Hines Ward shows up in Dark Knight Rises trailer

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Last summer, several members of the Steelers — along with former Steelers coach Bill Cowher — portrayed the Gotham City Rogues in The Dark Knight Rises, during scenes shot at Heinz Field.

The new trailer for the film contains a snippet from one of the scenes, an eye-popping special-effects visual featuring Hines Ward running down the field and his pursuers eventually being taken out by something other than blockers.  (But they definitely had “concussion-like symptoms” afterward.)

It looks pretty realistic.  Except for the fact that Hines Ward was outrunning anyone.

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  1. Stop hatin’ on my mans Hines. Though he isn’t nearly as productive as in previous years, it’s his leadership that the team appreciates.

    GL tonight Steelers!

  2. More amazing? The mayor of Pittsburgh (Mayor Opie, er, Ravenstahl) is a kicker in the movie and he’s in the trailer (briefly), too.

  3. I know the geeks who run this site are very bias against the Steelers but Hines is a class act and a future Hall of Famer! Like it or not

  4. Hey he outran deangelo hall 3-4 years ago for a 74 yard td with one shoe on!

    And he never had speed, so dont say he’s lost a step now…

  5. The pursuers weren’t giving full effort because they knew that if they caught up to him they’d probably get a cheap shot elbow to the mouth.

  6. Love the reference to Hines not outrunning anyone. Coach Tomlin and staff have recognized that the men Hines tutored have passed him buy and he serves a diminished, yet important role. Contrast to the Ravens were everyone can see that Ray Lewis has lost more than a step and can’t wrap up tackles he used to make with one arm yet insists on playing. Coach Harbaugh either can’t see what millions see on their HD TVs or he doesn’t know how to handle a player in decline. You keep on running , Hines!

  7. Oh come on! You’re working way too hard to prove you’re not a Steelers fan. Why don’t you focus on what’s important?

    The new Dark Knight movie is almost here!!!!!

  8. This news is sooo 3 days ago, but I hafta admit I was hoping that was going to catch him and he was gonna fall in. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you prolly shouldn’t comment on it.

  9. earthtopft says: Dec 19, 2011 3:11 PM

    The pursuers weren’t giving full effort because they knew that if they caught up to him they’d probably get a cheap shot elbow to the mouth.

    Comment of the day! A++++++

  10. Not since Burt Ward has so distinguished a Ward been a part of the Batman franchise.

    But I wonder, are criminals truly a superstitious Cowher-dly lot?

  11. “Hines Ward is Steeler ring of fame player only. Hall? No.”

    Go back to posting for your Redskins or Cowboys. Know this about the Steelers. They don’t retire player’s numbers. They have no “ring of fame.” No cheerleaders. No one running onto the field with flags after a score. No fireworks. No band. It’s just Steelers football and it is very satisfying to real football fans.

    Hines will move on. And like Stallworth (82) and Swan (88), when that time comes we will see a new 86 wearing the black and gold. And while he can’t join a Steelers Ring of Honor, he will join the Steelers Wing in Canton.

  12. I’m pretty sure Hines himself was the one that said all this criticism about him losing speed is ridiculous because he never had any to begin with.

    Speed can be overrated. Who would you rather have crossing the middle into traffic with the game on the line: Ward or Desean Jackson?

  13. I love a wide receiver who remembers that he’s actually playing a game called FOOTBALL, which means blocking people and slamming into people, not just looking pretty and running fast. (Not that Ward ever had a choice about the “running fast” part.)

    As for the Batman trailer, it’s amazing how such a long video can contain so little information. Heck, we knew the movie would look like that before they ever started filming.

  14. The trailer kind of leaves you wondering…did they count the touchdown? With all these new rules the refs are probably STILL reviewing it.

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