Storm clouds gather around Spagnuolo


The Rams actually outgained the Bengals on Sunday and won the turnover battle, but St. Louis still lost its fifth straight game to drop to 2-12.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch relays that “the increasingly idiotic mob that dogs Sam Bradford” was “frighteningly aroused” by Kellen Clemens’ passable performance.

(And that was a frightening yet awesome use of the English language by Bernie.)

The Clemens appreciation is a sign of true desperation and a new low for this Rams season. It’s like when 49ers fans chanted for David Carr last year.

We’ve speculated about the future of coach Steve Spagnuolo, and signs don’t look promising for him.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network said on Monday that his sources indicate the Rams will “blow things up” after the season. That would mean Spags and Josh McDaniels would be shown the door.

That’s not a surprise. It may not even be “fair.” But times are depressing in St. Louis and owner Stan Kroenke may want to make his own hire after taking a majority share of the team last year. Kroenke will need to sell hope to ticket buyers.

Consider this quote from Spagnuolo:

“I was standing there in the third quarter, so proud of this football team,” Spagnuolo said. “I probably shouldn’t have [thought] that. I might have jinxed myself because there was the swing there where it was a little bit disappointing. . . . There’s a never-say-die, and a fight in this football team. God bless ’em for that.”

We like Spagnuolo. We could see him having success later in his career. But that’s the type of quote you hear from a coach that is on his way out the door.

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    irodex says: Dec 19, 2011 3:43 PM

    If any team hires McDaniels after another mess by him, they deserve to go 0-16.
    If McD is fired, KC will be sure to sign him as an OC with Matt Cassel there…

  2. Why in the world would he have another season? In three of his seasons, this team has won a total of 3 games and blew a chance at the division crown in the other one when the whole division was way down.

    Maybe those reports of him interviewing badly with the Jets and other places were accurate, and he’s simply not cut out to be an HC. Hiring the “big name” in Josh McDaniels instead of probably what his young franchise QB needed in continuity since he performed light years better in the West Coast offense is also another misstep on him.

  3. I didn’t realized it was Spags who jinxed the team last game. He probably deserves to get canned for that. Good of him to own up at least.

  4. Seems fair to me. He’s been there for multiple years and only won 2 games thus far this year. Not exactly what you would call heading in the right direction.

  5. No offense, Rams fans, but I’ve been praying for Spagnuolo’s firing for a while now. He may have flopped as HC, but he’s proven to be a great DC and re-uniting him with Mike Waufle in Oakland is my greatest wish right now.

  6. Why is there a constant undercurrent of apologizers for Steve Spagnuolo? He’s 10-38. He’s been given his fair chance.

  7. It’s a shame. I really like Spags and no it isn’t sarcasm. He was brought into a terrible terrible situation. Has a 2nd year qb, tons of injuries and no offensive stability. I don’t think he’s a bad coach at all, but defensive coaches really need a strong supporting cast or an established QB and he has neither. Best of luck to him in the future

  8. Even though the Rams have had a lot of injuries this year, things don’t look good for Spagnuoulo. He should be able to find a coordinator gig pretty easily though.

    I wonder if the Rams will bring back the long-time equipment manager that Spags summarily fired.

  9. vegaskid21 says:
    Dec 19, 2011 3:38 PM
    Sam ” The Bust” Bradford. LOL @ The Rams for giving him 40 Million Gaurenteed

     LOL @ your spelling! I hate the Rams, but Bradford is a talented QB with horrible coaching.

  10. Having 3 different offensive schemes to learn in 3 consecutive years really hinders a QB’s development. How many schemes have Peyton Manning and Tom Brady had to learn?

  11. Spags should have waited for a better opportunity, like the one Harbaugh jumped on! The Rams are the lowest of the low, great for experience, but a sure 3 and out deal.

    The Lams are beyond silenced; they’ve been processed, packaged, and added to a not so tasty stew. I heard Lam is really gamey, but these lams never seem game, ever.

    Almost makes me feel bad for their fans…

  12. if john fox is winning with tebow then spags doesnt really have a justification for not figuring out a way to win with bradford.

  13. No, what should have been done was keeping John Harbaugh as DB coach after Spagnuolo left. Then replace Jim Johnson with Harbaugh. But Reid and Harbaugh both knew Harbaugh was not going to be coach here soon and let him leave. Which was defensible at the time.

    I’d “Godfather” Harbaugh to be coach here if the Ravens lose to PIT again in the playoffs.

