Watch Ravens-Chargers, chat with Florio

The Broncos and Raiders have done their part by losing.

The Chargers can stay alive for another week in the AFC West race (not to mention the Wild Card) if they can win on Sunday night.

It won’t be easy: San Diego’s shaky offensive line has to hold up against the Ravens blitz schemes.

Watch the game on SNF Extra and chat with Florio.

25 responses to “Watch Ravens-Chargers, chat with Florio

  1. Mike, I haven’t been able to view your weekday show or the SNF for the last week. I updated Silverlight to latest version on my Mac Mini (OS 10.6.8) and your shows nor SNF are not playing after loading on either FireFox or Safari. What is the problem here?

  2. steelcitymasterrace says: Dec 18, 2011 9:43 PM

    The Ravens are, who we thought they are


    The team who beat Pittsburgh twice?

  3. The top AFC teams are all so incredibly flawed. Do any of them scare the Packers or the Saints?

    New England is essentially the AFC version of the Packers but not as good.

    Baltimore can’t win on the road. And Flacco is not good.

    Pittsburgh’s offense runs hot and cold, and Roethlisburger’s health is an issue.

    Houston’s offense is starting to sputter without Schaub and Johnson.

    Denver…uh…apparently God doesn’t like the Broncos anymore.

    The Jets? I don’t think so.

    San Diego loos like the class of the conference right now.

  4. For a fine and possible suspension update: T. Suggs was penalized in tonight’s game for Unnecessary Roughness – a blow to the head. Any chance that he will be fined for this?

    I should point out he has been fined $15K this year for punching a player (Jerome Simpson-Bengals) and also $7.5K for a facemask penalty earlier this season – a flagrant facemask penalty – so this could be significant. Since he clearly has a reputation as a mean player and possibly a “repeat offender” will there be any additional scrutiny by the league on this blow to the head in tonight’s game?

    Does anyone in the media feel it deserves such scrutiny?

  5. Well at least flacco wont have to complain about tebow coverage! He’ll be plastered all over espn & nfl network..God is he terrible!

  6. Andre’s Johnson says:
    Dec 18, 2011 10:28 PM
    The top AFC teams are all so incredibly flawed. Do any of them scare the Packers or the Saints?

    The Chiefs sure do.

  7. P.S. @AndresJohnson

    Like the NFC teams aren’t flawed?

    Packers — defense like a leaky sewer pipe.

    New Orleans — ditto.

    Roethlisberger’s health is always an “issue” and he always comes through. The Steelers are the best balanced team in the AFC, offense and defense. Doesn’t guarantee anything, but we’ll see come playoff time.

  8. steelcurtainn – it’s also no surprise when the squealer trolls have nothing better to do than post in Raven-related stories….go get back to your Wal-Mart post and get a life losers!

  9. @golonger…wont happen. You’ll get to watch a real QB & exactly what a super bowl team really looks like tonight…balls sooo hard…off your chin sucka!

  10. lilevil74 says: Dec 18, 2011 11:00 PM

    Baltimore needs to fire whoever is calling these horrible plays. When you are down 31-7, you don’t run 4 yard dump offs. Ignorance is bliss!


    There is a reason Flaccid is known as “Captain Checkdown”.

  11. steelersownyou – yes, i will see a potential SB team….and it ain’t the Squealers!!!!! get back to your loser job at the Wal-Mart electronics counter…..hey, at least you get to watch TV all day! LOL

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