Chargers make the Ravens defense look ordinary


Just when you think you know something, the Chargers absolutely maul the Ravens defense.

Here’s what we learned during San Diego’s 34-14 win Sunday night:

1. The Chargers scored on their first five possessions. That’s the first time that’s ever happened to the Ravens defense. It would have been six straight possessions if Nick Novak didn’t miss a field goal.

2. There were a lot of reasons San Diego’s offense dominated. The top reason: Philip Rivers is getting protected again. The Ravens pass rush made little impact, which helped Rivers throw for more than eleven yards-per-attempt, with 270 yards and one touchdown.

His receivers are healthy again. Norv Turner called a brilliant game that kept Baltimore guessing.

3. Ryan Mathews has a fumbling problem, but otherwise he’s one of the best young running backs in football. He can run inside and out. He can catch the football. His 109 yards from scrimmage with two touchdowns weren’t flashy, but Mathews helped the Chargers stay on schedule and control the tempo.

4. The Chargers had seven sacks. The Ravens had none. Huh?

5. Baltimore just blew the inside track at the No. 1 seed and now they could be headed for the No. 5 seed. If Pittsburgh wins Monday night, the Steelers should win the division. Pittsburgh finishes the season with the Rams and Browns.

Even if Pittsburgh loses, Baltimore is now behind the Patriots in the AFC race.

6. The Ravens better hope the 49ers help them out because the Ravens are a lousy road team. They are 3-4 away from home, with ugly results in Jacksonville, Tennessee, Seattle, and now San Diego. Is that a team that can win twice on the road in the playoffs?

7. Joe Flacco missed a number of key throws Sunday. The Chargers forced him to take the check down pass all day. Anquan Boldin can’t beat man coverage. Torrey Smith is a one-trick player. This Ravens offense is up-and-down at best after Ray Rice.

8. The Chargers aren’t dead yet, but they still need help at 7-7. Basically, San Diego needs to win out and hope the Broncos lose in Week 17 to the Chiefs to have a chance.

The Chargers still have a chance because of this three-game winning streak. The way Rivers is playing, you can’t count the Chargers out just yet.

65 responses to “Chargers make the Ravens defense look ordinary

  1. So for once his defense couldn’t win the game for him and Flacco was typically inept. If the Ravens ever win a Super Bowl with Flacco, I’ll eat my hat

  2. I can’t wait for KC @ Denver week 17. If you ask me, that should be the SNF game.

    Orton can spoil it all for Denver.

    And wow, if the Chargers manage to pull it off and make the playoffs…..

    Norv Turner has more lives than a cat.

  3. Thats because they are ordinary. Poor clock mgmt. and officiating gave them the game in Pittsburgh, and an awful call against Gresham, and this team is fighting for a six seed.

  4. Actually they’ll need to win 3 times on the road. The fraud that is Joe Flacco, and his inability to lead this team sure makes it even better to be a Steeler Fan! He is supremely over-rated and that team is done!!!!

  5. no big deal here for everyone right?? its ok for the ravens d to get destroyed tonight, lose at seattle, for jacksonville d to dominate flacco and their offense and lose at tennesee but, when the niners lose a hard fought game on the road againts a “legit contender” at baltimore 16-6, they get “exposed” and the sky is falling down on them huh??…smh

  6. When did Blaine Gabbert cut his hair, grew a mustache and start playing for the Ravens?

    Flacco needs to be replaced next year

  7. This is what happens to a team that gives their coach a Gatorade shower in week 9.

    Good thing Ray made it back for this one.

  8. “trbowman says:
    Dec 18, 2011 11:36 PM
    I can’t wait for KC @ Denver week 17. If you ask me, that should be the SNF game.”

    Except here isn’t a SNF game in Week 17.

  9. Just who was flacco throwing to on those interceptions? Man he looked bad, I guess his unibrow hair was getting in his eyes since he couldn’t see the charger defenders right in his sight line

  10. Chargers are such a baffling team.. 1 week they can dominate a team such as the Ravens and another week they find a way to lose.

  11. The Ravens are, who we thought they were. Take away the ref’s bias and they aren’t even a playoff club. Dream on Baltimore someday you might hang in with the big boys!

  12. What is the Ravens record without Ray Lewis in the lineup? What is the Ravens record *with* Ray Lewis in the lineup? Do the math, people.

  13. Well if you’re trying to be an optimist you could say that this was the only team of the four we’ve lost to that we weren’t a shoe-in to beat.

    Solid loss all around. Players didn’t exexute, which didn’t matter cuz the gameplans on both sides of the ball were bunk.

