Calvin Johnson leads Lions comeback in Oakland

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For the first time since before Matt Millen took over the team, the Detroit Lions have clinched a winning record. And they have the best player Millen ever drafted to thank for it.

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson turned in a sensational game, catching nine passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns, as the Lions rallied from a 27-14 fourth-quarter deficit to win 28-27.

Ndamukong Suh, back from his two-game suspension, blocked a Sebastian Janikowski 65-yard field goal attempt on the last play of the game to seal the win for the Lions.

It’s the Lions’ first nine-win season since 1997, and it’s a huge step toward the playoffs for Detroit: The Lions now need to win just once, either at home against the Chargers next week or at Green Bay (with the Packers likely having nothing to play for) in two weeks, to clinch a wild-card berth.

It wasn’t easy for the Lions, whose injury-riddled secondary allowed Carson Palmer to complete 32 of 40 passes for 367 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions. The Raiders knew this was an important game for their own playoff hopes, and they came out motivated and playing hard. Oakland dominated the first three-plus quarters of this game.

But when the chips were down, the best player on the field was Megatron. Johnson was the difference, and he’s their most valuable player as they appear poised to reach the playoffs.

86 responses to “Calvin Johnson leads Lions comeback in Oakland

  1. The Raiders need to fire their D coordinator ….They let one dude destroy them and the entire last drive they were just lofting it up to him…WTF…season over!

  2. Major choke job from my Raiders, we had the game won but let the Lions march all over our throats

    Kudos to the Lions, you guys actually deserve to go to the playoffs

  3. #81 is absolutely amazing. That being said, the rest of the offense really is bad. And I thought that # 90 chick was back this week, to make some more cheap hits. Must not have been out there, never heard her name called.

  4. Hue takes too many risks. 3rd and 2 and they go deep? A simple run and the game is over. Also what’s up with prevent all 4th quarter. My hangover has been replaced with sadness.

  5. Headline should read “Hue Jackson and Chuck Breshnahan lead Lions comeback against their own team.”

    LBs and no safety help on Calvin Johnson? Really?

    Throwing on 3rd and short when Det has no timeouts and 2 min left?

    Refusing to run against the 27th ranked Rush Defense?

    Al may be gone, but the leadership at the top is still bringing this team down. Fire Hue! Fire Chuck!

    Bring Back Chuckie!

  6. The Raiders defense was a joke down the stretch, especially v Megatron in the last drive. Hue Jackson is also left with egg on his face for not going for 2 when they had they chance. Instead of a time game going to OT, they get another loss and once again be sitting at home come playoff time. How’s that pregame pedi working out Hue?

  7. How come teams can fire head coaches with ease but coordinators, not so easy?

    Also, those pics of HueJack getting his nails done… very, very unRaiderish.

  8. The Lions capitolized on a great opportunity today with the Giants and Bears loosing today. One step closer to the playoffs baby! Bring on the 49’ers!

  9. But the most impressive thing that I saw was when he jumped to try and block the game ending fg. The man kept elevating and i wondered if he was ever gonna stop.


  10. He he he comitment to mediocrity..I cant wait to hear Greg Pappa make excuses tommorow for this overrated bunch of flunkies!Raiders are a dysfunctional poorly run bunch af speedy misfits!

  11. You guys must really hate that Suh blocked the field goal. Not that he would have made it anyway but just sayin’.

  12. adirtyplayernamedsue says:
    Dec 18, 2011 7:38 PM
    #81 is absolutely amazing. That being said, the rest of the offense really is bad. And I thought that # 90 chick was back this week, to make some more cheap hits. Must not have been out there, never heard her name called.


    Oh, you mean except for the blocked field goal to seal the win?

    Sorry about your luck you jealous Bears’ fan.

  13. Chucky B gave that one away. The pass on 3rd and 3 didn’t help, but Chucky B coached D’s always lose the games this way.

  14. Hue Jackson’s decision to kick an extra point with a 13 point lead and under 8 minutes left was idiotic.

    With under 8 minutes left, you go for two and try to get a 14 point lead.

  15. If there are two situations with two outcomes, you take the option that does not have a negative outcome. Meaning run the ball and no one is questioning your decision and the clock keeps moving vs throw, stop the clock and give them time. The run game was doing great that last drive. That’s my only problem with Hue.

