Rex Ryan says Santonio Holmes apologized for celebration penalty


Jets receiver Santonio Holmes had a terrible game in Sunday’s blowout loss to the Eagles. His first-quarter fumble set up Philadelphia’s first touchdown, and a pass bounced out of his hands and into the hands of Philadelphia’s Asante Samuel, setting up the Eagles’ second touchdown.

To top it all off, even when Holmes finally made a good play, he had to do something stupid: He scored a touchdown and promptly picked up a celebration penalty. For that, Holmes has apologized to Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“Well I’ll say this, Santonio and I talk all the time,” Ryan said, via the Star-Ledger. “He apologized for that to me but I’ll say this about Santonio and every other player on this team: They have my 100 percent support and we’re in this thing together.”

Ryan said he accepts the apology and continues to support his players, even though they turned in a terrible effort on Sunday against the Eagles.

“Are we perfect? No. None of us are perfect, but I’m just saying that you wish that thing never happened,” Ryan said. “I don’t think it will happen again, but again, I have his back, he has mine and this whole team is that way. We just have to come out and fight for each other, we know it was a mistake and we’ll learn from it.”

The Jets are running out of time to learn from it: If they play the next two weeks like they played Sunday, they won’t be in the playoffs.

52 responses to “Rex Ryan says Santonio Holmes apologized for celebration penalty

  1. This guy has a lot of talent, but a history of being incredibly selfish. Remember, this is the guy who should have gotten a 15 yard penalty for his celebration with 36 seconds left in the SUPER BOWL, getting Warner 15 yards closer to the Lombardi Trophy. He has shown it is all about him, no matter what is going on in the game.

  2. The New Jersey Jets just getting ready for their Super Bowl push. This will make, what, three in a row for them?

    Great game for Sanchez too yesterday. What a winner.

  3. With Sackchez as QB it really does not matter. SAckchez btw leads the NFL in sacks taken as well as defensive TDs given up.

    The Jets line gets a flack but its all Sackchez. With a decent QB they would be taking no sacks.

  4. and the celebration 15 yard penalty continues to be the stupidest thing that a player can do…..

    they know they are being watched, they can’t afford the yards, and it often motivates the other team…

    so an apology doesn’t cut it…. just having a brain about what you do avoids the whole issue.

  5. Live by the guy you got on the cheap because he was an idiot, die by the guy you got on the cheap because he was an idiot.

  6. Great Captain ! Seems like a lot of stupid going around this team from top down..

    45 points to the Eagles? In the immortal words of one HC in the NFL, Best defense in the NFL ? They can s— his —-

  7. Nice of him to apologize. But he’ll do it again, or some other idiocy. Like the guys on New England ystdy that blocked the extra point, ran it back and did a celebration in the end zone.

  8. Can we get him to stop his 1st down celebration too? Stupidest thing I have ever seen. You’re in the nfl, you just caught a 2 yard slant for a first down and you’re going to show off? Really?

  9. That’s whats wrong with all of society nowadays. No discipline! He should have been benched immediately. What a joke!

  10. I think the Jets are starting to realize why the Steelers were willing to let him go for a 5th round pick

  11. I think the bigger question is why was he celebrating in the first place being down 28-10? Then again this guy celebrated a first down when his team was down 30 points to New England. Mark Sanchez’s girlfriend is more mature than this clown. She’s in AP Chemistry.

  12. Keep crying Jet haters. End of the day we all know you want nothing to do with the Jets come playoff time. Just ask the Pats, Colts, Chargers and Bengals. All heavy favorites playing in their own stadium and all fell to the hands of the NEW YORK JETS.


  13. Last night Takeo Spikes intercepts Flacco and runs it back 50 yards only to have 15 of it taken away for a celebration penalty. It would have been tough but the game was still within reach for the Ravens and the penalty really could’ve cost them. Afterwards not a single coach came over and said anything to him about the penalty, he was only getting high fives.

    These players are selfish idiots, that’s a given. But what the hell’s with these spineless coaches?

  14. 2 straight AFC Championship games

    Man yall are HATERS

    We will be there again just with a different result.

  15. So Stevie Johnson doing the Plaxico and then the Holmes dances was unacceptable according to Holmes, but he scores and does an Eagle impersonation?

    I always love when teams are getting destroyed, and when they finally make a play they get up and celebrate.

  16. He did it with the Buckeyes, he did it with the Steelers, he will continue to do it with the Jets. He won’t change.

  17. Wait, what? You mean somebody on the Jets Celebrates? You don’t say? I mean, from the outcry after the Bills game it sounded like the Jets were a bunch of Nuns. Way to celebrate a crushing defeat, atleast we were winning when Stevie did his.

  18. A few rules for taunting (he wasn’t celebrating. He was doing something to mock the other team, big difference)

    1, don’t be losing by 18 at the time
    2, don’t be losing by 18 because you personally made 2 horrible plays that lead to 14 points for the other team

    That is all

  19. taunting is the most stupid penalty in pro football but any coach has the ability to stop it by making a team rule that doesn’t allow it to occur. they tell them what to do if they score, if they make a 1st down etc. etc.

