Report: Roethlisberger expected to start Monday night


Steelers-49ers already felt like a big game.

It feels even bigger after Baltimore’s loss on Sunday night. The Steelers now have a great chance to be the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and it sounds like they’ll have their franchise quarterback behind center for the game.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Ben Roethlisberger is fully expected to start after showing enough progress in practice Saturday.

“He’s good enough to go,” a source told Dulac.

Florio reported earlier Sunday that the Ravens’ result could play a role in Big Ben’s status. With a playoff bye now on the line, it sounds safe to expect Roethlisberger will be out there against San Francisco.

56 responses to “Report: Roethlisberger expected to start Monday night

  1. Ben will be lowered into the huddle on a stretcher from a hovering air ambulance. Inert and seemingly lifeless. Until after some minutes he slowly raises a hand, then the other hand, then bravely tries to struggle to his feet, while divesting himself of the styrofoam body case encasing his entire body.

  2. I just knew my hero would be there on Monday Night. Is anyone as great as he is?

    How many players do you know that can break their leg and come back the next week? His middle name is TUFF!

  3. Wont matter who plays at Qb….As long as we have Alice Smith and no weapons we cant score!Allthough our defense is downright nasty it wont matter if we cant score …….Pittsburgh 12 Frisco 3

  4. When they insinuated that whether he starts depends on the Ravens result it was thought of backwards… That if the Ravens won he’d play, not if they lost.

    Its all dumb speculation anyway. Roethlisberger is a soldier.

  5. As a Niner fan I hope the Niners get stomped and exposed..We have a good team for the most part but all these cheap wins are just an excuse for Alice Smith to be brought back…Lets get exposed and move on to Kapernick or someone else,so we dont have to get our hopes up just to have our dreams thrown incomplete by the arm of Alice Smith anymore!

  6. “Hold my crutches, ballboy while I drop back to make this bomb to Mike(Wallace) down the sideline! Ponce, you hold them turkeys off me while I scour the field to find my boy Mike! The rest of you just do your job, OK? On four!” Mike’s down the right side going long. Big Ben spots him and lets loose! ‘ Zing!’ 6 points! As smooth as the other side of the pillow! (Where have we heard that before?) Big Ben will be under center 2nite!!!!

  7. Big Ben and his cast of missfits will take center stage 2night in baytown! Don’t miss it! I know I won’t!!!

  8. Get ready 49er fans..we gettin ready to invade candkestick tonight baby. Here comes the steelers fans! Let’s get this party started…#1 seed here we come! Thanks choke sooo hard university!

  9. Wow, after another wild weekend at the Capital City GA joint with his adoring co-eds, Beanie is ready to show up on MNF.

  10. If PIT is smart, they won’t even try to run; they’ll just use shotgun and deliver fast, just like they did against NE. (Of course this is a somewhat better D.)

  11. Was there ever any doubt? 49ers have been getting ready for him all week long.


    If the Ravens had beaten SD, I don’t think Ben would be playing.

    Now that the Steelers have a realistic shot at the top seed instead of the 5th seed, winning out matters.

  12. OF COURSE Big Ben will play! How could he not with Tim Tebow as his spirtual advisor, and Sam Hurd as his pharmacist!

  13. rca49er says:Dec 19, 2011 2:17 AM

    Big Ben will be stuck in the pocket and imobile…he will be crusched !!!!

    No! Big Ben will be stuck in the pocket and imobile. Quick release offense will kill the 9ners D.

  14. Love it, anyone who watches the Steelers play on a weekly basis knows that Big Ben is tough and will play if he can go and by go, I mean if he can stand upright. I am not proclaiming that he is the toughest playerin the league or anything, but this dday and age alot of players wont play if thier pinky is hurt. Ben plays for his team and as a fan.. no matterrr what our record is .. that is what I respect from a player who is our leader.
    Our offensive line sucks…he gets drilled alot .. he hangs in the pocket rather than throw the ball away or take off runni9ng so he has alot of injuries.. but again.. I respect that about him as well compared to alot of other QBs in this leage.
    FOR this reason is why he has so many injuries, as Steelers fans we understand it and respecct it.. WE know if thier is a chancce of him playing.. HE WILL PLAY. Just because the rest of the media and people who dont follow them is why it makes headlines, but as Steelerrs fans.. THier really wasnt any doubt !!! Should be a goodd game tonight !!!

  15. Not counting unhatched chickens here. Just hoping they get it done … and everyone comes out healthy the other side. And I’m glad Ben’s playing because it’s Monday Night Football. Who wants to the see the backups on MNF? C’mon, man!

  16. This is a big game. It would be bad to blow this opportunity after the Ravans lost. Glad Ben is playing too.

  17. Ben is so heroic….. Especially when he gets 1:1 time with women who dont consent.

    No matter what happens, Ben is scum and steelers fans are scum for supporting him.

    Pittsburgh is the worst

  18. @Deb

    Hey Deb did you notice what an impressive post flushdownmikebrown just put on here.

    And bet your happy about the 5 star player coming you way instead of Auburn!
    Good for you.

  19. I see a lot of douche comments from supposed NFL fans, but saying Roethlisberger milked it means not only that you are stupid, but your parents must have been even dumber. Ankle clearly bends the wrong way, almost grotesquely. He’s carried off the field. He comes back a few plays later with a high ankle sprain, and is coming back the next freakin week. How is that milking it? Or maybe you don’t know what “milking it” means? It’s not what your mother used to do to the mailman.

  20. Why can’t I answer dickroy? Rosenthal spent months telling me to ignore those eejits. It finally sunk in, and now I’m not allowed to say so? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

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