Round three of Ravens-Steelers has gotten a little harder for Pittsburgh

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This season for the Pittsburgh Steelers can be summed up via a reader comment that I already have “borrowed” for the Week 15 power rankings.

Harbaughs 3, Tomlin 0.

Jim and John Harbaugh have swept Tomlin’s Steelers, with three wins and a combined score of 78-30.  That’s an average margin of 16 points per game.

Amid reports that John helped Jim get ready for last night’s game, look for Jim to share with John whatever knowledge Jim gleaned from last night’s 20-3 drubbing of the Steelers, making it even harder for Tomlin and the Steelers to reverse the trend in the postseason, assuming that the Ravens and Steelers get together once again.

Of course, there’s still a chance that the rematch will happen in Pittsburgh, if the Steelers can win the next two and if the Ravens stumble one more time.  But the Steelers likely will have to beat at least the Rams without Ben Roethlisberger, who’d be wise to not lace ’em up again in only four days, when 13 total games are played on Christmas Eve.

Regardless, the Ravens and Steelers seem to be on a crash course for a third get-together, and Mike Tomlin will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to overcome at least one of the Brothers Harbaugh.

43 responses to “Round three of Ravens-Steelers has gotten a little harder for Pittsburgh

  1. As a Rams fan, I hope they can pull off an upset, but I have to concede that if the Steelers have to lose Big Ben for a game, playing the Rams is probably the best one for it…

  2. What is he going to say? Make sure to play the Steelers when Big Ben is on one leg? A healthy Ben and the niners get blown out.
    The only game the H brothers won was the first game of the season when the Steelers were not ready.
    Second game a fluke ending.

  3. That’s the only way it should be. Best rivalry in the league, ROUND 3 in Baltimore. It will be a game for the ages! God I hate Pittsburgh but I have plenty of respect for that franchise and the excitement they bring to my city when we play, I am sure the feeling is mutual. it’s a foot race to the end

  4. You’re assuming Ravens beat the Bengals, and on the road. Look at the history, not just road games this year, but versus Bengals in years past. Risky assumption.

    Of course, this also assumes the Steelers win out. Without Rothlessberger, another risky assumption.

  5. @getyourownname

    Learn football dummy, this is a whole new team, last year and years past mean nothing. People who say these things sound idiotic. Stop living in a fantasy land. We’re gonna crush you cause THIS year were better then you. And we’re better then the steelers. Just deal with it ho

  6. If the Ravens beat the Steelers in the playoffs, will they be referred to as the 0-3lers, as the Eagles were the 0-3gles after Dallas beat them 3 times 2 years ago?

  7. It’s wide open in the playoffs. Especially in the AFC. Here’s hoping the Ravens take advantage of that gift last night, win out, keep the Stoolers in 5th and get that bye and home playoff game.

    As for my Patriots, it doesn’t matter when or where they play. With that defense as crazy as it is, they’ll need turnovers wherever they are to win. I can see them going on the road and winning big or losing at home. We just don’t know.

  8. @ rayriceisnice
    I hope the ravens are not as arrogant as you are. To sit there and think the Bengals game is a lock for a ravens win is just stupid, YOU need to learn football my friend.

  9. Ravens could very easily lose to the Bengals in week 17. The Bengals will need that game just to get in the playoffs and the game is in Cincinnati.

  10. 8man says:
    Dec 20, 2011 10:00 AM
    As for my Patriots, it doesn’t matter when or where they play. With that defense as crazy as it is, they’ll need turnovers wherever they are to win. I can see them going on the road and winning big or losing at home. We just don’t know.
    I don’t see how the Patriots could beat Baltimore in Baltimore. Flacco’s stinkbombs are generally on the road. We already saw what the Steelers did to the Pats in Pittsburgh. Don’t kid yourself. The Pats caught a big break having the Steelers and Ravens lose this week.

  11. @ rayriceisnice says:

    I like the Ravens, so “you” are not going to crush “me.” But you’re the one living in fantasy land if you ignore history. Ravens barely beat the Bungles in Charm City a few weeks ago, and they may be fighting for the playoffs themselves. If you are honest you know many Ravens fans are nervous about the Cincy game.

    But I like your holiday spirit. Ho, ho, ho yourself.

  12. @rayriceisnice

    And last game means nothing.
    We should have Carlos Dunlap back at full speed for this one and we all know how Flacco gets when he gets pressured.
    Take it beehatch!

