Another new name coming for the place where the Dolphins play

Getty Images

At a time when the Miami Dolphins franchise continues to exude a continuous sense of dysfunction, the ever-changing name of their stadium will do little to persuade anyone that the team has found long-term stability.

And while the label applied to the place where they play their games has no direct relevance to the quality of the team, the numerous adjustments make it harder to persuade the average fan that the Dolphins have their house in proper order.

According to Manny Navarro and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins will soon be looking for a new buyer of the naming rights, given that Sun Life Financial announced last week that it plans to abandon the U.S. market.  Thus, in three years — if not sooner — the stadium known as Sun Life will have a new name.

As a result, the stadium has had almost as many names as it has had starting quarterbacks.  From Dolphins Stadium to Joe Robbie Stadium to Pro Player Stadium to Pro Player Park to Dolphin Stadium to Land Shark Stadium to Sun Life Stadium, the question really isn’t what its name will be next, but how many new names it will have before the Dolphins win another Super Bowl?

The over/under is 5.5.