  20. I’ll tell you who needs to apologize – that Saints player. I can’t remember his name, but his celebration dance was ugly embarrassing. And gay.

  21. Holmes is a wanna-be diva who has pulled that crap his entire collegiate and pro career. If it was someone else and it was the first time they did something stupid and they apologize, you perhaps accept the apology and move on but not with this idiot. He’s did it before and he’ll keep doing it until a really good headcoach sets his azz on the pine and quits “havin’ his back”. No wonder Rexie won’t ever win the big one. How’s the old saying do, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”…….you keep trusting Holmes and “the Sanchiez” Rex and see what it gets you!

  22. realnflmaster says:
    Dec 19, 2011 2:43 PM
    Keep crying Jet haters. End of the day we all know you want nothing to do with the Jets come playoff time. Just ask the Pats, Colts, Chargers and Bengals. All heavy favorites playing in their own stadium and all fell to the hands of the NEW YORK JETS.



  23. Santonio Holmes, veteran WR playing in media-heavy NYC.
    Team is losing 28-3 to the Eagles in the 2nd quarter… scores a TD, gets 15-yard celebration penalty.

    Victor Cruz, 1st-full-season WR playing in media-heavy NYC.
    Team is losing 35-10 to the Saints in the 4th quarter, scores 2 TDs… understands his team is losing badly, calmly flips the ball to the nearest official and quickly leaves the field on both scores.

    Simple case study where the “noob” has figured out how to be a true professional… and the veteran still has not.

  24. Wasn’t this the year that the Jets were going to beat out the Patriots for the AFC East division championship?

    Maybe if Fat Rex worried less about “having the player’s back” and being their friend, he would have a more disciplined team. It seems that someone there is always appologizing for one thing or another.

    Perhaps they should try thinking BEFORE they do something stupid. But why bother? Rex has their back.

  25. Has there ever been a fan base like the people of New Jersey? Who brags about losing in the playoffs two years in a row? You’d think they put up back to back perfect seasons. Seriously, they didn’t even win the conference yet somehow this marks a great season? The good people of New Jersey have their bar set very very low.

  26. PMrealnflmaster says:
    Dec 19, 2011 2:43 PM
    Keep crying Jet haters. End of the day we all know you want nothing to do with the Jets come playoff time. Just ask the Pats, Colts, Chargers and Bengals. All heavy favorites playing in their own stadium and all fell to the hands of the NEW YORK JETS.


    steelerfan999 says: Dec 19, 2011 3:30

    REALLY??? Wow can you do me a favor and read me back last years playoff run for the Jets? Idiot.

  27. The AFC East is full of these clowns. Miami has Reggie Bush, Buffalo has Stevie Johnson and the Jets have Holmes. Maybe that is why New England consistently dominates that division.

  28. Hard to fault Santonio for playing poorly. It’s not easy playing when you’re stoned.

  29. Holmes is a freakin moron. Sorry doesn’t cut it. Your supposed to one of the team leaders and you go into a selfish pre planned gloating touchdown dance when your getting rolled by three touchdowns? Really? What a childish loser.

  30. Rex Ryan’s reaction is the very reason why he will never win a Super Bowl. He cares more about the players ‘having his back, and he there’s’ then he does about disciplining his players when they deservedly should be. Do you think Bill Belechik would ever react with that response! NOT! As an owner, I would not take Rex as a HC if he offered to pay me for him having the job. He fosters ‘me’ players instead of ‘we’ players which is the exact reason his teams cannot win the big one…

  31. what? They are not perfect? But aren’t they on their way to winning a 3rd straight super bowl? hmmmm..

    hey give me a break, it gets old making fun of my team so i have to make fun of others, just to make football interesting//

  32. As a Jets fan, what he did ticked me off. We’re behind, we’re making mistakes, we’re not synching and Santonio made two costly mistakes earlier in the game. He knew full-well he’d get a penality-we saw it happen in the Bills game to Stevie Johnson. He should’ve know better and after already putting our team in a bad position, didn’t help by adding penalty yards.
    Be smart/play smart/act smart.

  33. I’m hoping the Jets make the playoffs, win a road game, and go to New England and make the three-peat official with a prime time spanking on nation-wide television. What a bunch of ultra-maroons.

  34. The Jets have lost power, engines on fire and are screaming vertically towards the ground at 600MPH with Mark Sanchez at the controls listening to Justin Beeber on his Ipod. Go Jets!

  35. Holmes has been dang good. TD’s in 4 straight games. I’ll take him on the team any day. So would any savy NFL fan. Jets have a real good shot to make the playoffs and keep the PFT hate going into January. Steelers loss was big because it’ll keep Baltimore trying hard for the division, which the Jets need when they play Cincy on Jan 1. Miami game is going to be sick. Sea of green and white in shorts and jerseys. Umbrella drinks in the parking lot. First things first. Big Blue staring us in the face. GO JETS!!!!!!!

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