Lovie Smith isn’t sure who will start at quarterback next week


The Bears’ post-Cutler injury collapse hit its nadir Sunday during a 38-14 loss to the Seahawks.

Both Caleb Hanie and Josh McCown threw two interceptions each against Seattle, with two returned for touchdowns. After the game, Lovie Smith didn’t know who would start next week.

Smith said the quarterback position is open.

“I mean, it’s right after the game and we’re disappointed in our performance today in the quarterback position. But I can’t tell you any more than that,” Smith said via ESPNChicago.com.

There was a report that Jay Cutler had a shot to play in Week 16 against the Packers, but the Bears may not think it’s worth it.

For the Bears to make the playoffs, they would need to win out and get a ton of help. They haven’t won a single game since Jay Cutler left.

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  1. When Cutler went down, and the Bears said they would just go with Hanie (rather than sign a vet), they wrote their own epitaph.

  2. Wish you had picked up McNabb or Favre now, Lovie? Great job, dude, taking a team in playoff position and running them into the ground by being stubborn about starting Hanie.

  3. I don’t think Hanie can possibly play in the NFL after his performance this season. I mean, how can any GM watch that tape and say, “We can win with this guy at the helm”?

  4. For ALL the Cutler Haters,

    The last 4 weeks is exactly what the Bears were before Cutler…we should be used to it by now. I wonder how many believers are born-again.

  5. looks like mccown gets a shot next week. the score was 38-14 when he went in the game.

    but i tend to think that no matter who starts next week at qb for the bears, the packers will win large.

    this was ordained the second that they didnt get an actual veteran backup for cutler.

  6. I kinda feel bad for Hanie, seems like a good dude, but has completely played himself out of the league the last month. Maybe he could do something with a group of skill guys that belong in the NFL instead of the CFL, but he has just been terrible.

    Again, even if you despise Cutler, the dude was playing at a pro bowl level with what’s obviously a terrible group of skill guys. Gotta give him at least a little bit of credit. I’ve never seen a season go south as quickly as the Bears did this year. They should be getting ready to play the NFC east champ in the playoffs, instead we’re talking about a McCown getting a start because the season is over.

  7. why not start the rookie? after all the genius himself worked him out and declared him a perfect fit for his system. let’s see if he is or just another martz mistake. martz has to go as he has proven that his turf show no longer works. they need somebody willing to run a offense around what the palyers they have can do. which in Cutler’s case let him roll out like he did when he was with the broncos and was setting records. they tried it here in turner’s last year but unfortunatly for him he waited to the last 3 games of the season which they won to do it.

  8. People lamenting the fact that they didn’t sign a veteran QB after Cutler was hurt are missing the point. The Bears should have had a better option – veteran or youngster – as their number 2 going into the season. Mid/late season QB signings are no panacea and likely would not have changed the Bears fates. Blame this one on Jerry Angelo for not having a better alternative than Caleb Hanie long ago.

  9. Its a real sweetheart job if you can get it. Of course I talking about being a backup quarterback in Chicago. Get paid a bunch of money,( by most folks standards) for sitting on the bench for four years. Finally getting your chance and then,……… Being so bad and figuring out you will need to looking for a real job in two weeks.

  10. It doesn’t matter. They were just getting it together and about to be a force in the playoffs and down goes Cutler. Just bad luck of the worst kind. If Cutler were healthy and playing the Seahawks, Giants and Cards would be eliminated and they’d be fighting off the Lions for the 5th seed.

  11. When Cutler went down, and the Bears said they would just go with Hanie (rather than sign a vet), they wrote their own epitaph.
    Another masterstroke that is the genius of the Bears front office. Would you expect anything else from this band of idiots!

  12. I just have a different opinion than some of the other posts (not that any are right or wrong).

    You simply can’t run an offensive system that only one person (Cutler) is capable of succeeding in. You must have a system that transcends your roster. Martz’ does not. It’s not “plug n’ play”. There is no adaptation.

    The Martz experiment failed once again.

    Hanie is not without fault but Martz must go away. Far, far away. It’s a shame because the Bears had a good thing going and the defense was playing well. Not saying there would have been a championship in Chicago this year but what’s out there now is embarrassing.

  13. Yeah cohawkfan, Tebow really proved he could hang with the big boys today. That was a heck of play though, when he ran backwards 30 yards to take a sack.

  14. OK its time again to face reality…
    Is it yet another OC or DC or injury at key positions or……..
    What for it…….. the head of the Snake Himself.
    What pics does Lovie have of Jerry? I really want to know!

  15. My take is that the offense had two players….Cutler and Forte. The line is below average with players playing out of position—they played with all guards this season. There was no real protection all year for any QB. The wide outs would not start for any team in the NFL a great set of backups. The tight ends are average and not used anyway in the present Bear offense except as blockers. The Martz offense is does not work with the poor talent level of the Bear offense. Jerry Angelo is extremely poor at drafting…as indicated by the first round draft picks on the roster. In addition he “pick-ups” this year were key to several losses. The only solution is to fire Jerry Angelo and let a new GM decide on a new roster and coaching staff. Please fire Jerry today!!!!!!

  16. Just a wild guess, but Kaleb Hanie, will be looking for a job that is not for one of the 32 NFL Franchises in 2012.

  17. “For the Bears to make the playoffs, they would need to win out and get a ton of help.”

    If Cutler can, you have to let him play against the Packers. It seems unlikely for the Bears would win anyway, but the “ton of help” they need isn’t unimaginable.

    Detroit faces SD and GB and could lose both, and the Bears would have the tiebreaker against Detroit (better division record).

    Among the other teams that could possibly end up at nine wins (ATL, NYG, DAL, ARI, SEA), the only team that would win the wild card tiebreakers over the Bears would be Seattle, so of course Seattle would have to win out also.

    Anyway, my point is this: if the Bears can pull off the upset against GB next week and Detroit loses to SD, they would suddenly have a very legit shot at making the playoffs. Cutler needs to play!

  18. Da Bears are done …put a fork in them. Break out your walets and sign Forte to a contract he deserves and draft some receivers next year. Martz is not the problem…lack of talent is the problem!

  19. Alright, before Cutler got hurt, Bears were 7-3 and staring down 11-3 and facing and unbeaten Packer team on Christmas, other than the Packers, the Bears may have been playing the best football in the league. No one feels sorry for teams dealing with injuries, expectations change no matter what team you are when implementing a second strings players, especially at the quarterback position. Haters will hate because they aren’t necessarily football fans, they just like “their” team and everyone else sucks.

  20. tshirttom, you really think martz isn’t the problem? the first game caleb hanie started, they didn’t even try running the ball. he calls passing plays on 4th and 1 knowing he’s got a shaky quarterback. his offense works for cutler, but he refused to adjust it for hanie. that’s also why bringing in another quarterback didn’t make sense. why waste the money when none of them would even learn the offense, let alone work in it? martz football is not chicago football. i can’t wait for him to go.

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