Cowboys cruising early in Tampa

Getty Images

The Bucs have lost seven straight games, and they haven’t been close in a lot of them.

It’s very early, but it looks like they are headed for an eighth straight loss on Saturday night.

The Cowboys lead 14-0 early on the strength of two Tony Romo touchdowns. Dallas has been able to run the ball with Felix Jones and Sammy Morris (!). Romo has done a nice job extending plays against a weak Bucs pass rush.

To make matters worse, Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib has been on and off the field. He’s clearly at less than 100%.

We’ve watched the Bucs defense a lot during this losing streak, and there’s very little reason to think they will start slowing the Cowboys down during the rest of this one, no matter what Josh Freeman and the Bucs offense is able to do.