Report: Luck could be signing with CAA


The crown jewel of the draft class of 2012 could be headed to the top quarterback agency in all of football.  Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports writes that “word in the agent community” points to Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck signing with CAA.

Tom Condon and Ben Dogra of CAA already represent some of the top quarterbacks in the game, including Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.  A decision by Luck, who undoubtedly will be advised on this aspect of his pro football career by his father, Oliver, to sign with Condon and Dogra would confirm the existence of a coordinated plan between Peyton and Andrew.  Oliver Luck, who has a law degree, understands the concept of a conflict of interest, and he realizes that CAA would be unable to effectively service the interests of Peyton and Andrew, if those interests don’t fully align.

The Colts remain on track to “earn” the first pick in the draft, and Andrew Luck is expected to be the first player selected.

The plan between Peyton and Andrew, if there is one, remains unknown.  Peyton could try to force his way out of Indianapolis, for example by refusing to delay the due date on the $28 million balloon payment from a contract negotiated in August.  Or Luck could inform the Colts that he doesn’t want to tread on Peyton’s turf.  Or perhaps they’re both fine with the concept of Andrew carrying a clipboard while Peyton finishes his career.

Whatever the plan, joint representation means that it will be more likely that the plan will come to fruition, because the guys at CAA will be implementing it.

All of this assumes that Luck chooses to hire CAA.  In the end, the decision could hinge on whether or not he and Peyton truly are on the same page.

As previously mentioned, the only possible divergence would come from an effort to force a trade of the rights to Luck.  Peyton would want the Colts to get the biggest possible package of picks and/or players, and Luck would want the cupboard to remain as stocked as possible to ensure that he’ll have teammates who can run the ball, catch the ball, block, and tackle.

UPDATE 9:23 p.m. ET:  A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Andrew Luck has neither met with nor spoken to CAA.

40 responses to “Report: Luck could be signing with CAA

  1. If I had a law degree perhaps I’d be lucky enough to understand what a conflict of interest was all about as well.

  2. Don’t see Colts moving off Luck at all. Manning’s neck is questionable as it is let alone playing the most violent of sports in which no one has any idea if he comes back and plays whether his body can take the hits as in the past. Have to keep Luck, look at what happened to them this year. At the very least he sits and waits ala Aaron Rodgers and hopefully performs at that level. If Manning can’t take the rigors, he fills right in. Drafting him first only makes the most sense at this stage.

  3. This whole development and the fact the this story is even here begs to the fact that the NFL needs a lottery for the first pick. All this behind the scenes crap wouldn’t be taking place and may be the Colts would actually try to win more games. I hope the Colts get the pick and then really SUCK after LUCK!

  4. Hes the next great QB. Can make everythrow and is a leader. Hes as solid as I remember Manning being coming out of Tennessee. Not fair how the Colts go from manning to luck.

  5. Oliver and Archie really need to stay away from the media and let the players deal with themselves. Archie loves him the cameras (yes, Archie, your family are punks).

  6. Colts fans won’t want to hear this but Luck should have big concerns about playing for a team that couldn’t surround Manning with enough talent to win more than one unmemorable SB. Even one good pick in every other draft over the last 10-12 years might be the difference between 1 ring and 4 when you have the guy who might be the best QB to ever play the game.

  7. “Hes the next great QB. Can make everythrow and is a leader. ”

    This is the exact same thing that was being said about Hall of Fame QB’s such as Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Tim Couch……..oh wait nvm

    The same people said that Tebow couldn’t win in the NFL (I can’t believe I used that seeing how I hate all the tebow hype)

    Point it, People need to get off of Andrew Lucks nuts until he can prove himself against a legit NFL defense because what I saw againt legit Pac 12 competition this year wasn’t deserving of half this hype

  8. Any news on whether Andrew Luck will attend the NFL Combine?

    Common sense and history allude to him sitting out, as he would have nothing to gain as the consensus #1 overall pick perhaps worth a bounty of draft picks if the Colts decide to trade down.

  9. fergenator–do you have inside information that the Colts have not tried to win games? Did you say the same thing about Lions when they were headed to 0-16….were you calling for a lottery then? i didn’t think so…It is only being brought these days because an uniformed person that has a sports blog thinks so…not one credible analyis thinks to Colts have tanked…not one.
    The draft has been successful as it is for many years…

  10. Very interesting that Luck may sign with the same agent as Manning… Conflict of interest?

    It seems logical that Manning would prefer to stay in Indianapolis (same WRs, same system, etc.) and would also prefer that Indianapolis used this draft for getting better players around him.

  11. CAA is who these guys work for. Not whatever team happens to be lousy enough to pick them in the draft. Tom Condon makes more significant personnel decisions in a month than most G.M.s make in a year.

  12. peyton could teach Luck how to choke in the playoffs year after year until the NFL finally has to order the refs to let them win.

  13. I wonder if the same ” ability to playing in the NFL” questions will creep into these media folks minds for Luck the way they supposedly did with Cam or are we suppose to believe that Luck signing with Tom Condon, the media loving agent, means he’s as good as geeting a free pass to the top of the draft board like all Tom Condon’s previous clients such as Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford?

