Louis Delmas has surgery to repair MCL sprain

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Lions safety Louis Delmas has missed the team’s last three games with a Grade 2 MCL sprain.  The injury typically heals with rest.  Delmas, however, has undergone arthroscopic surgery to repair the injury.

According to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News, coach Jim Schwartz downplayed the situation.

“I guess you could say he’s day to day,” Schwartz said.  “You could call it a minor scope on his knee. Barring anything that comes out of this game, we don’t have anybody that’s more than day to day.”

With the Lions closing in on a playoff berth, it could make more sense to give Delmas the next two weeks off, in order to ensure that he’ll be ready for the postseason.

Delmas suffered the injury on Thanksgiving against the Packers.

11 responses to “Louis Delmas has surgery to repair MCL sprain

  1. Amazing that Delmas would get injured against the Cowboys when the rest of the Lions played against Green Bay. Moron.

  2. Not sure why if they were going to scope it instead of just rest that they waited 3 weeks??? should have done it within the first week and he would be ready to go….

  3. Few guys in the league has his tenacity. Sure he taunts, in a football way. Not a selfish guy at all. Sucks to see him out. See you in the playoffs Delmas.(hopefully)

  4. Lions are going to lose their last 2 games and miss the post season, so what they do with Delmas doesn’t matter. Believe me, I’ve been a Lions fan for 50 years and I know exactly how this season is going to end.

  5. @danphxariz: If you aren’t a believer, especially after yesterday’s game in Oakland, then you aren’t a Lions fan.

    Other than that …
    I agree with using the next couple of weeks to make sure Delmas is fully recovered. Looking forward to your return to the Lions in just in time for the tournament!

    I would love to see us play SF in the playoffs. That would be fun!

    And one last thought … yeah Mike F made an error in his text that he had to correct, but calling the guy a “moron” for an easy mistake is a bit harsh. Sometimes when you’re writing and whipping out content as fast as you can, there will be errors. It’s just a sports blog. It’s not like that’s a mistake that killed someone. Take a chill pill.

  6. @jimmy – we’ll see. I’ve got way too much history as a Lions fan to take what you said personally, but I hope I’m wrong. It’s just that there’s one thing that’s been completely consistent over my lifetime, and that’s that the Lions will always let you down in the end. Hopefully they’ll make the Super Bowl (and win) before I leave this earth – and when/if they do I’ll do whatever it takes to be there on the 50 yard line cheering them on. Like I said, I hope they prove me wrong, but it’s hard to be a believer in the Lions until they really prove it and do it, and not just get hopes up again only the smash them in the end.

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