Ben’s status could hinge on tonight’s game


Officially listed as questionable for Monday night’s game with a Grade 1 high ankle sprain, the availability of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger remains up in the air.

Per a league source, the decision as to Roethlisberger could hinge on the outcome of tonight’s game between the Ravens and the Chargers.  If the 10-3 Ravens win, moving a game closer to the AFC North title that they’d win even if tied with the Steelers (thanks to a head-to-head sweep of Baltimore over Pittsburgh), the Steelers will be more likely to rest Roethlisberger.  If, on the other hand, the Ravens lose the Steelers will be more likely to play Roethlisberger, given the opportunity to seize control of the division.

The decision to scratch center Maurkice Pouncey, who we’re told tried desperately to persuade the powers-that-be to let him play, came from a desire to ensure that Pouncey will be healed for the postseason.  Under that reasoning, the Steelers could be inclined to rest Roethlisberger, too.

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  1. If Ben is good to go and the steelers sit him because they don’t think that they can win the division, then they’re not better than the Colts.

  2. I find it interesting that he will play, not on the extent of his injury, but on whether or not the Ravens win.

    Either he is injured too much to play or he is not. This fuels those who say his injuries aren’t genuine and more drama than real.

  3. I cant imagine that if he was able to play the second half against the Browns last Thursday night that he wouldn’t be able to go Monday night.

    But on the other hand I do understand the caution being that we don’t want him to injure it further.

  4. It makes total sense, honestly.

    If the Ravens beat the Chargers, it isn’t worth hurting Ben seeing as I don’t think there’s anyway Cleveland or Cincinnati are going to beat the Ravens, with the Ravens know what is at stake.

    If the Ravens lose, the Steelers know get by SF, and they have STL at home and CLE the final day of the season, and by winning out they would get the #1 seed, especially with HOU losing today (they have the H2H on NE).

    I don’t know how that isn’t as clear as day in terms of Ben’s health & his playing.

  5. Ben “Dahmer” Roethlisberger will probably come to the stadium walking on crutches with the largest possible boot on trying to get as much sympathy as possible and then play in the game, throw for 160 yards and a touchdown, and every loser pittsburgh fan will be ready to come on this clown site and post absurd messages about how he is the greatest qb of all time even after they lose to the 49ers.

  6. Makes sense if ravens lose y take chance on further injury to Ben, ravens will win last two games save Ben for when it really counts playoffs, now as for saying no different then colts well manning wasn’t hurt they were just trying to makes sure he also was healthy for playoffs.

  7. Makes complete sense for the Steelers to start resting some players now if they don’t think they will win the division. Kind of like sneaking in the bye they won’t be getting.

    They’re not going to go into shutdown mode, but they’re also not going to risk any injuries now that they’re in the playoffs.

  8. Bennie too busy partying at the Capital City joint in GA again. Showing off his pride to the worshiping co-eds. A no show for MNF.

  9. My assumption is that Tomlin, during warm-ups, will ask Ben whether he can play as he did at half-time in last Thursday’s game. Ben will say I can give it a go, and if he is terrible through the first half then Batch will take over the game. Ultimately, I think its Ben’s decision.

  10. steelersownyou says: Dec 18, 2011 7:04 PM

    Chargers will win…and the “great one” shall start!

    Saving this one. San Francisco, of the National F.L, are the only undefeated team in nfl history in The SB @ a record of five and oh. pitt-6-2,lost two x’s.

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