Raheem: Bucs didn’t “die on us” like last week


At this point in the Bucs season, coaches and players are searching for anything positive to hang on to.

Bucs coach Raheem Morris appreciated that his team didn’t give up after halftime on Saturday night.

“Fortunately, for us, the team didn’t die on us like last week,” Morris said after the game, via the Tampa Tribune. “They fought back, they came back in the second half, they didn’t surrender, but they’ve got to come out faster.”

They didn’t die, but they only put together one scoring drive on offense. The Cowboys offense got more conservative with a 28-0 lead at halftime, and they were happy to run out the clock.  For example, the final score of 31-15 would have been worse if the Cowboys didn’t kneel inside the five-yard line to end the game.

It feels like we’re piling on the Bucs, but it’s just disarming to see how far this team has fallen. They are one of the very worst teams in football.  At one point Saturday night, the Cowboys had 23 first downs and the Bucs had one.

Morris will be entering the last year of his contract next year. Last night’s effort didn’t do anything to cool the hot seat he’s on in Tampa.

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  1. we’ve got a bunch of college players trying to compete against GROWN MEN and Freeman stinks this year

    CHEAP Glazer Family too

  2. Reasons the Bucs are now the Sucs:

    -Bottom 5 payroll over the last decade
    -Head coach who has never been a head coach at any level
    -Head coach younger than some starters
    -GM who has never been a GM
    -Poor management decisions- Pay Michael Clayton and Quincy Black 25 mill each- release Caddy and Barret Rudd for up and coming “upgrades”
    -ZERO free agency participation aside from a punter (could have had Reggie Bush, Sproles, Nnamdi….)
    -The Glazers- they have managed to run the Bucs AND Manchester United into the ground. One of their first ownership moves was to sell the best player in the soccer world….

  3. No fall has been as unexpected and inexplicable as the Eagles this year. They came in loaded (except at LB and safety, as usual) and underwhelmed everyone.

  4. Terrible team, terrible coaching. Pathetic. Down 2 scores with 3 or 4 minutes left and not even trying to hurry up or even score. QB did nothing except check down even with time running out. And listening to those butt-kissers on NFL network talking about what a great coach Morris is. Unreal how bad some of these coaches and teams in the NFL are

  5. Morris you have to go. Too bad 15 years ago you didn’t take that job as a phys. ed. teacher, but then you would have embarrassed our profession as well. Maybe a high school team would appreciate your “talents”. And reading skins99 comments above, I agree. The only parity in this league, is the mediocrity of coaching. All of the good coaches are now t.v. analysts.

  6. Raheem Morris is not a good coach right now. He has no idea how to hold the players accountable. He has survived on bravado and being the players’ best friend. Maybe he just isn’t ready or maybe he just doesn’t have the ability. His actions and comments send the wrong message to the players and the fans and undermine his effectiveness.

    There is no way the team can flourish as long as he remains in Tampa. Hiring a new DC won’t work because the players will just run to their buddy to overrule the decisions. Keeping him as DC and hiring a new HC will have similar results. The Bucs would best be served by moving on from Morris completely.

    He may turn into a decent coordinator or coach in the future but right now he is a liability to the franchise.

  7. .

    Bucs should have hired Urban Meyer. He would have re-energized the entire franchise. Although he does not have pro experience, he’s spent time in camps with teams like the Patriots. He has a track record of success.


  8. I was I was filthy rich so I could own 2 sports enities and just be CHEAP and aggravate a fanbase with blind pride and say nothing at all. I would sit at my computer and laugh all day at their messageboard anger and drink and a glass of scotch.

  9. “Fortunately, for us, the team didn’t die on us like last week,…” “They fought back, they came back in the second half, they didn’t surrender, but they’ve got to come out faster.”
    I get it. For Morris it is “they” when things are bad on the field and “we” when things are going well.

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