Aqib Talib’s season is over

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The Bucs decided to keep cornerback Aqib Talib on the team this year despite his latest and most serious run-in with the law.

He put together a good, but not great season. And now his season is over. The team placed Talib on injured reserve Monday with a hamstring injury, Raheem Morris revealed on his radio show via

Talib is set for a trial in March of 2012 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He’s under contract through 2012, but we wonder if Talib could be on his way out in Tampa.

Raheem Morris reportedly had to convince the front office to keep Talib last summer. Morris has taken some criticism for that move since, even from his own players.

If Morris is shown the door, perhaps Talib will be let go as well.

8 responses to “Aqib Talib’s season is over

  1. So a team that is still rebuilding has bad year and everyone says fire the coach?

    Teams need to be smarter and give these coaches more time.

    In this case Morris will be fired in reality because they had a good year last year. Considering its only year 2 for him and only after this offseason will the team have the full squad that fits what Morris does, id say atleast one more year.

    I remember when coaches were given atleast 3-4 years to turn a team around

  2. He tried to be their friend and now he wants respect through discipline. You really can’t be friends with your employees. The Glazer’s should know that.
    The team has shut it down.
    Let’s just hope that they are both gone and we can draft a great corner!

  3. Why are multiple people saying two years in terms of Morris being Head Coach, was 2009 so bad that people have erased it from their minds.
    2 years out of 3 with 4 or less wins, while the team shows zero development is enough to fire the guy.
    Infact the entire team seems to regress the longer he’s in charge.

  4. Add to the fact that attendance is down in Tampa, the fact that no Buc is mentioned to play in the Pro Bowl, even the dumbest fan realizes the recent draft picks have not panned out….the list is long. Both raheem and his boss Dominik must move one.

  5. It’s just a shame Talib was let on the field in the first place. Just another case of the NFL turning the other way to criminals if they have some talent.

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