NFLPA remains “baffled” by Colt McCoy situation


A full 10 days after Browns quarterback Colt McCoy returned to action only two plays after suffering a concussion, the NFLPA remains “baffled” by the situation, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter says that the NFLPA doesn’t understand how five distinct groups of people — the Browns’ coaches, the officials, the league observer in the coaching both, Cleveland’s medical and training staff, and McCoy’s teammates — missed the fact that McCoy at least needed a concussions test.  Schefter also said that the union will decide this week whether to file a grievance against the Browns, to publicly criticize the the league, or to call for reforms in the system regarding the diagnosis of concussions during games, with an independent neurologist on the sidelines.

Of course, the NFLPA won’t be limited to one of the three options.  Perhaps the union will do all three.

Regardless, the McCoy situation proves conclusively that the NFL needs to do more when it comes to diagnosing concussions during games.  Jay Glazer of FOX said earlier in the hour that changes could come before the 2011 season ends.

They can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Sadly it’s all about winning. The Browns wanted to beat the Steelers, that came before Colt’s health. Nothing going to change that with as much money the NFL generates.

  2. When you have players saying they will lie to medical staff and coaches to get back on the field, I’m not sure how this will ever be solved. Until players take some responsibility for their health, these situations will continue to happen. Is it acceptable that none of the Athletic Trainers saw the hit? No…one member of the medical staff should always be watching the play. But if McCoy didn’t mention it, or any other player how does the medical staff know to administer the sideline tests? We are well trained, but we aren’t psychic.

    Players need to understand there is a major difference between playing hurt when it’s a leg, knee, ankle, shoulder and when it’s your head and brain.

  3. I don’t care where the fault in this lies, it was absolutely unacceptable to send Colt McCoy back into the game. At this point in the season let’s see what Seneca Wallace has and start the evaluation process for next year.

    The Browns should be ashamed for the total lack of concern they showed for McCoy’s safety. Of course he was was going to say he was OK and could go back in the game. That’s what you want to hear. But exercise some judgment and take care of your players. That way, you don’t have to lie about it.

  4. Baffled?

    It’s quite simple: They do not take it seriously. The NFL does not require a neurologist to be on the field for a game that leaves players in a similar condition of aged brain damaged boxers.

    Baffled? More like willfully ignorant. Maybe when a player dies in season or in a game they will care. But don’t count on it, they don’t care at all.

  5. Did the union put together a plan to mitigate concussions? Did the union place an “impartial observer” at each game? Fund studies? Lobby for better equipment, or better yet, require their membership to actually wear the safety equipment available? No? What the Browns apparently did is despicable but it seems a bit hypocritical for the union to start complaining about a situation their inaction helped create. Players will always want to get back on the field and when it comes to injuries they will stay out of each other’s business. The players are just as responsible for this kind of situation as the league as a whole is.

  6. If the NFLPA is so worried about players safety, why haven’t they allowed the HGH testing, or whatever the newest PED that comes along is? Sure sounds like double talking to me.

  7. Players start to lie to medical staff and coaches in high school when they suffer injuries that might keep them out of a game. Its in their DNA. Nobody wants to come out of a game and can convince themselves that they can get it fixed later.

    This is why it is so critical for the NFL to have a system in place that supersedes the judgement of of the player and the authority of the coaching staff.

  8. I don’t know why they rushed him in in the first place Wallace had them driving. They should’ve waited til the next drive to put him in and just stayed with the spark that Wallace had given them. Once McCoy came in they stalled again.

  9. Sure players lie, but a concussion test should eliminate the lie. If you’ve had a concussion, then you know the fogginess that goes along with it and try as you might, you will not be able to answer all the questions appropriately or in the right manner. The “manner” in which you answer is even more important. You may know where you are, but what are your eyes and body language saying? A good test administered by a qualified doctor or even trainer would have kept McCoy from going back on the field. It’s that simple. The Browns as an organization failed as poorly as James Harrison failed to get the point of his suspension.

