Seahawks cling to playoff hopes, stick a fork in the Bears

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It would have sounded crazy to say this a couple weeks ago, but the Seahawks are in better position than the Bears in the NFC playoff race.

The Bears were the victims of a 38-14 beatdown today in Chicago, and with no Jay Cutler and no Matt Forte, we can forget about their hopes of winning an NFC wild card berth. But the Seahawks, who took it to the Bears in the second half, are now 7-7 and not totally out of the playoff race.

Granted, the Seahawks would need help in the form of the Lions falling apart if they’re going to surprise everyone and get into the postseason. But the way Seattle has looked in recent weeks, no NFC division winner would want the Seahawks coming to town in January.

For the Bears, who are also 7-7, it’s a shame that Cutler’s injury effectively ended a promising season. Caleb Hanie was terrible again, going 10 of 23 for 111 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions, and after Hanie left Josh McCown briefly came in and lasted just long enough to go 1-for-2 for 12 yards and an interception. The 1985 Bears might not have been able to get to the playoffs with Caleb Hanie at quarterback. For the 2011 Bears, they’re not mathematically eliminated, but their realistic playoff hopes ended the day Cutler suffered a broken thumb.

Now the question is whether Seattle can get enough help to get into the playoffs. If they do, they’re going to be a tough team to beat.

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  1. Fire Lovie Smith. Yea he lost his two best players. But he has done nothing to replace them. Losing to horrible teams like KC, Den, Oak, now Sea. Hanie is horrible.

    Smith is as much to blame as Hanie is.

  2. I want a formal apology from every sports analyst or journalist that had anything bad to say about Jay Culter’s body language or toughness over the last 2 seasons.

    That guy got THIS roster to a NFC Championship game last year and was on his way to doing it again before breaking his thumb. Forget Rodgers, Brees, or Manning, Jay Cutler may seriously be the MVP of the league.

  3. “Losing to horrible teams like KC, Den, Oak, now Sea.”

    Um, I’d argue that your Bears are the horrible team.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  4. “Fire Lovie Smith. Yea he lost his two best players. But he has done nothing to replace them. Losing to horrible teams like KC, Den, Oak, now Sea. Hanie is horrible.

    Smith is as much to blame as Hanie is.”

    Kinda hard to replace them in the middle of the season. Was there really anyone available who would suck less than Hanie? No. McNabb likely would have made Hanie look good. They tried to get Orton. Not much else you can do.

  5. Seattle a “horrible” team, bearsrule? We definitely would have seen a different game with Cutler and Hanie healthy, but how about a Seattle team that lost both starting CBs, 3 offensive lineman, and is now 5-1 over their last six games?

    Seattle has playmakers on defense (Browner, Chancellor, KJ Wright, Red Bryant, Clemons) and offense. The Bears did a good job containing Lynch, but he still had 2 TDs and the passing game kept the chains moving. Golden Tate has really stepped it up, and Jackson bounced back very well after giving up the early sack/strip for a TD.

    They may not make the playoffs, but between the Niners, Seattle, and Arizona, the NFC West isn’t the worst division in football anymore. Cards and ‘Hawks are 10-2 in their last 12 combined games.

  6. Lovie Smith doesn’t take the blame here. Jerry Angelo does, for believing an undrafted free agent at QB was an adequate backup for Cutler despite Mike Martz telling him that the guy doesn’t come close to fitting his offense.

    Jerry Angelo needs to “retire” like the reports said.

  7. buzzbissinger says: Dec 18, 2011 4:38 PM

    Um, I’d argue that your Bears are the horrible team.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    No doubt they’re awful right now. There’s also little doubt that they would be at the very least 10-4 right now with Cutler and Forte playing.

  8. Bears did their homework against Lynch. Fortunately that wasn’t enough.

    Hawks probably won’t make the playoffs, but having started out 2-6, it’s the best turnaround in the NFL…

  9. if this disgusting display of offense does not prove to lovie smith and everyone else in the nfl that martz and his greatest show on turf no longer works in the nfl then nothing will. in this day and age of football you can’t handicap your qb the way he does. yes I know it was hanie at qb but tom brady would not able to win when he gets to the line and sees the play called will not work with the defense he is facing and he can’t do anything about it. in the second half seattle made adj. to what the bears were doing and once again martz did not. they were bringing everbody at hanie and he still was calling 7 step drops. they should fire him as soon as possible.

  10. Fantastic win, and adjustments at half by PC. Shame had to listen to Tim Ryan come up with every excuse for Bears. They got a beat down all over the field, and even on their vaunted defense.
    Tiebreaker now vs Giants and Bears. Two divisional games, so not there yet. Also need the Lions to go 1 and 2… but future looks good. Solid defense and Jackson gets a little better every game.

  11. Not every team can have a capable backup. That is the fact of life. When your top RB says he won’t play until he is ready, that says a lot about the team right now.