    If a Ravens fan wanted to be cute they could say something like “well, we figured Pitt could use all the help they can get when we play them in January.”

    I am not that fan.

  14. trbowman says:
    So for once his defense couldn’t win the game for him and Flacco was typically inept.
    I have news for you: That defense wouldn’t win a game for anyone.

  15. The Ravens stunk it up tonight. But kudos to the San Diego Chargers for getting the job done. They played the best I’ve ever seen them play.

    I have never seen a more poor performance by a Baltimore defense too. Poor tackling…wide open receivers…no pressure up front…disaster.

  16. First off, Congrats to the chargers,they dominated every category tonight. With that being said here are a few observations:
    1. Where was the pass rush? With no rush the corners were exposed big time, it also didn’t help our #1 corner didn’t play much.
    2. Ray Lewis is slow, the defense has looked much faster the past few weeks. He played well against the run, but was beat like a drum by gates multiple times.
    3. Everybody on here knew that with a rookie starting at corner that rivers would pick on him yet he rarely had safety help over the top.
    4. During the pregame it was noted that the offensive line was playing well only allowing flacco to be sacked 5 times in the last 5 games, but flacco was running for his life tonight.

    Add all of these things together and it adds up to a super ass kicking. Oh well, just have to give it hell next week. Go Ravens!!!!!!!

  17. I’m not sure what to make of the AFC. The Steelers look to be the most complete team but no unit is better than the Patriots offense is.

    Wild card weekend in the AFC should be exciting though the Ravens or Steelers at Denver and the Texans hosting the Jets? At least for now it’ll be the Jets.

  18. I’m sorry ……. did you just say that the San Diego Chargers – the 7-7 Chargers – BEAT the Ravens, with their “world-class, gonna win the AFC Championship ’cause they’re the best damn defense in the Conference” defense????

    THOSE Ravens?

  19. Hey Ravens . . . don’t get too excited if the Niners beat the Steelers tomorrow night . . . you guys still gotta play at Cincinnati. And Joe Flacco still feels inferior to Tim Tebow, so how could he possibly be your answer in the playoffs? You guys practiced, watched film, prayed, made draft choices/trades, and did everything you could in order to overcome that dreaded Pittsburgh team, including beat them twice. But unless the Niners win tomorrow night or you guys beat the Bungles, it’s Wild Card time again.

  20. “Ordinary” ?!?

    When was the last time you saw an offense
    NEVER punt (and never turn the ball over) ?

    The Ravens D wasn’t ordinary, it was beaten
    like a rented mule.

  21. Now hold the phone.

    KC isn’t out of this just yet.

    If they win out, they can make it to the playoffs IF SD loses one of their final two and Denver loses to Buffalo.

    Certainly unlikely, especially Buffalo beating Denver, but not impossible. Buffalo is beyond terrible right now, but it ain’t over yet folks.

  22. Where was this Bolt team all season especially playing in thos 6 weeks they were losing? The win is great against a top notch defense and it shows what this team can do but is it too little too late? Wish they could’ve played like this all year and maybe Norv would be the HC next year. Oh well…”The San Diego Chargers have hired _______as their new Head Coach”

  23. Isn’t Flacco the same guy that was complaining about all the Tebow coverage? I get that there are QB’s with a legitimate argument as to how little they are covered compared to Tebow, (Rodgers, Brees, even Cam Newton), but Flacco is not one of them. Flacco hasn’t even earned the right to complain about the media coverage of other QB’s. If the Ravens find a QB in the draft next year, they will be a contender, but until they replace this inept idiotic guy they currently have under center, they will be mediocre.

  24. Congrats to the Chargers for a completely dominating game.
    Having said that – Joe Flacco was easily the 3rd best performer for the Chargers offense tonight. Not knocking the Chargers – just after being one of the last holdouts that thought Flacco would eventually improve, I now see the obvious. Granted – the whole team played poorly tonight – but Flacco’s inability to complete a pass (except to San Diego’s defense) kept the Ravens in a deep hole the entire game.

  25. You people are like women watching soap operas. All you know is what you saw today and that is enough to draw a sweeping generalization about the totality of a situation. Steeler fans- do you even remember how bad your team looked looked against the Eagles the last season they won the Superbowl? I think it was something like 9 sacks. The Ravens will be there at the end. We can win at the cow pasture, Gillette, whatever. And don’t be surprised if the Steelers hand it back tomorrow night:)

  26. that was terrible! Oh well. I don’t mind hearing about how the Ravens choked and about how much people think they suck now as long as it means I don’t have to hear another word about Tebow.

