Elway gives Tebow his strongest endorsement yet

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Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow quietly has been winning over his doubters in recent weeks.  And one of the few remaining naysayers is no longer saying nay.

V.P. of football operations John Elway, a Hall of Fame and two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback with the Broncos, has been cool to the notion of naming Tebow the team’s quarterback of the future.  Even after a one-week detour from Tebowmania, Elway has offered Tebow a nearly unequivocal endorsement.

Tim Tebow’s not going anywhere,” Elway told Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press.  “I mean, he’s going to be a Bronco and we’re going to do everything we can and hopefully he’s that guy.”

Elway also seems to regret his one-word (i.e., no) assessment of whether, after three straight wins and a 4-1 record under Tebow, Elway was any closer to believing that the team had found its long-term answer at quarterback.

“I think that comment was probably a little bit too blunt,” Elway said. “Because I think the big picture with Tim is we’ve got to see the whole body of work.  And so really what you want to see with him is the improvement that’s going to happen over time.

“Because, he’s done what we knew he could do and where we’ve seen his progress is what he does within the pocket.  What we’ve said, and I said it when I first got here, was we know Tim’s a great player and what we’ve got to do is make him a great quarterback, and what I’ve learned is you’ve got to be able to win from within the pocket. . . .

“We want it to happen because of the competitor he is and what type of person he is and how he represents not only himself but represents the Broncos and the city,” Elway added. “People have been watching him, so he’s a draw. But that’s where some time in the offseason [helps] and it comes down to timing and throwing.

“Do I think he’ll get there? Yeah, I do.”

It sounds, then, as if the Broncos are willing to give Tebow a full offseason as the unquestioned starter, with the opportunity to continue to address the flaws in his game as a passer.  And then Elway will assess the situation once again in 2012, based on the extent to which Tebow does — or doesn’t — improve.

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  1. Think the fact that with the teams record, thanks to Tebow, the Broncos won’t be able to draft a franchise quarterback might have had a little to do with Elways sudden love of his quarterback? He probably won’t be able to sign a decent free agent qb either, so he realizes he is more or less stuck with him for at least another year. Maybe I’m just a cynic, maybe not.

  2. i prayed to tebow for a packers win, he didn’t listen. he also got orton kicked out of town so i got the double tebow whammy. it’s all tebows fault… no endorsment here. sarcasm

  3. I don’t see Tebow buying into his own hype like some other QBs whose teams had early success with them at the helm. He will continue to work and get better, it is just a question of how much better he can really get.

  4. The truth is quite simple ….. Tebow completes less than 50% of his passes & his QB rating is in the low 80s …… These numbers along with a stout Bronco defense has Denver fighting for a playoff spot ……

    However, if Tebow can’t improve many of his base numbers over an entire season …… Denver will never be an elite team regardless how strong their defense performs in the future ……

    QBs that can’t complete half their passes in a pass happy NFL usually hold the clipboard or watch the games from home ……

  5. Tebow has earned the right to be the starter going into next year, give him a full offseason with all the camps throwing to his receivers and also the chance to work on his footwork with one of the greatest QB’s of all-time, and then judge him.

    Very overlooked the past few weeks is the fact that the Broncos only run a little bit of the option offense at this point, more and more they’ve grown into a pro style offense and if anything, Tebow has improved in that situation.

  6. Romeo Crennel just smashed the Packers perfect record yet we’re still talking about Tebow? Cracks me up. Of corse the Patriots were gonna beat the Broncos, like anyone didn’t know that?

  7. Let’s see if he wins these last two games and see if he feels the same way… I agree with the fact he’s going to put butts in the seats, but eventually if he never goes deep into or to the playoffs fans will lose their patients. I am a Tebow believer and it’s awesome they arr going to give him a full season to try but then again look how long the wildcat lasted. (Just saying)

  8. “And one of the few remaining naysayers is no longer saying nay.”

    Look at that picture. He’s definitely saying “neigh”.

  9. Elway will not make an emotional decision but one based on what is best for the team. It is the most basic winning formula for winning.

  10. mikebyrne1502: The Broncos aren’t playing anything like a Wildcat offense, in the past 3 weeks they’ve run maybe 5 option snaps, 10-15 snaps of shotgun 5 wide (which all teams run) and then the rest has been pro style 2 TE or I back offense.

    The only difference between what the Broncos are doing and what most NFL teams are doing is that they run about 70% of the time, oh and the fact that they can go spread 5 wide and run a power play with their Quarterback!

  11. Even if Elway wanted to draft a guy like Barkley, Tebow’s played them out of draft position. Not to mention he’s the only QB under contract for next season.

    Of course, there’s always trading up….

    More likely -expect Elway to get Tebow ‘insurance’ by using a second rounder on a guy like say, Landry Jones, if he declares or possibly Brandon Weeden (who, imo, would be a first rounder if not for age).

