NBC, NFL will stream wild-card games, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl

The NFL’s recent decision to maximize the presence of its games on traditional broadcast TV via 11-years deals with NBC, CBS, and FOX doesn’t mean that the league will avoid new technologies when it comes to delivering football content.

For the first time ever in the U.S., postseason games will be available for online viewing.  The league announced today that the two wild-card games to be televised January 7 on NBC, as well as the Pro Bowl, will stream at NBCSports.com and NFL.com.

Oh, and that thing called the Super Bowl also will stream at NBCSports.com and NFL.com.

All of the NBC-televised postseason games will also be available on NFL Mobile only from Verizon.

NBC Postseason Extra will be modeled after Sunday Night Football Extra, which includes multiple, viewer-selected camera angles, tweets from NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya, and an in-game chat with a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar.

“With a heritage of streaming live NFL games since 2008, we are especially excited to now bring our unique and innovative SNF Extra video experience to the NFL Playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl,” said Rick Cordella, Vice President & General Manager, NBC Sports Digital Media. “By adding multiple camera angles, HD-quality video, DVR controls along with social interactivity, our online streaming represents a compelling, second-screen experience that nicely complements NBC’s on-air presentation.”

Of course, for many of you who won’t have access to a TV during the wild-card games or the Pro Bowl or the Super Bowl, NBC Postseason Extra will be the only way to watch the game(s).  Based on the comments that arrive at the Sunday night chat on a weekly basis, plenty of you will be relying on the online streaming as the only resource tuning in.

Then again, plenty of the comments also include this question:  “How do we get Florio out of this thing?”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with even more of me.  Unlike an in-season Sunday night, which requires me to tap out from time to time and let Rosenthal take over, I’ll be locked and loaded (not that way) for all four of the games.

UPDATE 2:01 p.m. ET:  For those of you asking, the streaming of the postseason games on NBCSports.com and NFL.com is free.

29 responses to “NBC, NFL will stream wild-card games, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl

  1. Really, this has been a long time in coming. Hopefully we won’t have to sit through endless rebuffering.

  2. Great! Now get Direc TV to offer the Sunday Ticket by streaming next year!

    Do these geniuses even realize the number of people living in Condo’s that would buy the ticket but can’t because of that dish???

  3. Next stop: a la carte purchase of 1080 game streams. This out-of-market crap needs to end; the technology exists to truly give the fans what they want. I’d pay $5/game to watch my team play.

  4. Now just get NFL.com to stream Thursday and Saturday night games without being interupted by those blowhards back at the studio.

    And while you’re at it, just go ahead and stream all NFL games!

  5. Not mentioned is if they’d charge for it? Yes, even though the games are broadcast on NBC, NFL still charges for preseason game streaming…I’m curious if they’d do the same for post-season game streaming.

    I do like the SNF streaming…the quality is pretty darned good (other than when the wife is watching Netflix or Hulu at the same time).

  6. Next the NFL needs to take back Sunday Ticket from DirectTV, and offer it as a streaming service from nfl.com.

    Not everyone can get DirectTV or even wants to get it for that matter besides for football.

  7. PlayStation Network had Sunday Ticket this season for the people whose landlords don’t allow dishes…if they just lowered the price next year per month to a reasonable level, or just allow you to pick one team you want to stream all season on your computer (if you live out of market) that would be cool. MLB and NBA do it.

  8. Welcome to 2011. I unplugged from cable/satellite TV a couple years ago. All I get is local FREE TV and I can’t always get NBC so I have been watching streamed video for years. Now I can do it legally. Nice job NBC. Now all you have to do is put the rest of your content on the web for viewing.

  9. I’ve been watching streams of all games for the last few years. Tired of being force fed nothing but the NFC Least, Steelers, and Pats every week. Time for NFL to offer streams on a per game basis, too bad they never will because DTV coughs up billions every time the contract is up for renewal.

  10. I was going to ask “what if the playoff game is blacked out locally due to the game not selling out?” But then I realized that even if the Bengals get into the playoffs, they’d be a 6th seed and not host a game. I’m glad they didn’t do something stupid like win the AFC North and have to host a game…

  11. “Does me no good. Still won’t be able to watch the feeds in Canada!”

    If they do that geo locating crap you’ll just have to get a US based VPN service to get around it.

  12. In related news the nfl has congratulated thomas edison for his recent invention of the lightbulb. Welcome to the 20th century nfl! In about a decade or so ill be able to say welcome to the 21st century…

  13. Use a format playable on the IPAD. ESPN does it.
    As for directTV conundrum.

    The technology exists!

    Example. 11 million (at least) live in the LA through San bernardino market. We don’t have an official team, but individually we all have teams. Why do we have to watch what some net work exec thinks most of us want to watch? Give us or be greedy and let us buy individual games (at reasonable price.. ex. NFL radio subscription is a joke.. Why can’t they make enough $ with advertising money).

    Dread the day LA gets an “official team” and blackouts resume

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