Packers begin line dance by signing Herb Taylor

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The presumably Super Green Bay Packers suddenly have a pocket full of Kryptonite, via a rash of injuries on their offensive line.

They’ve addressed the problem as an initial matter by placing 2011 first-round pick Derek Sherrod on injured reserve and replacing him on the roster with Herb Taylor.

Taylor entered the league as a sixth-round pick of the Chiefs in 2007, and he appeared in 18 games with one start in two seasons.  But he hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2008.

If the injuries along the Green Bay offensive line continue, that streak could soon be ending.

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  1. Someone mentioned the other day that there are only about 20 legitimate number one QB’s at any given time on the planet. It gets thin quick on the O line and if you won the Superbowl last year and you gotta pick up a guy “hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2008” that’s anorexic.

  2. when is chad clifton coming back? has anyone heard about the severity of bulagas injury. as a huge packer backer i am curled up in the fetal position,fearing that HERB might actually be playing for the pack in the near future….gulp!!!

  3. Why sign this clown Taylor who hasn’t been on an active roster in 2 years when Tauscher is out there. Tausch knows all the plays and line calls. At least if the Pack needs an emergency player to step in he wouldn’t be lost. Of course it depends on his health, but neither player could be considered to be in football shape.

  4. Bulaga has a knee cap sprained, whatever that is. They think he’ll only miss the bears game. Clinton is practicing, but its more his back thats keeping him out than his hamstring injury. They could probably start him for the Lions game, but after the packers wrap up homefield advantage this week, they’ll most likely just give him a few snaps throughout that game.

    Point is, I’m sure the packers loss this past weekend gave some of you other fans hope that your team has a chance this year, but the offensive line will be fine and Jennings, clifton, bulaga, Pickett, and bishop will all be back.

  5. Herb isn’t all that bad. I remember him playing for the chiefs and he filled in nicely. The only reason he isn’t on the team is because Haley cleaned house of players from the previous regime. I can’t believe he wasn’t even a back up on another team.

  6. You can’t just plug and play, so to speak, on the OL with the type of pass offense and pass defense played nowadays.

    Is McCarthy willing to sit a bunch of hurting starters and run the risk of losing homefield advantage for the sake of getting healthier? I think you do if the 49rs lose Sat. night to the Seahawk.

    They won the SB last year on the road.

  7. having 6 tight ends on the team this year probably has something to do with the short amount of offensive lineman??? but i have faith in ted and mc. they’ve proved me and most everyone else wrong before…

  8. In Ted I trust.

    The Packers have been hit hard by the injury bug the last few years and they always seem to plug in the right guy to ease the pain of the loss of the starter, or the loss of a backup.

    But they are like almost every other team in the NFL; injuries happen and losses will happen.

    The great teams find a way to persevere and get the job done.

  9. Welcome to the real world, Packers.

    Great point, since the Packers are so unfamiliar with injuries.

  10. .


    “They should have signed Herb Tarlek”.

    Ever hear the phrase ” next man up “?

    Although his insistence on wearing a plaid Packers uniform could run afoul of the NFL secret police.


  11. A decimated offensive line and they are playing the Lions in two weeks? Good luck!


    Ya we’ll probably get stomped by the lions. Literaly.

  12. sobora says: Dec 20, 2011 5:29 PM

    The Packers had 16 guys on IR last season when they won the Super Bowl.
    Completely different scenario. On their way to the SB last year they lost Finley, which isn’t as big a deal as people tried to make it out to be. Finley serves as simply another receiver for the Packers, and they have great depth in the receiving corps. Losing Grant wasn’t a big issue either, as they are clearly a pass first team, and their running game is built off of teams dropping back in coverage to defend the pass. They run just enough to keep teams honest. The injuries in the secondary last year simply cleared the way for younger players who turned out to be better than the players they replaced. Finally, the Packers turned their season around when they solidified their O-line by bringing in Tauscher and rearranging the line. In this case, they’ve lost three members of the O-line. The question is, can the Packers scheme well enough to account for the sudden weaknesses along the O-line. Since the Packers are primarily a passing offense, this will decide whether or not they’re still the favorites to win the SB.

  13. “In this case, they’ve lost three members of the O-line.”

    You do realize that Clifton hasn’t played since October and the team hasn’t missed a beat. You also do realize that Derek Sherrod has hardly played this year because…well, quite honestly he’s been brutal. His loss for this year is hardly a blip on the radar.

    Lastly, Bulaga has also missed time already during the year, and again….haven’t missed a beat.

    It is indeed true that the Packers are currently down three OT’s and while the immediate term might be more difficult, with Bulaga returning and Clifton also possibly returning, the Packers will be quite healthy up and down the roster come playoff time.

    The other teams and fans may wish to use the Kansas City game to keep the dream alive…but reality shows they are indeed just dreaming. The Packers remain the team to beat in the entire NFL….by a long shot.

  14. HaHa, Rodgers is going to get wiped out Sunday. Peppers and the Bears D must be chomping at the bit to go get ’em. Seriously, no QB can be efficient when he’s on the ground. Rodgers will spend a lot of time on the ground, and when he’s not on the ground he be harrassed and hurried. The Green Bay Acme Packers get to face two really good defenses in the next two weeks. First the Bears, and then the Lions. Can Rodgers stay healthy behind his almost non existent O-line? Probaly not, especially with Suh out for revenge.

    The Packers still suck

  15. tonymission says:
    Dec 20, 2011 5:20 PM
    Yeah, and the Panthers are horrible.

    And the Packers were lucky to beat us by a touchdown in week 2 this season.

    Education time: Panthers have the #5 offense in the NFL with a defense that has been decimated by injuries. Panthers are far from horrible.

  16. GB4MNO – you are part of a proud fan base.


    A Wisconsin woman is accused of choking her 11-year-old daughter after becoming angry because the Green Bay Packers were losing.

    The 36-year-old Grand Chute woman was charged Monday in Outagamie County with felony child abuse.

    Police were called Sunday night to a hotel where the girl told police her mother grabbed her by the neck during the football game.

    According to the complaint, the woman was drinking alcohol and became upset because the Packers were losing. The girl said that after Green Bay lost for the first time this season, her mother choked her again with enough force that the girl couldn’t breathe.

    The Packers’ 19-game winning streak, second-longest in NFL history, was snapped with a 19-14 loss to the Chiefs at Kansas City.

    The Post-Crescent of Appleton was not identifying the woman to protect the girl’s identity.

    The woman remained in jail Tuesday. Her attorney did not immediately return a call seeking comment

  17. I love Tauscher but his play was really declining the last season he played, and who knows what sort of condition he’s in now? He’s a smart guy and has probably moved on from football. Packers worked out Taylor and he must be the best available. If Rodgers is throwing quickly I don’t care who’s on the DLine – they won’t have time to hit him.

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