  27. What do u mean? We didnt learn anything. Ok, we learned The Ravens got a good ol fashion butt kicking from the Chaaargers. I seen this one coming a couple weeks ago. If the Ravens go on the road in the playoffs, their done.

  28. Zero punts – that’s all I have to know.

    When was the last time that happened to a Steeler defense? Any time in the past 50 years? Not very many times, I’ll bet you.

    When was the last time that happened to a Rex Ryan defense? Ever?

    And now the Ravens get to end the season at Cinci, who will be fighting for their playoff lives. Good luck!

  29. Is Chris Collinsworth the most sniveling, whining, dbag of a commentator ever? Even when your team is blowing out the competition, he still makes watching the game a miserable experience.

  30. Funny how Harbaugh was whining about lack of holding calls at the half. And then all of a sudden refs start throwing 15 yard flags for Chargers and actually reverse their own 15 yarder on a facemask because the guy has a visor???

    Oh, how is Ray Lewis helmet to helmet on a runner any different from Harrison’s helmet to helmet on Cribbs who was not a defenseless receiver?

    THis is what happens when the refs does not gift a game to the Ravens. They got by with one sided calls for 5 games or so this year. It might even out in the next two games and maybe Ravens lose another game.

  31. Joe Flacco reminds me of Mark Sanchez: a QB that hasn’t progressed beyond his rokkie promise. That means the Ravens remind me of the Jets: an overhyped defense that must shutdown opponents to allow its offense to have a chance. Both defenses seem overrated and only occasionally match their hype.

  32. Buffalo beating Denver isn’t that big of a challenge. Denver hasn’t blown anyone out all season and have had to come from behind to win in pretty much every game. The game will be close at the end and if weather is a factor who knows what will happen.

  33. Flacco is getting what he wants! A chance to prove he’s better than Tebow. I bet he can’t wait for that trip to Denver in a few weeks.

    And I’m going to laugh when he Tebow beats him.

  34. Flacco used Tebow’s name in vain and was justly punished for his sin.

    Or else Flacco is simply an average QB being carried by a good defense and running game.

    Is Flacco a sinner or Alex Smith 2.0? You decide.

  35. Get beat by a lesser team in the Jaguars on MNF and get demolished against Chargers last night. Sounds like Ravens are still not ready for prime-time.

  36. Why would one win save Turner’s job. Seems the Chargers have been down this path before. Win when enough to retain the current coaching staff and repeat the process next season. They are in a rut defined as a grave with both ends kicked out.

  37. San Diego is one good head coach away from being an elite team. Norv always gets them competitive down the stretch but once again it may be too little too late. At least Schotty was able to consistently get them to the playoffs.

  38. All the talking heads love Ray Ray but put in back in the lineup and that defense looks old and slow. Way to go Ravens keep playing the hasbeen.

  39. The Chargers have a better chance of winning the last wildcard spot than the AFC West. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the Jets lost to the Giants or Miami. And I don’t think anyone would be shocked if the Bengals lost at home to Arizona or at home to Baltimore. Both the Bengals and the Jets need to lose one game and the Chargers need to win out for the Chargers to make it in. Of course that would mean the Jets wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    Denver plays at Buffalo and then plays home against KC. Buffalo has folded up like a cheap suit so I don’t see Buffalo beating Denver unless Denver all of a sudden loses faith in its QB. KC could beat Denver in the final game of the season, but since Denver has to lose both of their remaining games and the Chargers have to win both of their remaining games in order for the Chargers to win the division, I just can’t see Denver losing both games.

    BTW, the Chargers last two games are @ Lions and @ Oakland. If the Chargers don’t win both of those games, they are out of the playoffs. So the Chargers have to take care of business, and not worry about what anyone else does.

    The Chargers won because Rivers didn’t turn over the ball. This season isn’t about Norv, it is about Rivers and his seventeen interceptions and nine fumbles, five of them recovered by their opponent.

    And let us not forget, Rivers fumbled and lost the snap on Halloween night at the very end of the game when the Chargers were about to kick the game winning field goal against the Chiefs.

    If you look at all of those Chargers games that they lost, there weren’t any real blow outs. That team isn’t as bad as you might think, especially when you take into account all of those injuries.

    Those turnovers were the primary issue.

  40. Buffalo beat Denver a couple of years ago to give the Chargers the chance to win the division at 8-8
    this will hapen again. it doesnt matter what the rest of the division does. Denver will lose the last 2 and Chargers will win out.

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