  12. There is nothing to see here including a true endorsement of Tebow by Elway.

    If you pay attention to what Elway says, all he is saying is that Tebow, who is the only qb under contract next year for the Broncos will be back. He doesnt say they wont draft a qb with their first pick and didnt say Tebow will be starting next year. The only thing Elway stated was the obvious. He didnt say anything that speaks to the long term future of Saint Tim with the Broncos.

  13. John noticed some unusual heart palpitations the other night, and decided to make peace with Tebow. Just in case.

  14. Willis McGahee, Demariyous Thomas, Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Lance Ball, Daniel Fells, Donte Rosario. Go up to any casual football fan and ask them what team they play for! Come on. Before we all bash Tebow lets get him some weapons. Maybe a LaMichael James or a good TE. What did Drew Brees do early in his career with no weapons.

  15. I still need to a lot more from Tebow.

    I mean sure, he did decent throwing the ball against the Patriots but, that secondary let Dan Orlovsky drop 350 yards on it.

  16. Tebow has played well enough to be their starting QB going forward but why anyone thinks Elway has to announce it too the world is beyond me. With a young guy like Tebow you don’t want to just say “you’re doing great you’re the guy” because Tebow needs to think that he needs to do more, to improve his mechanics, etc. Not that Tebow wouldn’t do that anyways but if you think your job is on the line it gives you extra incentive to improve and put in more time. Unfortunately the media and a lot of overly sensitive fans apparently think that Tebow is a little baby and needs the security of hearing nothing but praise from his GM.

  17. If you must get a quarterback, I’ve got a radical idea…see how cheap you can get Vince Young.

    Don’t laugh. Yeah, he’s a bit of a head case, but as long as you’re putting in a spread option in Denver, give Vince the chance to run what worked for him at Texas.

    Like I said, he’s a bit of a head case, so do your due diligence first. Why not give him a shot?

  18. Shouldn’t that be the normal procedure for any QB taken in the lower half of the first round, especially one that was already considered a project? If he said anything other than what he said, one would have to question his front office skills. Seriously. Tebow fans and haters aside, isn’t that the way to go about developing/seeing if he’s the guy that should go with any lower first round pick QB?

  19. The message is still clear – John Elway wants a traditional quarterback who can win games from the pocket. I doubt Elway will ever be satisfied until Tebow becomes that, which I’m not sure will ever happen.

  20. Tim”The Catapult” Tebow needs more than an offseason to fix that goofy slow throwing motion…………..but he is a great guy.

  21. Elway likes Tebow so much now he wants to get one of those little “t” necklaces that Tebow is so fond of wearing.

    It must stand for “Tebow”

    Anyone know where I can get one too?

  22. Enough of Tebow, the guy sucks. Yeah he beat some bad teams but he can only win if his Defense plays lights out..
    Broncos are going to lose against the Bills this week then they will lose against the Cheifs.
    Raiders are winning the West.

  23. It is absolutely impossible for me to believe that there isn’t universal support for the idea that Tim Tebow has earned at least some reasonable portion of the ten years and running which Michael Vick has been given to develop into a capable NFL quarterback. For my money, what Tebow has accomplished in less than a full season under center is nothing short of remarkable, and anyone who doubts this young man’s will to improve and master his craft is a fool!

  24. And all that means what??? Elway’s in management now and his lips are moving. I think we all know what that means.

  25. “Because, he’s done what we knew he could do..”

    If you already knew Tebow could do what he’s done this season, why did it take 9 games in to publicly endorse him..?

  26. “Willis McGahee, Demariyous Thomas, Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Lance Ball, Daniel Fells, Donte Rosario. Go up to any casual football fan and ask them what team they play for! Come on. Before we all bash Tebow lets get him some weapons. Maybe a LaMichael James or a good TE. What did Drew Brees do early in his career with no weapons.”

    This drives me nuts. Not to single you out but I’m tired of people saying it.

    Tebow’s supporting cast is fine. More than fine, really

    His line is playing like one of the best in football.

    His WRs are fine. Thomas has always been a superb talent, just wasn’t healthy. Reason he was a first rounder. Decker’s a stud.

    LaMichael James? They’ve already got Lance Ball who does exactly what James would do.

    Speaking of Oregon backs, they’d do well to get Jeremiah Johnson more involved.

  27. I see a lot of bitching and moaning in Bronco nation in the coming years, as NFL teams revert back to college defenses when they play the Broncos and swallow Tebow up. Two years under center and Tebow will be Brady Quinned.

  28. Everyone needs to wait and see before rushing to judgement on tebow. All the supporters need to calm down, as he still has lots of room for improvement, and all the haters need to watch what he has done lately, which is steadily improve his passing. The Broncos were giving the Patriots all they could handle until turnovers, that were not typical of the Broncos over the previous weeks, derailed them.

  29. Denver played the same trick with Orton earlier this year. “He’s our guy” while they actively shopped him. Elway is just priming the pump so Denver gets better offers for Tebow.