  16. you dont stop the clock! you run that clock down and dont go for home run passes when you need 3 yards with just over 2 minutes left. gave away 3 points when raiders went for td on 4th down from the 20 early in game. palmer as good as he played overthrew those 2 wide open receivers for touchdowns that never should have been tried.

    then only 4 man rush on stafford on that final drive.

    terrible head coach.

  17. Yeah, yeah. The Lions didn’t win….we gave them the game (roll out the Cowboys and Bears fans excuses, Raiders.)

    That being said, it must have killed you to write this, MDS.

    Next week, welcome to the jungle, Bolts!

  18. These things happen, luckily the Raiders can shore up their pass defense in the draft….oh wait!

    The fact that the Raiders seemingly gave full control to Hue Jackson is going to be the gift that keeps on giving to the rest of the AFC West!

  19. While Calvin was huge today ( might just have gotten me into the Fantasy Championship game depending on Baltimore’s “D” tonight), My hats off to Mathew Stafford.. HELL of a game kid!…He might of just kicked the “Bobby Layne Curse” right in the ass!

  20. Calvin johnson and matthew stafford are clutch period. The connection those 2 guys have is unbelievable! We have some play maker on our team! DETROIT LIONS BABY!

  21. 10 catch’s 214 yards rec and 2 TD’s by the one and only Megatron today.

    The great Matt Stafford leading the offense 99 yards with 2:15 left for the go ahead TD.

    My Lions are now 9-5.

    Hey Bears fans and Vikings fans Suck it!!

  22. nightwalker43 says:
    Dec 18, 2011 7:34 PM
    Good. Now the Broncos have a clear path to the division.

    Not so fast grasshopper. If the Raiders win their last two, and Denver loses to a Kyle Orton led KC that beat GB today, then the Raiders would win the division.

  23. No mention of Stafford in the article? He only threw for 398 yards and 4 touchdowns. Had some amazing throws that not many people could make. How many other Qbs would have been able to throw the ball 65 yards in the air on that bomb to Calvin?

  24. Palmer had nice stats and failed to make the plays necessary to win….seen that before. Palmer’s horrible decision to hold onto the ball and take the sack on the final drive will be overshadowed by the well deserved criticism of the Raider defense and Chuck Bresnahan. But at the end of the day, the Raiders gave up a first and second round pick for a QB who is going to have a losing record as a starter and miss the playoffs. Can’t thank you enough Hue.

  25. HMMMMMM last week it was falcons show their playoff mettle by coming back to beat Tennessee . It’s hard for this site to congratulate the lions. IF the lions make the playoffs GM of the year is martin mayhew. He brought this team from 0-16 to a winner in 3 seasons.

  26. adirtyplayernamedsue says:Dec 18, 2011 7:38 PM

    #81 is absolutely amazing. That being said, the rest of the offense really is bad. And I thought that # 90 chick was back this week, to make some more cheap hits. Must not have been out there, never heard her name called.
    No “dirty” plays by either team today and Suh blocked the last second FG, so you can probably change you name by now. I think abitterfannamedyou is available.

  27. I remember having this sick feeling of foreboding when Barret Robbins went AWOL before the Superbowl. I had the same sick feeling when I read that the Raiders had signed Chuck Bresnahan again…& also when I saw Hue getting a pedicure before this game.

    If you combined the talents of Boyd, Giardano, Mitchell, Huff, & Branch, we would have ONE good DB. Also, I think McClain is too tall & too dumb to be effective as a MLB. The Lions went 109 yards, NO SWEAT against those mongrel DBs. They marched right down the field, absorbed a 10 yard holding penalty, & made it look easy.

    Al is rolling over in his grave right now. How many times is Jackson going to say “This loss is on me” at the postgame press conference? Surprise us, Hue. This time, say “I know my playcalling is jerky, but I want to appear like a genius! Since we lost again, & my idiotic playcalling is a big reason why we lost, I resign as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders…”

  28. @adirtyplayernamedsuh Yes he was in…He was the guy that blocked Janikowski’s FG… I love that fans hate the Lions now. It’s a lot better than people feeling sorry for us. So keep on hating!!