  14. The Colts are getting a Luck if they get that #1 pick, it’s just that simple. Whether Luck is worthy of that #1 pick and all the praise he’s received is the only thing up for debate. Colts ownership and management would have to be brain-damaged to hang their hopes on an aging quarterback with neck problems, no matter how stupefyingly great that QB has been up to this point.

    Could you imagine Manning , with his history of neck problems, taking a headshot like the one McCoy just took from Harrison? In all likelihood, that would be the end of Manning’s career. Heck, it might not even take a hit half that hard to put him out of football permanently. Manning had a great run with Indy, but it’s time for the Colts to pull the ripcord on their relationship with him and focus on the future.

  15. @jimr10….I don’t have to have inside information…if it quacks like a duck…etc…Even your owner was quoted several games ago that he wanted to draft Luck. As far as your reference to credible analysts….that’s an oxymoron! I don’t have to hear their dribble to draw my own conclusions. I stick by my first post.

  16. With the flourish of a pen, Andrew will transform from goofy jug eared college jock to a Creative Artist with an Agency.

  17. @ProDolphinsTalk:
    Tebow will have the better career.

    LOLZ. Really?? Tebow won’t even have the best SECOND career. Andrew is an accomplished scholar, earning a degree in architecture, and wants to design stadiums one day. Tebow has a Wonderlic score that screams “do you want fries with that”?

    To the knuckler claiming that Ryan Leaf was proclaimed to be a can’t-miss prospect coming out of college – really?? There were PLENTY of dissenters pointing out his maturity and character concerns. Teams got all hot and bothered about his tangibles and the Chargers chose to overlook the obvious issues and took a flyer on him. Luck has no such concerns whatsoever. He’s the real deal. And please, don’t even mention JaMarcus in the same breath with him – you’re just embarrassing yourself. That “ProDolphinTalk” handle isn’t helping much either.

  18. If the Colts get rid of Manning, take Luck and he’s a bust, they will be a loser for a decade at least.

  19. I’m not buying it that the Colts tanked it this year to get Luck. Do you really think that Orlovsky or Painter would jeopardize their NFL futures by playing worse, or any of the Colt’s player for that matter, so the team could pick Luck? And if the player’s thought that the coaches were calling vanilla plays to lose you would hear about it, a player would say something to the media. The only evidence IMO that they weren’t trying to get better was by not picking up Orton but when you’re not going to make the playoffs why go all out to win a few games and lose out on the chance to draft a great QB prospect with Manning’s future in question.

    People like to look way too into things, sometimes teams really do just suck that bad, it happens every year. But hey don’t let me stop anyone from trying to be all Nancy Drew on the situation.

  20. A Colts fan here,
    I wish the NFL would just go ahead and give the Colts the # 1 pick since everyone else seems to think its a done deal.

  21. The NFL should do a lottery of the bottom 5 teams or something along those lines. If you have the incentive of the #1 pick and it’s late in the season why would losing teams try to win other than players wanting to keep their jobs.

    If they did it this way a bad team would still end up with the #1 pick but the teams would have no control over getting #1 or #5 or anything in between

  22. I’d give the Colts 2 first rounders and a second (upgradeable to a first) for the rights to Luck. If that seems a lot it’s because I’d happily give up our last two first round picks for the opportunity to switch places. Is Luck a guarantee? No. But there’s no such thing and Luck appears to be the closest thing to a lock there is. When you’ve had no QB for 12 years any trade seems reasonable. From a desperate Fins fan!!!

  23. here’s what happens. they get luck, manning knows that he should be playing in the next couple years, but yet manning feels like he has 10 years left. so he asks for a trade, and he goes to Buffalo

  24. @6250claimer

    Good call dogging my screen name when you clearly put so much effort into yours. Are you really gonna bring up the Wonderlic? With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Architects select Andrew Luck; QB/Bridge Builder of Stanford. Get real buddy. They aren’t drafting his mind. Teams are drafting football players. My comment that ‘Tebow will have the better career’ was less of an endorsement of him and more of a shot at Luck. He hasn’t proven anything worthy of this kind of hype. I don’t want to see him fail and my comment was mild compared to some on here but who knew it would touch the nerve of Andrew Luck apologist. To be clear Tim Tebow won the Heisman and lead his team to National Titles. What has A. Luck done so extraordinary? I remember when Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were ‘can’t miss picks and drafted # 1’… oh wait. Only Manning delivered on the hype and time will tell if Luck is in the same stratosphere.

  25. Manning will be a Colt next season… if not, he’ll be a Jet and reunite with Tom Moore. Also, Rex loves the guy. Still betting he’ll be a Colt.

  26. “jacksonjames4 says:
    Dec 21, 2011 7:16 AM
    here’s what happens. they get luck, manning knows that he should be playing in the next couple years, but yet manning feels like he has 10 years left. so he asks for a trade, and he goes to Buffalo”

    I like this, but Archie wont let it happen.

  27. OMG—when I first read this head;ine I was thinking that Luck’s goin to the CFL(okay I need my ‘Jo!”).

    EEKS ! Wake up dude.

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