.

  4. Vikings … No. They will be losers for the next two or three years.

    Steelers … No. Olafioye will be afraid to bend over in the shower in the presence of a rapist.

    He’d be interested in the Detroit Lions. though.

  5. I have seen him play . He could be a serviceable T but he is going to have big time problems with speed rushers. It’s one thing to sstop lower end talents in the cfl than it is d ware and Trent cole.

    I do like the idea of the nfl using the cfl as more of a farm system. There is some play makers in that league who might not be nfl stars but could be very good players in the nfl

  6. If Houston isn’t 100% confident in TJ Yates they should look at Travis Lulay, also from the BC Lions. He was the League MVP and the Grey Cup MVP. Not too shabby other than the fact that it’s Canadian football.

  7. And I was born there so I got love for my people. Even though the place is so bad. It’s only been a few decades of freedom and it will take many more decades before we see real progress over there. One Africa!!!!

  8. The Seahawks Brandon Browner was a steal from the CFL last year. If not for him leading the NFL in penalties and playing in Seattle he would be getting more love.

  9. I don’t know if he will beat out Mark Colombo…haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…oh sorry, haven’t laughed like that in a while!

  10. andyreidisfat says:
    Dec 18, 2011 3:00 AM
    I have seen him play . He could be a serviceable T but he is going to have big time problems with speed rushers. It’s one thing to sstop lower end talents in the cfl than it is d ware and Trent cole.
    I would not be so sure about that. With the huge field up here in the CFL (not just longer, but 50% wider; look up comparisons), players tend to be very quick. The rarity is someone as big as this guy playing in the CFL at all; I cannot remember the last time I saw a 350-pounder. That means this guy probably has good stamina for his size.

  11. Loving all this Vikings talk about what they’ll do with the 3rd pick in the draft, picking up CFL guys that are unproven. Let’s not forget, he worked out for the Lions in 09, the same Lions that went winless in 08 and STILL couldn’t make the team. You Vikings are a sorry, SORRY bunch

  12. A done deal for the fish, our RT has issues with speed, after the last game he will speed out of Miami to make room for Jovan. Bill

  13. “Vikings need all the O-lineman help they can get.”

    Not sure id waste my short career on a busted team, then again who wouldn’t want to help AP run people voer.

  14. “He’d be interested in the Detroit Lions. though.”

    Right. After they snubbed him the first time? They told him already he wasnt good enough, why give them another chance

  15. Before dismissing CFL players as inferior, remember that Hall of Famer Warren Moon, single season 49er passing record-holder Jeff Garcia, Joe Horn, Cameron Wake, Joe Thiesmann, Doug Flutie, Rocket Ismail, Mike Vanderjagt, Mike Sellers and other successful players (and coaches like Marv Levy) have all come from (or spent significant time in) the CFL.

    It is a very regular occurrence to have CFL players or top players from Canadian universities get try-outs from NFL clubs and more NFL clubs are starting to pay more attention to players north of the border.

  16. Israel Idonije played for the university of Manitoba which uses CFL rules an is a defensive end for the Bears so tell me the guys that play up here do not have any talent and can not play in the NFL. Browner also played in the CFL along with Flutie, Moon, Garcia, Phillip Hunt ( Eagles), Stefan Logan ( Lions) , and one of the best to come out of CFL Cam Wake!!!

  17. Olafioye has progressed enormously since he tried out for the Detroit Lions in 2009. At that point, he had only one year of college experience as an offensive lineman (he was converted from the D-line at North Carolina Central). He has NFL size –6-foot-6, 325 — and two years of pro experience, despite having just turned 24 (on Dec. 16). He’s definitely worth at least an entry-level contract.

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