  29. Hats off to the Lions and Matthew Stafford, they showed up big when it mattered.

    To me, this game was blown by Chuck Bresnahan.

    How on earth do you call a Cover 2 Zone, leaving the safeties in single coverage deep, with the game on the line?

    On top of that, the Raiders were down to their 4th string safety, Boyd.

    Both the HC and the DC blew it.

  30. Detroit Lions are going to be the team that no one will want to play in the playoffs. They are a scary team when clicking

  31. Why did the raiders bring that loser chuck bresnahan back to coach their D? Calvin is the best wide receiver in the nfl, but the raiders made it way too easy for him today.

  32. Hate to say it as a Raider fan, but Hue has to go. Horribly coached team. Sketchy calls on offense. Idiotic personnel moves.
    He’ll try to make Bresnahan the scapegoat, but he’s still being terrible as the DC because Hue didn’t fire him weeks ago.
    The fact is that the team and the fans have seen through all the blustery rhetoric and realized that Hue is just not a legit head coach.

  33. Well it looks like Oaklands first round pick in 2013 is safe…not making the playoffs this year. And today was the day. Donkeys lost, Jets lost…we were there.

    Wonder if this was the plan today.

  34. isujames says:
    Dec 18, 2011 8:22 PM
    Gimmie a break cj shows up once every three games!!!!

    Why don’t you watch a lions game and see what kind of defensive attention this guy gets. He makes the rest of his team better. He opens up the field for other players to make plays, he’s a beast.

  35. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS just left Raider Nation with a wagon load of heads of dead Raiders no playoff a high draft pick that you can miss use and a headache.
    We will be saying World Champion Detroit Lions.

  36. I’m confused is Hue smarter than all of us or are we all smarter than Hue. Nice win for the Lions though. Not a fan of the head coach (for obvious reasons…”hold me back, hold me back”) but I haven’t seen a Lions team this fun to watch since Barry Sanders retired (way too early I might add)

  37. This one had so many snatch-defeat-from-the-jaws of-victory moments to list, but the one thing I want to know from the Oakland coaching staff: WHO did they think Stafford was looking for with the game on the line ? Nate Burleson ? Branden Pettigrew ? Titus Young ? I sort of thought it was obvious that he was looking for Calvin Johnson on every play….Perhaps some double coverage, with d-backs rather than LBs was in order…..

  38. This was a statement game for the Leos.

    Stafford grew up a lot today. Megatron showcased his skills. Another comeback win.

    As a 40-yr fan, I hereby now anoint these Lions as not the “same old Lions”.

    Thank goodness I was patient – sort of.

  39. I agree liontuss although I am only a mere 20 year fan this year’s team reminds me of the excitement of the Barry Sanders era. If it were to work out the way it is now I’m cautiously hyped for a potential 49ers Lions rematch. Win that one and there would be an awesome come full circle moment since they lost their first against SF. But who knows whats gonna happen still just happy to see them doing well and not doing anything stupid.

  40. First Off Calvin Johnson is freaking Beast..
    With that out of the way.. i wanna know what Bresnahan was thinking, when the game is on the line why are you playing cover 2 and letting CJ roam free on some slow ass safeties.. Really Chuck… when the Lions got the ball with two on the clock the first thing on my mind was put a lid on CJ.. Routt and Branch all day.. Why is it that this dude who is a professional not think the exact thing but with a gameplan to stop it.. isnt that what he gets paid to do?? And Hue as the head coach of team should jump in and override those calls.. Whatever it is if this team should manage to get itself in the playoffs and they get Dmac and Ford back healthy.. they would be scary to alot of teams.. but if they fail Raiders keep a 1st rounder in 13 and have a franchise QB for atleast the next 5 years .. I dont care what anyone says Carson is the real deal.

  41. cincybert says: Dec 18, 2011 8:00 PM

    Palmer had nice stats and failed to make the plays necessary to win….seen that before. Palmer’s horrible decision to hold onto the ball and take the sack on the final drive will be overshadowed by the well deserved criticism of the Raider defense and Chuck Bresnahan. But at the end of the day, the Raiders gave up a first and second round pick for a QB who is going to have a losing record as a starter and miss the playoffs. Can’t thank you enough Hue.
    We get it, you’re still hurt because Palmer didn’t want to play for your team anymore.

