Thigpen sounds off on firing of college coach

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Quarterback Tyler Thigpen, who has fallen largely out of sight at the backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, has achieved much given that he played college football at Coastal Carolina.  Now, Thigpen is threatening to sever ties with the school in the wake of its termination of head coach David Bennett.

“I am writing to express my sincere disappointment and utter disgust in the dismissal of Head Football Coach David Bennett and request his immediate reinstatement as Head Football Coach,” Thigpen said in a 6,000-plus-word letter submitted to the Coastal Carolina president David DeCenzo and the school’s Board of Trustees, via WMBF-TV.  Thigpen accuses the administration of a “hidden agenda,” and he threatens to sever all ties with the school — including having his college affiliation removed from all team and league P.R. materials.

“I vow that I will not donate a single penny to this institution again nor take part in any University function which may assist the school in raising any money until something is done about this,” Thigpen said.

The school claims that attendance has dropped sharply in recent years.  Coastal Carolina launched its football program in 2005, and Bennett is the only coach the university has had.

The decision to fire Bennett has sparked significant controversy, with Thigpen not the only one speaking out.  Whether the powers-that-be will be swayed by the effort is unknown, but unlikely.