  13. @bleedgreen

    Steelers will be referred to how many Super Bowl Games they have won.

    They are the 6-time Super Bowl Champs!!!

    Could be 7 if Woodley, Pouncey and Big Ben get back to 90-100 percent

  14. Two words: Aldon Smith. Ben played like Alex last night.

    The Harbaughs are way smarter than Mike Tomlin and the Rapers are going home after the wild-card round.

  15. .

    I wish New England @ San Francisco was on the schedule this year. That would be an interesting matchup….a true “pick – em” game.


  16. @ ziggy

    these two teams should be able to win a road playoff game, considering it will be against either denver/sd/oak or houston.
    obviously its not a lock, but the better team in the playoffs usually wins.
    i’d take the ravens or steelers to beat a qb-less houston team, a denver team that hasn’t beat anyone, an oak team who will penalize themselves right out of the game, or a norv turner led sd team.

  17. Steelers didn’t make any excuses. They said they got beat by a good football team. But anyone could see that Ben should not have played. Holding on to the ball on one leg. Disaster waiting to happen. Now the 49ers defense has a moniker. The Lights Out Defense!

  18. Ok, where are you, klunge,dstep,steelerfan999,steelersownyou, and mike tomlin????? a lot of talk yesterday and early on ’bout like taking candy from a baby, and how the Niners record is a fraud?? Man up, your boys got smashed, punched in the mouth and stayed down. OWNED!

  19. We should have sat Ben after the second INT last night. If the Steelers feel they can’t risk putting Batch into a game, then we have an issue with our backup. Yes, Ben is a tough QB and has played through some difficult injuries. But surely Tomlin doesn’t decide who’ll start or who’ll stay in based on some hyped-up hero-saves-the-day scenario. As the game wore on, Ben was more liability than asset to himself and the team. And I’m not altogether sure you can blame these turnovers on his ankle. Two INTs in the Super Bowl, four against the Ravens on opening day. Come on. That’s unacceptable for a QB at his level. We’re not playing Favre ball here.

    Ben has no business playing Saturday. And we’ve got some big-picture issues to address on offense. How fragile is Pouncey, why are we throwing so many INTs in big games, and do we ever intend to address the holes in that o-line? Home-field advantage is the least of our concerns right now.

  20. Funny how things dont sway in Sh!ttsburgh’s favor once you get them out of ketchup stadium..

    Big (Ego) Ben (Dover) set his team back with his arrogance and greediness wanting to play at 50%… But I loved it!!

  21. @rayriceisnice

    I’m a Ravens fan and your coming off as a bit of a tool. Tone it down dude. Nothing is a given in this league, just look at what happened Sunday night.

    Your arrogance is very Steeler fan like…..

  22. Has anyone figured out why Ben was still in the game down 20-3 and taking hits if his ankle is hurt so bad? Should have been in the locker room icing that thing down.

  23. Bengals took the last meeting against the Ravens down to the wire and had them on their heels – not bad with a rookie QB who goofed a few plays.

  24. Ok ok, now that i read my comment after pressing send I realize I pulled a “pissed off player on twitter” move, so my apologies. I am so stoked the steelers lost that my head exploded this morning lol. I feel like a HO HO HO lol. Let’s take care of biz ravens. All I care about is Cleveland. GET IT!

  25. Ben can be a great QB. Imagine if we had an offensive line that could protect him. We have great young receivers. I beleive that Mendenhall or Redman either one could be a 1,000 yard rusher if they could open some holes. I am starting to wonder if Pouncy can carry on our great tradition of long time centers. He is hurt too often. Everyone talks about the great defense of the 70’s. What also made them great was the offensive line that no one talks about. I have said this before. Remember:
    Sam Davis, Larry Brown, Jon Kolb, Steve Courson, Mike Webster, Gerry Mullins, Tunch Ilkin, and Craig Wolfley.
    I only wish the Steelers would take this unit seriously.

