Roman Harper fined $22,500 for two personal fouls


After Sunday’s loss to the Saints, some Titans players accused Roman Harper of playing dirty. Now the league office has weighed in.

Harper has been fined a total of $22,500 for two plays — a $15,000 fine for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and a $7,500 fine for facemasking Titans receiver Damian Williams.

Harper said he wasn’t trying to play dirty, but he added that he didn’t disagree with the officials throwing the flags on either play.

The fines are Harper’s second and third of the season; he was previously fined $15,000 for hitting Panthers receiver Steve Smith after Smith scored a touchdown.

21 responses to “Roman Harper fined $22,500 for two personal fouls

  1. Roman Harper was also the guy that shoved Tony scheffler’s head back to the ground after an incomplete pass. And I think he may have been the guy that goated Pettigrew into the pushing match that got him flagged. But hey it’s the Lions who are dirty.

  2. I got a letter in the mail today. It informed me that I have been fined $750 for being a Steelers fan. Signed, Roger Goodell.

  3. Harper needs to give most of his salary back to Saints anyways. He is a horrible safety this year. By far the worst in the league and pretty much the only weak spot on the Saints.

  4. ” By far the worst in the league and pretty much the only weak spot on the Saints.”

    By far? 63 better safeties starting in the NFL then Roman Harper, and its not close? Fascinating.

  5. Multi offenses wher is the suspension? The God-del boys have set the standard for a suspension from a play on the field. Where is this one, not first time Harper has been in the news.

  6. Cardsfann1–

    Roman Harper leads the team in tackles, sacks and forced fumbles. He’s a pro bowl safety and has been the NFC defensive player of the week twice this year.

  7. Harrison’s had six fines since 2009, Harper has three this season alone. Where’s the outrage media? Why no witch hunt for Harper?

  8. Roger goodell makes football look like a girls sport. U might as well just put a dress on the qb and not even b able to hit them. The facemask is understandable but anybody that gets a solid hit on the qb is fined or suspended. Anyone that plays football or played knows its very hard to control where u hit someone every play at full speed. They make it look like they had 5 seconds to react with slow mo replays. If you want to kno the measure of a man give him power and obviously goodell is a power drivin nutcase. He abuses his power every week in my opinion.

  9. Harper lacks in pass coverage but is a beast in run and blitz packages. I don’t have a problem with his style of play. It’s football ppl get hit and hurt its his after the whistle stuff that pisses me off and that’s only happened once or twice this yr.

  10. The fans and the media are hypocritical. 10 minutes ago, they wanted to suspend James Harrison; now their critical of the penalty system.

    Second offenses were $75,000 last year for Harrison. A second offense was $40,000 this year for Ryan Clark.

    A second and third offense for Harper this year is $22,500.

    Explain to me why there’s a difference.

  11. I guess God-del and his boys can’t count the number of personal fouls he received this year. OH that is right he admitted he was wrong. You can swing at a player and admit you are wrong fine will be less. Maybe God-del was once a ref with the inconsident punishments he dictates out.

  12. The titans are just sore losers I mean not only were they whining about Harper but accusing us of cheating…I’m not denying what Harper did but at some point it becomes clear what this was all about

  13. I’m not denying what Harper did but at some point it becomes clear what this was all about.

    Yeah, it’s about not denying what Harper did. The league saw what you saw. Guys all around the league get fined for that kind of stuff every week. End of story.

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