Johnny Knox stretchered off field in Chicago

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Bears receiver Johnny Knox was taken off the field on a stretcher after taking an ugly hit in the first quarter of today’s game against the Seahawks.

Knox caught a pass in the first quarter and then had the ball knocked loose as he was knocked to the ground. As other players scrambled for the ball, Knox took a hard hit from Seattle’s Anthony Hargrove, and his upper body bent back awkwardly.

Although Knox stayed down on the field for several minutes, he was moving his hands and talking to the medical staff as he was taken off the field.

UPDATE: FOX reported that Knox has a back injury but has full movement in his extremities and is going to be OK.

22 responses to “Johnny Knox stretchered off field in Chicago

  1. Wish him well, but he should probably get the Bears team memo authored by Cutler and Forte: this season’s over, it’s not worth trying anymore.

  2. The injury looked absolutely sickening when it happened and it really looks like it could be something serious. Incidents like this make you forget team loyalties and pray for the health and well-being of the individual involved. Get well soon Johnny, hopefully it isn’t as bad as it looked.

  3. This looked like a back injury more than a head injury. I certainly hope it is not serious and hopefully looked worse than it actually is.

    We just saw the bad Tavaris Jackson after seeing the good Tavaris Jackson on a throw to the tight end. I wonder just how long Jackson thought he was going to stand in the end zone before somebody noticed him. He held the ball so long that he must have believed Pete Carroll when he told him that Paul Allen had purchased a Klingon cloaking device.

  4. I ask to please say a prayer for Johnny Knox or have a good thought. From reviewing the replay, this may be a very substantial injury.

    And to ‘thekingofnewyork, your comment is extremely classless. It may be best to leave your comments to yourself. Commentary like that only proves that dropping out of school in the 2nd grade is not such a good idea.

    Thanks football fans !

  5. darthhitman77 says:
    Dec 18, 2011 1:37 PM
    bearsrulepackdrool says: Dec 18, 2011 1:28 PM

    No QB, no RB, no WR, Go Bulls!

    Guess Bears don’t rule even Chicago huh


    Bears will always rule Chicago. But, I’m being realistic. The playoff aren’t likely if they can’t beat these Seahawks and Cutler can’t dress against the Pack.

  6. Just because they are shielding his eyes doesnt mean anything… It’s a common courtesy to shield someones eyes when they are on a backboard.. They are strapped down and vulnerable.

    I can almost guarantee that he has a back injury..

  7. I hope this man can recover and still pursue his dream.

    This hit made me more squeamish than the Theisman hit.

  8. That was the single scariest hit I have ever seen in any football game ever. Absolutely horrific. I hope he checks out OK. Quite frankly, he’s lucky to be alive after that.

  9. Very, very glad to hear that Knox is moving and apparently OK. That was the most cringe-inducing hit I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching the NFL since 1973.

    No “fault” on that one, the ball is free, both players dive for it, and they collide head-on….plays like this are the reason they wear helmets. Hope he makes a full and fast recovery.

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