A move would cost Khan $25 million extra


When soon-to-be-former Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver announced that the team will be sold to Shahid Khan, Weaver said that nothing in the contract prevents Khan from moving the team.

But if Khan moves the team, it could be a bit more pricey to do so.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that, if Khan moves the Jaguars within five years, Khan will be required to pay $25 million to the charity of Weaver’s choice.  (It remains to be seen whether Weaver believes charity begins in the home.)

Of course, it potentially would cost a lot more than $25 million, given the contents of the Jaguars’ lease, which requires three straight years of financial losses or proof that the city has failed to maintain the stadium.  (That said, everything is negotiable; if the Jags are intent on leaving, there’s a number that Khan could pay to buy his way out of the deal.)

Then there’s the reality that, if the Jags would move to Los Angeles and see the value of the team dramatically increase, the other owners would impose a hefty “relocation fee” upon the team.

So it would be very expensive — on at least three fronts — to move, and the $25 million payment to a charity of Weaver’s choice would be the least of Khan’s concerns.  But if the team’s value would expand from $760 million to $1.5 billion, Shahid Khan would be able to come up with the cash, if he had to.

All that said, Khan has said that he intends to keep the team in Jacksonville.  At this point, there’s no reason to doubt him.

33 responses to “A move would cost Khan $25 million extra

  1. “All that said, Khan has said that he intends to keep the team in Jacksonville. At this point, there’s no reason to doubt him.”

    Yea, no reason to doubt him, other than that old thing called common sense.

  2. My question is why keep it in Jacksonville? The NFL would be better off with a team in a big name city. While it may be true that both cities dont really give two ships about NFL football, generally speaking a team in LA would give other fans reason to watch. No one cares if Jacksonville wins simply because it is a dispassionate team with a weak fanbase.
    LA, while fans support is equal, most other cities simply hate LA.

  3. Anyone who would trust a man who chooses to sport that mustache deserves what they get.

    I didn’t even know you could make enough money being a carny Fortune Teller to afford an NFL franchise.

  4. All i’m thinking is if I were that rich I wouldn’t be aiming to look like a sleezy, dirty, wild-west gunslinger. I’m pretty sure this guy was an extra in Tombstone or Unforgiven.

  5. Ring Ring..

    Weaver: Hello..

    Khan: Change of heart.

    Weaver: What do you mean?

    Khan: I Decided to move team to L.A.

    Weaver: KHAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  6. The only REAL sticking point is the three years of financial losses which, given the almost weekly headlines about local blackouts, isn’t tough to foresee.

    In three years time I would seriously judge Khan for not moving the team to L.A.

    It’s a HUGE fan base and the team would be a cash cow.

    The man obviously isn’t strapped for shortterm cash and my hunch is that he recognizes an amazing opportunity when it’s starting him in the face.

  7. the only reason the league wants a team in LA Is because of the large TV Market .people in LA Dont care about pro football they havent supported any team that has been there .

  8. khan is a buisnessman!! what do buisnessmen do? their goal is to make money! the writing is on the wall!! this will be a scenario that probobly goes down just like the seattle supersonics situation did in the nba!! 3 maybe 4 years from now this team will have reloacated.. no doubt,thats why weaver sold it.he was losing money and he saves face as the guy who didnt move them outta jville!!!for jag fans i guess da nile(denial) isnt just a river in egypt!

  9. Khan: I promise to keep the team in Jacksonville

    Jacksonville Residents: We’re getting an NFL team?

  10. This was an article that basically said nothing followed up by several comments by people who know nothing about Jacksonville, Khan or Jags fans.

  11. Khan paid CASH for the team… If he wanted to move it I’m quite certain money would not stop him.

  12. *Writes down everyones names*

    I will call you in a few years to rub your faces in Jaguar glory

  13. This article should have been titled “Jaguars have better attendance than Bengals, Raiders, Bears, Dolphins, Rams, Bucs, Cardinals and the same as the Steelers and Vikings with ZERO stadium issues with the city unlike these other teams mentioned” but you know nothing about Jax except for what the media have force fed you with LA would continue to write the same comments b/c it’s fun to Jaguar bash and that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

    Look does Jax have tickets issues, yes. But were are in way better shape than all the above teams. I know most of you live on every word you read and hear and can’t form your own opinion like followers, but don’t let facts cloud your silly little judgement.

  14. I don’t get it why do people want this team moved out of j-ville so bad? We had no blacouts since 2009 and 25 total blackouts during our exsistances. We average 63,000 people per game so what’s the bitterness with our city?