    Blaming Palmer for this loss is just insane though.

    The guy went 32 of 40 for 367 yards 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s and 2 of the 8 incompletions were spiked balls to stop the clock.

    Seriously, you have to get over it.

  42. Two Things:

    1. I dont understand how Stafford isnt getting any attention for the game winning comebacks he’s had this season but somehow tebow does

    2. Thank you al davis for taking russell instead of Megatron bc we all know Millen woulda took Russell

  43. Pathetic! As a Raiders fan, I am really disappointed at the lack of play calling in the 4th quarter. Now I am convinced that we will not make the playoffs. This includes going deep on 3rd and 3. That was a stupid move on behalf of Hugh Jackson. Yes, I know, Al Saunders is the offensive coordinator, but Hugh was the offensive play caller prior to. Therefore, those plays should come through in that headset he is wearing. Or was the headset off? Hugh could have changed the play immediately upon hearing that. I will put the blame on Palmer if he states he wanted to go short, but found no one open. Overall, the Raiders were up 13 points over the Lions, and let them back into this game to win it. This is very unacceptable, and I would not be surprised if Al Davis rose from the dead to rip Hugh and the coaching staff a new one.

  44. I think this game cost breshnahan his job…..i mean you take seymour and tommie kelly out when detroit is in the red zone, with under 5 minutes to play. You have your middle linebacker covering megatron 40 yards downfield . you continue to play giordano or what ever his name his who is ton slow, and repeatedly takes terrible angles. time and time again you let megatron get pass your safety’s…..I am pissed , and hue just for once take the points. we all know you have big balls, but passing on the ez 3 bite you in the rear this time.

  45. jakethegrift says:
    Dec 18, 2011 11:52 PM
    Pathetic! As a Raiders fan, I am really disappointed at the lack of play calling in the 4th quarter. . This includes going deep on 3rd and 3
    the ball was on the money. chaz dropped plain and simple…just catch the over

  46. Ok first let me start this off by saying I identify myself as a Raider fan, but I live in Detroit. I also am a fan of the Lions and on most Sundays this could have less to do with itself, since being in different confrences I think they only play each other once every 3-4 years. But I thought that game was simply great. Two teams that are up and coming, (and yes Raider Nation, I do think they are still up and coming, even after this loss). Battling with Playoff implications on the line. It was good TV and a hell of a good game. Their were alot of things the Raiders did that were good. There OL did a great job all day protecting against a very very good DL of the Lions. Flat out, Calvin Johnson won this game. I mean the Raiders were not in prevent. On on the one 50 yarder they were in a Tampa 2 with Mcclain taking the deep middle and HE WAS THERE. He just didnt make the play. I for one am happy this game didnt turn into a over penalized garbage game and actually was a game to showcase two young talented team. Lions going to the Playoffs, and just think if the Raiders can get Palmer, Moore, Ford, Heyward-Bey, and Mcfadden on the field together, Future is bright.

  47. Hats off to Palmer and the Raiders for a great effort. Unfortunately you ran into Matt and Megatron at their best. You can still get in don’t put your heads down. Lions look primed for post season when they get Fairley and Dumas back.

  48. Raider fans, before the season started:

    And after the constant bitchslapping….yup…that’s the sound of crickets….

  49. Calvin is a beast and deserves alotta praise…that said he doesn’t throw the ball to himself(probly could) matt stafford is 23 years old and shows flashes of brilliance. Two not one but two huge drives to win that game……hill or Stanton would’ve had no chance….Stafford’s swagger/confidence is the difference.

  50. One heck of a game all-n-all. Bresnahan should be replaced ASAP, and no whining about us having to play our scrubs due to injuries. Chuck knows we have almost no healthy starters, and he should have schemed accordingly. At no point in history will Matt Giordano or Jerome Boyd be able to cover Megatron, so why bother playing coverage D instead of blitzing almost every down?
    Chucky B is the King of the Prevent D. He was ten years ago, and he was last year in the World League. I pray that CB’s days are numbered. Better luck next year guys.

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