Dunta Robinson: Jags’ last good receiver was Jimmy Smith

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The Falcons humiliated the Jaguars on the field during Thursday night’s 41-14 beatdown, and it didn’t end there.

Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson also decided to make fun of the Jaguars’ wide receivers (who totaled seven catches for 89 yards on Thursday) after the game.

Those guys are [f–king] jokes,” Robinson said, via the Florida Times-Union. “Those guys couldn’t get a [f–king] receiver if it hit them in the head.”

Robinson, who covered the Jaguars’ receivers twice a year from 2004 to 2009 when he played for the Texans, singled out Matt Jones as a failed Jaguars first-round draft pick at wide receiver. And he said it’s been a long time since Jacksonville has had a receiver who was difficult to cover.

“They haven’t had anyone decent since Jimmy Smith,” Robinson said.

Smith retired after the 2005 season — the last time a Jaguars receiver had 1,000 yards in one year.

67 responses to “Dunta Robinson: Jags’ last good receiver was Jimmy Smith

  1. Dunta Robinson is going to spend next Monday night looking at the back of Saints jerseys. Guy has no business talking smack.

  2. 100% the truth. But don’t let that stop you from beating up on Blaine Gabbert!

    This comment by Robinson was reported by numerous other places on Thursday night.

    By the way, Dunta Robinson is a washed up scrub. Funny how the players that talk the most are the ones who should just keep quiet.

  3. I remember watching a special that was a lead-up to the draft on Dunta Robinson, and when he got drafted he was crying with his mom, and I thought it was so cool to see him to humble and finally making a lifelong dream.

    Looks like money really does change people, seems like a tool now.

    Even if what he said is true, why does he feel the need to come out and say that?

  4. and dunta robinson is a low life, sad excuse for a DB. They’re only rebuilding right now. Have fun getting knocked out in the first round because of your defense’s inability to stop the run.

  5. Dude, give it a rest… There’s other ways to say what you want to say without being a d-bag!

    I’m a huge Falcons fan and I hate when my team in associated with this kind of stupidity!

  6. I was always taught not to kick a man when he’s down. Better watch it Dunta; if you look up you’ll see Packers, Saints, 9ers… but you go ahead a focus on the Jags

  7. I have has Falcon Season Tickets for over 15 years and love my Dirty Birds Having said that, We have not had a corner since Prime was here. Daunte is a douche nugget and needs to shut his mouth. We over paid your A$$. This idiot has no room to talk. If you would quit worrying about making a dirty hit on someone after the catch & focus on preventing the catch you may be worth a darn. Just shut up and play ball you punk!

  8. This coming from a guy who got raped by Jeremy Maclin for 13 catches, 171 yards and 2 touchdowns in a single game.

    Be glad you have to cover those “joke” type receivers. Anybody decent would beat you like a drum.

  9. I like dunta but he doesnt have much room to talk. Im a falcon fan and although its kinda true you cant say that. Thats just completely disrespectful. Your a professional. There is no need for that. Now you better not get lit up next week after talkin

  10. he said it because atleast someone had the balls to call em out. no one else woulda done that glad someone did dont forget to blast blaine to hes terrible

  11. As a Jags fan… I completely agree, although Mercedes is awesome and Mike Thomas is the bees knees for his role. And Kasim Osgood is a WR that blocks like an OL

  12. Dunta Robinson is going to spend next Monday night looking at the back of Saints jerseys. Guy has no business talking smack.
    As a Falcons fan…..I agree.

  13. this the same guy that got burned by every green bay packers receiver this year specially greg jennings and last year and cheap shottin receivers. talk when you win something

  14. Dunta needs to shut up and be classy. He has no room to talk. He’s the highest paid DB on our team and Brent Grimes out plays him. It’s not even close.

  15. Mayb is true, classless move btw, but he is not even a top 10 corner in the league n you should let your play do the talking, u don’t see brady bragging or rodgers bragging, after they destroy all the corners in the nfl

  16. 100% true, but does it need to be said?

    I haven’t seen all the other receivers who HAVE toasted Dunta this year rallying around a microphone to say, “The last time Dunta Robinson was any good was 2008”.

  17. those comments don’t surprise me at all coming from a Falcon… And who the heck does he think he is? This is probably his worst season as a professional.

  18. DR has no heart. When he used to play hard like his first few years with the Texans, he was great. He quit on the Texans. And now he just plays to get by. He got the money and thats all that mattered to him. he will quit on Atlanta soon too.

  19. Well next you face Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston who combined for more than 200 receiving yards in the last game against your sub par secondary. You don’t hear those guys running their mouths about how bad you suck in coverage.

  20. It goes both ways Dunta. The Texans have a legit CB with Johnathan Joseph for the first time since you blew out your knee, cried even though the Texans offer to you was way above the going rate, and tried to divide the locker room with the “Pay Me Rick” crap. Rick Smith wins, you lose.

  21. A little harsh, but he is right an all levels and I’m a Jags fan. In fact I wish every single DB would call out this team until GM Gene Smith gets clue. I’m still waiting on just ONE of Smith draft picks to look like a 100% sure thing. Mr. Khan it’s time to clean house.

