Colts take first lead since October 9


In this week’s PFT Picks and again on Friday night’s NBC SportsTalk, I declared that the time has come for the Colts to win.

Rosenthal disagreed with me, and Peter King didn’t simply say “you’re wrong and here’s why” but “you’re out of your mind.”

While the Colts may not pull it off, they can at least be proud of their efforts for the first time since October 9, against the Chiefs.  (Thanks to Elliott Kalb, Football Night In America editorial consultant, for that nugget.)  In that game, the Colts were up 24-7, before blowing it down the stretch.  Since then, the Colts haven’t blown a lead, because they haven’t had a lead.

For now, the lead is 3-0 in the second quarter.  And so on the same weekend on which the Colts moved to 14-0 in 2009, they could avoid falling to 0-14 in 2011.