    Pack your bags, Timmy. Youre coming home. Jaguars swap first round picks with Denver and offer up a second or third.

    Denver picks Matt Barkley from USC and Elway has his pro-style QB to mold in his own image.

  30. Normally I would be real disrespectful to Tebow and anything Donkey/bronco.

    I finally came to the realization that the Raiders are their own worst enemy. Until the Raiders stop beating themselves Im not going waste my time hating AFC west rivals.

    #NewYearsResolution…probably wont last long.

  31. Why the f— don’t some of you commenters know the tebowdamn difference between “to,” “too,” and “two”…?

    Some of you are either nine years old or need to invest in some continuing ed.

    Over/under on number of Elway teeth: 49.5.

  32. Great! Now what am I going to do with all these “Brady Quinn Mania” t-shirts I had made up back when Orton got benched?

  33. If you wanna kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. On your knees boy…

    It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right. He’s the way, he turned the tide, he brought faith to Mile High…

    It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, he moves in mysterious ways. It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, he makes my day, and he brings us alive.

  34. I don’t think there is anyone who doubts that Tebow will work as hard as he can to be as good as he can, but he is just not cut out to be even a good mid-level NFL quarterback – he just doesn’t have it. A running around QB is someday going to get bashed and that’s all.

    Elway is quoted as having said about him – “Do I think he’ll get there? Yeah I do.”

    Q: Given the fact that they traded away Orton and the next QB is Brady Quinn – what else could he say?

  35. Did I hear Elway say that Tebow is our QB moving forward? I don’t think so. He was very careful and measured in in words. Keeping him around doesn’t mean he’s your guy.

    Elway knows that after completely retooling the team to fit Tebow’s strengths, means the destruction of all conventional pieces he was trying to build. Tebow’s failure will set the franchise back a decade because of all the personnel and scheme changes necessary.

    Even if he wins, the transition from Tebow back to a “normal offense” will take years after he’s gone.

  36. Donks loose out and miss playoffs. The question will be was this a more epic collapse then 2007?

    Answer: Probably not.

    But Tebow will make it a little more enjoyable.

  37. Does anyone realize this is Tim tebow’s rookie year, and he didn’t have full training camp? He has no super star wr and rb, and he still won games. Of course give the def alot of credit. If he went to jags, at least he would of had mjd. Call his winnings miracle, luck, or fluke, but you have to like what you see in Tim week after week.

  38. How would it help if nfl defense’s start playing ” college style” defense – if i’m not mistaken – tebow played pretty well against “college” defense – didn’t he?

  39. “artflooney says: Dec 20, 2011 9:29 PM

    When you’re a Browns fan, Tebowmania is all you have to look forward to on Sundays.”


    …See you next week.

  40. Flacco complains about Tebow and Baltimore loses thanks to his picks. Finley complains about Tebow and the Packers go down thanks to his drops. Any other players want to say anything ?

  41. Talk him up, then trade him to Jacksonville or Miami… The Broncos then have an inside track to Barkley, Keenum or RGIII, or maybe even Luck for that matter (assuming the Colts can’t dump Mannings salary)

  42. FYI to all who just started watching NFL football in the past few months…This is Tebow’s second season stop saying he’s a rookie! In fact he started 3 games LAST year. As a comparison Tom Brady threw 3 passes his rookie season. Of course the next year the Pats were 11-3 with Brady and won the Superbowl riding a 9 game winning streak.

    Footnote: In Kyle Orton’s first season with the bears he started fifteen games with a 10-5 record and went to the playoffs. At one point during the season the Bears had an 8 game winning streak. Orton had the worst QB ranking in the league for the year. He also started 6-0 as a Bronco. Does any of this sound familiar? Sometimes ‘all he does is win’ turns into ‘all he does is lose’

  43. Tim Tebow makes for good entertainment, running like he does but sooner or later he’s going to get “the big hit”. If he can’t throw so well know, one has to think, what about when his running back skills are not an option either. I admire the man and give him credit for his achievements this season but to be winners one needs to look for the long haul.

  44. What I see in Tim Tebow is that he is an outstanding athlete, a natural leader, a very good runner and a good game manager. As someone throwing the ball, I think he has a lot to learn, but that’s mechanics, and that can be worked on. He certainly has sufficient arm strength to go along with overall body conditioning.

    He’s young, he has plenty of time to learn and grow, but he has done well within the system that the Broncos have used this year. If the Broncos can keep a strong running game and a solid defense to complement Tebow as he matures as a quarterback, then they will be fine. I am not sure I would rate him top ten in arm accuracy at the present time, but I would rate him top ten in leadership, which is tough to teach. Throwing mechanics can be taught, and I think he can learn, given the right instructor.

  45. I believe Elway feels threatened if T-bow does better than he did. He seems to change his opinion as often as he changes his pants, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to get caught with those off.

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