  22. Less talk, more picks big guy. That being said I agree with those who are saying this seems like a comment that was intended to be off the record after a few drinks…

  23. Why would this clown even make a comment like that? I’m sure he has no idea just how low he is now on the ‘human being’ scale. Wayyyyy lower then the receivers he’s talking about. Now those same receivers can shake this stank called Dumbta Robinson off their shoes…

  24. Marcedes Lewis needs to take those MMA deflector pads off his hands. He isn’t sparring with the football, he is supposed to catch the bleeping thing. Of course, after signing his contract, Lewis retired as a football player to spend more time with other pursuits.

  25. He is correct, but it’s easy to go without a 1000 yard receiver when MJD is your running back.

  26. This guy acts like the Falclowns are relevant…like te rest of the team, they are low life ghetto dwellers…..Brees will punish this guy in a week…..fact…Falclowns are such bottom feeders…

  27. Does anyone really care what this cheap shot attest says? I’m sure his mouth wouldn’t be so big if he played offense where he could get hit…. Another no class player

  28. The WRs for the Jags are really pathetic at best and the problem is Gene Smith who is a good draft personel, thinks he would get a Jerry Rice from small schools. He has tried his level best to improve this year after the draft by grabbing free agents, other teams trash/ps guys. It hasn’t worked. It would be better that Gene admits he has to either find an established WR are be good in drafting a #1 guy. You can find #1 guys in the II/middle rounds (Wallace, Jackson, TO etc). You just have to be willing to spend atleast Second round if not the first round to get a #1. WRs are premium position and you have a better chance of a hit only if you draft early.

    Finding guys like Cecil Shorts, Tiquan Underwood hasn’t helped Gene’s cause.

  29. Hell, the Saints are going to throw the ball on anybody, much less the overpaid Mr. Robinson. Nevertheless, Dunta should shut the hell up. I didn’t even notice him on the field Thursday night. As a Falcon fan, I was very pleased not to hear his name.

  30. I really hope Coach Smith chews him out for those comments. On a team with someone like Matt Ryan,who carries himself extremely well with the media,this type of behavior should be unacceptable.

    Regardless of how true his words are.

  31. Dunta Robinson is not good enough at football to be talking about other players like that. Whether or not its true, hes Dunta Robinson.

  32. I sm sure Drew Breed and Aaron Rogers feel the same about Falcons DBs but are too classy to put it out there.

  33. letemsoar says:
    Dec 17, 2011 10:33 AM
    and dunta robinson is a low life, sad excuse for a DB. They’re only rebuilding right now. Have fun getting knocked out in the first round because of your defense’s inability to stop the run.


    Nice try. Atlanta has the fifth best run defense this year.

  34. Dunta Robinson was once a fan favorite in Houston. Then he ripped up his knee. His hamstring was torn from the bone, and his MCL and ACL were both torn. I mean, it was horrific. He worked hard to get back to the field about a year later, and Houston fans admired his drive.
    We loved him for rehabbing and getting back so soon.

    Then he became a jackass. He turned down the Texans’ offer of about $21 million guaranteed. He became a clubhouse malcontent. When the Texans refused to pay him what he wanted, he went to Atlanta.

    The year we suffered through having the worst defense in the history of the world is now well worth it. Had the Texans paid Robinson, we would not currently have: Jonathan Joseph, Danieal Manning, and probably not JJ Watt.

    Dunta, you suck.

    And your first name is retarded. Good riddance.

    And you’re a jackass for hating on the Jags. And I usually love hating on the Jags.

  35. The Packers wide receivers tried to beat some manners into Dunta’s head. Didn’t work. How long until he talks himself out of Atlanta?

  36. the jags only have good recievers when the cocaine is falling like snow. sam hurd and co. have been ruining it for them. good thing he’s in jail. now the jags may be able to snag themselves a good deale…i mean receiver.

  37. tombradyallday says:Dec 17, 2011 10:51 AM
    “this the same guy that got burned by every green bay packers receiver this year specially greg jennings and last year and cheap shottin receivers. talk when you win something”
    In that week 12 game in the 2010 season, Brett Swain beat Dunta Robinson for like a 30 some yard catch…. Brett Swain!

  38. And the last time Dunta had an interception was……

    I mean come on, why is Dunta even a Falcon still. Brent Grimes is the most underrated CB in the league and Chris Owens is a better player all around than Robinson (especially this season) I mean Dunta got a whole 1 tackle the entire game and he is trash talking about bad receivers…..try covering a good one before you talk. I don’t hear anything from Brent Grimes and that man single handedly shut down Megatron.

    I love my Falcons enough to say get this man out of Atlanta. It’s nice to finally have a humble and well mannered QB in Matt Ryan (after the Vick era) a talented RB who doesn’t talk trash, and a TE that I mean come on it’s freaking Gonzo! ….Lets not let Dunta start the trash talking in Atlanta again. We are passed that and finally a respectable team in the NFL, lets keep it that way.

  39. His comments aren’t about Dunta Robinson.

    Jaguars suck as an organization. Can’t sell out a game. Can’t field a competitive team.

    Traded 2010 draft pick to NE to pick Derek Cox. Patriots got Edelman with the 2009 pick and Gronkowski with teh 2010 pick.

    This team sucks. It is what it is.

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