  14. Based on talent there should be a hurricane surrounding Leslie Fraizer. Unfortunately, it sounds like his job is safe only because they won’t want to pay 3 H.C. next year.

  15. This is what happens when assistant coachs “want” to be a head coach after a great season. Spags was in Philly under Johnson for years; Giants get rid of Tim Lewis and tap him as DC. Jints win the SB on defense (and Tyree’s famous ‘catch’) after that season all the talk is Spags getting a HC job; He stays one more year then bolts for St. Louis. If he stayed a little longer with NY he could have been the next coach IMHO. I mean we could of had Sean Payton if you think about it. The Giants never say no to teams wanting to talk to Assistant coachs maybe they should rethink that practice in certain situations.

  16. Spags is a good HC. Rational fans understand that mess of a team the previous FO gave them in 2009. Steven Jackson was/is the only legit player on the team. Barely any cap space in 2009 thanks to overpaid and underachieving vets (Bulger), lack of a good FA in 2010, and of course the lockout this offseason. You don’t just blow a team up and in 3 years w/ these circumstances create a playoff team. You just don’t.

    Plus this season the Rams have been killed by injuries. A ton. Both starting OTs. Top 4 CBs. 3 good WRs. Bradford has been hurt pretty much all year. Jackson missed some time. Backups Cadillac and Norwood were hurt. Plus DX, Gibson in the WRs. ANd please don’t mention Seattle…they didn’t lose nearly the magnitude of starters PLUS their depth’s depth. 4 starters (Carlson, Moffitt, Rice, Okung).

  17. ditto ramofsteel. Spags is a good guy who “chose poorly” by taking the Rams job. Waiting another few years would have yielded a better spot with some talent. Bad talent and bad karma make for a fired head coach. For those who have not read Bernie Miklasz, he is one of the smartest, articulate and entertaining writers in sports. No huge ego like the east coast or west coast guys. On second thought, just forget him. He should stay in the midwest where we can appreciate him.

  18. As a Seahawks fan, I enjoyed watching Spagnolo crash and burn as Ram head coach. Nothing personal, it’s just a division rival thing.

    I can only hope the next coach they hire rises to the standard of ineffectiveness established by both Linehan and Spagnolo.

    In the meantime, he’ll have to settle for an enormous salary as someone’s DC. Boo hoo.

  19. Wow if we’re that simple he would make adjustments to the Def in St Louis regardless to lack of talent he assembled Spags is in overhead on all phases of the game. Brutal Business but it’s about. W and well they are both few and far between.
    Spags has regressed as HC and talent evaluator his GM is clueless they both could Be gone sooner then later He had his shot let him go back to the Eagles and/or Giants live the Dream being Def Co.

  20. The word is that Spags has already contacted the Lions’ Jim Schwartz and expressed his interest as defensive coordinator. I think he sees a tremendous opportunity with a very talented group of young athletes. He probably views this as another start to a head coaching position in 2-3 years.

  21. Philly fans make me laugh. They didn’t even know Spags was on their coaching staff until he went to the Giants and won a Super Bowl. Now they are like, come home to Philly! LOL. His home is in NY, where he was discovered and has a championship. My bet is on him choosing NY. Not Philly.

  22. Spags come home to the Meadowlands where you can win a ring again
    Avoid the teams that never will we miss you we need you and think what you can do with JPP the next LT

  23. Assuming Spags is fired, it’s hard to say whether he would go to the Giants or Eagles. Sure he was just in NY, but he started on the Eagles under Jim Johnson, gonna believe he dreamed of being the DC for Philly at that time.

    It’s hard to imagine Spags going right back to the Giants with his tail between his legs. Walking back into Coughlin’s office would be like admitting “Sorry daddy, I thought I was good enough, can I have my old job back?” 😥

    I bet he’d have too much pride to do that. What man wouldn’t? At least in Philly he could kinda start fresh, but in a familiar environment. Besides, Andy is very persuasive.

  24. If the need is an established coach, hire Jeff Fisher or Bill Cowher. Either will come in and be a resonating voice.

    If where looking for up and comers The Rams need to snatch up Mike Mularkey and look at experience DC in the league.

    Maybe take a page out of the Bears, Packers, or Saints and hire a former head coach who specializes in defense.

    I think any of these moves would show instant improvement. But, what do I know.. I’m just some guy who watches football and plays Monday morning quarterback..

  25. He’s as good as gone. What worries me is what the new coaching coming in is going to do. If he blows this team up, there’s no telling how some of us Rams fans are going to react….

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