Colts get their first win

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Roughly 35 seconds apart in real time, the Packers fell to 13-1 and the Colts climbed to 1-13.

Indianapolis got it done against Tennessee, with a 27-13 win over the Titans.

With a 20-6 lead in the fourth quarter, the Colts allowed the 7-7 Titans to score their first touchdown of the day, cutting the lead to 20-13.  On the next play from scrimmage, Colts running back Donald Brown went 80 yards with a Marcus Allen-style field-reversing run to give the home team a 14-point lead.

Indy got the win despite getting only 82 yards passing from quarterback Dan Orlovsky.  Tennessee outgained the Colts by more than 100 yards, and the Titans had 21 first downs to 10 for the Colts.

But only one stat matters:  points scored versus points allowed.  And so on the day the Colts got a lead for the first time since October 9, the Colts have gotten a win for the first time since the 2010 season.