  26. This an idiotic article… To think that they share or have the time to share so much information that can alter the game in such a drastic way is asinine. These guys both have their own teams to run than to worry about how to beat Pittsburgh at all costs, regardless if it’s Baltimore’s Super Bowl. And what could be the great advice Jim shares with John… Ensure Ben is playing on one leg and has absolutely no mobility and is throwing off his back foot all night. Also, don’t forget that Pouncey and Sanders both need to be knocked out too, that way you can diminish the offenses effectiveness… And then I really have nothing for you against the D, no Harrison and they still held us to under 300 total yds on offense. SF outplayed Pittsburgh, no question about that, put Pittsburgh was not itself at all. Ben had 4 turnovers himself and should not have been out there, he was a disaster. Anyone with a brain who has seen him play before could see that he was not himself and the ankle had a lot to do with his piss poor play. As bad as Pittsburgh played and are getting hammered for it, they outgained SF by 100 yds. The D did it’s job with short fields, TO’s kill any good team and they killed Pittsburgh last night. As much as one player shouldn’t be blamed for any one game, Ben lost that game last night by putting his pride ahead of the team, his 4 TO’s were the difference without question and also a lot of blame needs to be thrown at the offensive coaches and game plan last night. 40+ passes for a guy who was as ineffective as Ben last night is ridiculous, IMO they should have leaned a lot more on the ground game and screen game which was not used at all last night… Bad game Ben, bad game Piitsburgh offensive staff and great game all-around SF… SF did what good teams do, attacked where the other team was weak and take advantage of all opportunities. It has nothing to do with Jim and John chatting it up, just asinine that people out there believe that plays such an impact.

  27. Ray Lewis is slow. Suggs is too worried about how he looks. Ed Reed is old and frail. Flacco is a Joke-O. Harbaugh will cry and whine, but the Steelers will win. Last nite was motivation.

  28. Tomlin isn’t smart enough to call a strategic game. Just another affirmative action coach who relies on his coordinators – trouble is, Bruce Arians is a lousy OC.

  29. avianflew says:
    Dec 20, 2011 1:33 PM
    Tomlin isn’t smart enough to call a strategic game. Just another affirmative action coach who relies on his coordinators – trouble is, Bruce Arians is a lousy OC.

    Think about what you just said. Bruce is the lousy coach …. but he is the O.C. …. the wouldn’t that be the reason for affirmative action? Lousy coaches getting good coaching jobs?

    LOL! Think before you type.

  30. I think the top 3 AFC teams (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England) all just have serious flaws. The Ravens and Steelers have had a majority of their losses on the road, and New England’s defense is pretty bad, and will get worse without Andre Carter. It’ll be an interesting fight to the end, but every fan base surely has their own separate concerns about these teams

  31. Think about what you just said. Bruce is the lousy coach …. but he is the O.C. …. the wouldn’t that be the reason for affirmative action? Lousy coaches getting good coaching jobs?

    LOL! Think before you type.


    Bruce Arians’ promotion from WR coach to OC was Tomlins’ first official decision as HC. It’s also the reason why Arians still has the job – Tomlin doesn’t want it to seem like he didn’t know what he was doing.

    Ever wonder why ZERO job offers for Arians came from other teams after the Steelers SB win in ’08?

  32. @ravenshaterssuckdonkeydick

    You got a lot of nerve calling out @rayriceisnice and making “tool” references to Steeler fans.

    Look at your own handle stupid. Very nice.

    Also, do you not read the other many Ravens toollike fans who embarass most decent Raven fans.

    I’m a Steeler fan and we are embarassed by some of our fans who post crap like you and your friends. Grow up!

  33. I’m a Steelers fan,To all you Raven fans that Dis on the Steelers because you have beat us twice this year !! the Ravens look good But to dis on a team that has kick your Buts for the last ten years HAHHAA if you got more then five fingers count the 6th one because that’s how many this Pittsburgh Franchise has got!! we have kicked your but’s for 20 years before that when you were the Browns. So good luck in the playoff because the 3rd time it’s not going to happen SORRY.

  34. I am not a Ravens or Steelers fan. However Steeler fans seem delusional. Face it your team is old. They were lucky to even make the Superbowl last year. Even Rothlisberger is looking a bit slower this year. I know it sucks to admit it but you cannot possibly think the Steelers belong in the playoffs.

  35. Does anyone out there think it’s amusing that this “Steelers 0-3 vs the Harbaugh” is being played out? Does anyone out there really believe that John Harbaugh won’t be looking for a new job w/in 3 yrs? It’s comical that the Ravens & Harbaugh are so focused on the Steelers that they forget to show up vs the Jags, Titans, or Seahawks. Most importantly: did Flaccid grow a Fu-Manchu to get people’s focus away from the uni-brow??

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