  10. I always think of the Eagles Stewart Bradley going back in the game with a consussion last year and “floating around” with no idea of where he was. It was sad to watch. There needs to be independent doctors available.

  11. NFLPA is a bunch of hypocrites. They have fought virtually all safety measures the league has put into place over the years. They even assist players to appeal illegal dangerous hits. They even appeal things like Suh’s stomping incident. The NFLPA needs to encourage the NFL to heavily fine or suspend players for actions that endanger other players. Otherwise, they need to shut the f up!!

  12. NFLPA – Get in line. We’re all baffled by what the Browns are doing these days.

    I know… It’s a “process” that none of us fans can understand.

  13. FlavorDave,

    What’s worse about that is the Eagles medical staff was awarded for being the best staff! I guess they forgot about putting a concussed player back in the game!

  14. Schulzey,
    Chris Carter admitted he practiced how to pass a concussion exam on the field so he could get back in. Short of having computers and ImPact tests on the sideline, it is going to be hard to come up with an objective sideline test. And sometimes concussion symptoms do not show right away. You can’t take every player that gets hit in the head out for 15 minute observation….you’d have no one left on the field!

    I agree it needs to be addressed. But I’m just not sure how this will be improved without the players buying in.

  15. Dress all players in the inflatable fat man sumo suits with inflatable helmets… That would cut down on concussions and be entertaining lol.

    Seriously, when players stop telling lies about how they actually feel, progress will be made. When the medical staff reached McCoy he complained about his hand, and that is what they started looking at. Symptoms from concussions can take hours or even days to surface. If they held everyone back that could potentially have a concussion they might not have enough players to finish a game.

  16. Some teams in the league error on the side of caution, even if they say concussion like systems, they don’t throw a player back in the game. The Browns need to be fined big for this to send a message.

  17. This situation with McCoy simply proves that each team needs an independent neurologist appointed to each team’s sidelines for every game.

    Regardless of the league’s philosophy that the team can handle it, they cannot.

    That new $3BILLION TV contract should give the league enough spare change to afford for some safety precautions.

  18. Yeah, the league pretends safety is an issue when they suspend Harrison. Yet, not a single Browns coaching staff or management was fined for such obvious negligence.

  19. So how does the God-del and his henchman handle all this? This is not the first time Cleveland has been pointed at for how they handled safety and health issues. Maybe they will suspend them for the last two games, that seems fair. Totally to much inconsidency in how all these issues are handled by the league.

  20. trbowman says:
    Dec 18, 2011 12:37 PM
    Tiki is flabbergasted about the situation himself

    7thlombardiontheway says:
    Dec 18, 2011 3:00 PM
    Tiki is flabbergasted about this

    upperdecker19 says:
    Dec 18, 2011 1:04 PM
    Baffled, yet not flabbergasted, about McCoy being in a state of discombobulation.


    I got money on the fact that these are white people running jokes into the ground 4 months after the fact. This is no longer funny -as if it ever where…Not being racist, just stating that you fake comedians need a new schtick.

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  21. d3murf says:
    Dec 18, 2011 3:48 PM
    I got money on the fact that these are white people running jokes into the ground 4 months after the fact. This is no longer funny -as if it ever where…Not being racist, just stating that you fake comedians need a new schtick.

    So give this post a thumbs down if you’re lame, white and commenting on here makes you feel cool, even though you are certified corny.
    Complaining about lame jokes does not make you a racist. The rest of your comment does. Your last sentence makes you an insecure imbecile as well. If you are afraid of the thumbs down count getting out of hand, do us all a favor and just stop commenting.

  22. This wasn’t about Colt McCoy “lying”. Polamalu said he was fine too, but the Steelers didn’t put him back in the game. This is about the Browns medical staff being as incompetent as the coaching staff normally is. They could have put an end to the situation immediately as could Shurmer. They didn’t bother. That’s the issue.

    When coaches and trainers do the right thing, as the Steelers did, then this issue will go away.

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