  12. Not sure you can blame Lovie considering he lost his two best players, and he isn’t the final decision maker on personell decisions. Blame the GM for not having adequate back-ups and doing something in free agency. They should have picked up McNabb (he’s bad now, but can’t be as bad as Hanie and McClown)

  13. Dump that whole Bears front office and rebuild the coaching staff! They’re all totally inept and should be dumped! The Pack won a Superbowl last year with 15 GUYS on IR. Injuries are part of the game. Bears management group is a bunch of knuckleheads.

  14. Dear Santa…

    Forte needs a contract.
    Cutler needs an OL.
    Roy Williams needs a pink slip.
    Sam Hurd needs a lawyer.
    And Bears fans need a shiny new coach and GM.

    Throw in a ton of pain pills for Knox (thoughts are with you, man) and we’ll be all set for next season.

    Go Bears!

  15. I do get tired of fans complaining about injuries, but I can imagine where Seattle would be without Tavaris Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. It is hard to believe that I am actually wondering where this team would be without Tavaris. I have never been a hater but always thought he was just marking time until Seattle drafted one of the top quarterbacks in this draft. Seattle will not draft a quarterback in the first round this year.

  16. Let me say this, folks!

    For every die-hard ‘Hawks fan watching today this was more than just a regular season game today.

    This was RETRIBUTION Sunday!

    And had I been at Soldier Field today I would have held up a huge signed that read:

    “ATTN: Tim Ruskell, This Is How You Build A Franchise! This Is How It’s Done! What You’ve Managed to Destroy in 3 Yrs., Pete and John Have Rebuilt In 1 and 1/2! Now I Warn You, What You Are About to Witness Is the Result of GOOD DRAFTING and Actual TALENTED FA SIGNINGS! Stop-Gaps, no more!”

    Yours Truly,
    Seahawk Nation

    Remember, Bears fans? I told you all this would happen! And I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasnt LMAO, because Tim Ruskell will nickel and dime that franchise to mediocrity just like he did with us!

    This is payback, Timmy!

    So, yes, today was RETRIBUTION Sunday and all of Seahawk nation enjoyed every bit of it!

    I feel for you, Chicago, cuz with Timmy Ruskell in your front office, it’s gon be a lonnng gloomy winter!


  17. I think the Steelers @ home tomorrow nite is going to be a cakewalk in comparison to @ Seattle next week. Next year the NFC West just might be the best division in the NFL.

  18. Thank you, cliffordco5!!! TJack has been overlooked, but I think he deserves some credit. He’s a capable QB, and will get better. Maybe Pete & Co. knew what they were doing all along?
    He has all the tools, and given the opportunity might develope into a decent QB. Amazing what having someone believe in you can do for one’s confidence!

  19. In the beginning I was totally against bringing Tarvaris in here. I hated it!

    But I admit, this guy has played his ass off! Injured and all, he goes out there and toughs it out! I definitely respect this Tarvaris Jackson more than the Tarvaris Jackson I perceived in Minnesota.

    That being said, I think he’s still missing that passer’s edge, that savvy, that cunning, or whatever you want to call it, that enables a QB to completely dissect a defense.

    It’s what Matt had with us when he had a competent O-line protecting him.

    It’s awareness, instincts, and flat-out solid decision-making in tight situations that Tarvaris doesn’t quite have consistently yet.

    And I say if we have an opportunity get that in this upcoming draft then we should.

    Realistically, I say we out-won our shot at RG3, Luck, and maybe even Matt Barkley.

    But we should be in good position in the mid 1st or 2nd rd to take the guy who I believe will be a sleeper, in Russell Wilson.

    He may not have prototypical NFL QB size, but watching him orchestrate an offense you can see he has those QB qualities, and the guy can throw!

    And I believe if we decide to bank on Tarvaris longterm, Wilson would be the ideal complement because what Tarvaris lacks, Wilson seems to have. And vice-versa.

  20. …….and on the back of that sign would have read:

    “Dear Timmy,

    In case you were wondering while gazing from across the sideline why you don’t see #59, the 4th overall “prize” pick of the ’09 Draft, he’s been shipped to Oakland and replaced by #50, the guy you keep seeing actually make the tackle!

    Oh….and also Kelly Jennings isn’t here anymore either–he’s in Cincy. And neither is Chris Spencer, but I’m sure you already know that….hmmm, that’s funny…..what do all these guys have in common?

    That’s right! All 1st round busts!

    Mannn, I wonder who drafted those guys?

    Oh, wait…..”

    Letting By-gones Be By-gones,
    Seahawk Nation

  21. Fire Lovie and Mad Mike. STL will be thrilled to take them. This is what you get when your ownership will not/cannot provide quality backup players. Bears cannot run, cannot pass. What is left?

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