  15. Because Jacksonville is not or never will be a good team. How many times have they a division title or make the playoffs? And no one can say they’re still suffering from the expansion. Carolina and Baltimore have made it to super bowls but the jaguars just make bad decisions left and right. Can anyone honestly say he was a good hire? They went to the playoffs twice with him and now looking back on it, he’s just basically a defensive josh mcdaniels decision maker over a longer period of time. It would be weird to see the jaguars move but not surprising.

  16. tdubjtown6 says:
    Dec 18, 2011 5:42 PM
    Because Jacksonville is not or never will be a good team.
    Wow “never will be a good team”. I guess you said the same about the Saints, Patriots, Atlanta, Jets, Houston, Detroit, Colts. As far as your division title, ever heard of a guy called Peyton Manning. Yeah he’s pretty good. No other division has had to deal with guy except for the AFC South. So since Jax will never be any good why don’t you just send an email to the Jags organization so they know what their future holds. While you’re at it sent it to the Rams, Bucs, Vikings, Bengals, Panthers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Colts, Browns.

  17. Its pretty ignorant to say the franchise should be moved since the team is never good.

    Last time I checked (i.e. Colts, Rams, Raiders, Ravens, Titans) when franchises move…..they still are the same team. The team’s results have nothing to do with the city it plays in. Don’t blame Jacksonville for the failures of the team.

    Like stated above, the actual attendances for the Jaguars are comparable to most teams in the league but grossly misreported/misinterpreted by the national media for some reason. Which also isn’t regular fans faults for just believing what they are told. The that should be ashamed are the national media who nowadays are too lazy to do actual investigative reporting which is a shame with the technology and their disposal.

  18. so if the attendance is so good ,why is the team losing money? why was there tarps over some of the seats in the jags stadium a while back before the talk of moving started? the nfl is all about money and if the franchise is losing money like stated it will be relocated. colts,rams,raiders,ravens, have all won superbowl along with the bucs and dolphins..jags have a afc championship game APPEARANCE!! someone please explain why this team is losing money than..the media market is real small,the nfl clowned jville after the superbowl because they had to bring in cruise ships to provide hotel rooms because there was enough hotel space in the city to accomodate superbowl crowds! miami and tampa are larger tv markets and have a larger following of sports teams in their city compared to jville as well.. jville is a one trick pony town who barely have one professional sports team. the nfl is about media market size as well.. the rams are moving probobly after their lease is up as the rumor has kroenke the new rams owner selling interest to LA people and then he will buy broncos from bowlen and he will then own 3 teams in denver..one rumor had the jags then moving to STL. LA wants two teams one nfc and one afc…its gonna be a few years before anything takes place regardless who it is..it will happen though!

  19. hallcyon says:Dec 18, 2011 7:58 PM

    It’s either LA or London. Only 25? It’s not a question of if, but when and where.

    Hey dumbass, reread the article again and stop being so quick to jump into conclusions without the facts. In addition to the 25 million he would have to pay Wayne Weaver for Moving it, he would have to break the lease by proven that the team have three straight years of financial losses or proof that the city has failed to maintain the stadium in local courts. Some people such as yourself can be so ignorant.

  20. If anybody goes to London it will be Tampa Bay, why do you think they’ve played the last two or three years in that game, to build a fan base!

    Not to mention the ties to Manchester United. Glaser will make it happen.

    Strike two.

  21. It’s funny how people run off at the fingers without knowing what they are talking about, or know just enough to look silly when the truth finally hits them.

    The Jaguars have one of the largest seating capacity stadiums in the NFL but they are in the second smallest market. We haven’t had a blackout since 2009.

    The fact that we have tarps over a bunch of seats makes people think we can’t sell tickets which is untrue. The tarps are to bring the seating capacity down from over 80,000 people to a more realistic number for our market size. Now everyone wants to know WHY the stadium is so large and that’s simple. We host a bowl every year, we host the florida georgia game every year which sell out every single seat we can cram into the stadium. The stadium is also used for various other activities, including a superbowl which NFL requirements mandate a certain amount of seating capacity.

    Who says we are losing money? The last time I looked up the Jags revenue figures, (granted it’s been a few years), the Jags were one of the most profitable teams in the league. We are not making as much money as possible, which is why some media outlets call losing money, but the Jags have never one time in their existence shown a loss…

    Kahn’s numerous statements about moving the team anywhere has always been a resounding NO! One of the reasons he agreed to have 4 home games in London is to expand the brand internationally while growing a bigger fan base here at home.

    Yeah we suck right now. I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to be a Jags fan right now, but Mr. Kahn has brought in a very highly respected GM, and a very respected first time head coach if Gus Bradley, the former Seattle DC and things will turn around..

    People need to quit listening to the national media who are going by information from yesteryear and do some research before their fat fingers start typing about stuff they don’t know enough about!

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