Denard Robinson seeks opinion of NFL draft advisory board

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Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson says he has asked the NFL draft advisory board for its opinion of where he’d be selected were he to enter the 2012 draft.

I did, but we’ll see what happens,” Robinson told, adding that he will “most likely” stay at Michigan.

As a passer, Robinson is nowhere near ready to play in the NFL. If he wants to play quarterback in the NFL, he’s going to have to return to Michigan and get a whole lot better. If Robinson is interested in changing positions, however, some NFL teams might like his potential as a slot receiver or a return man. He’s a phenomenal athlete who has great instincts with the ball in his hands.

In fact, he’s a good enough athlete that there’s almost certainly a place for him in the NFL. Just not as a quarterback, and probably not until 2013.

44 responses to “Denard Robinson seeks opinion of NFL draft advisory board

  1. I say there’s a 0% chance he goes pro. He’s not that great a passer and he want’s to be a QB. Stay at Michigan, become a better passer and try to make a run at the Heisman next year.

  2. As a Michigan fan, I would like him to stay in school. But, since he doesn’t play in the SEC he won’t have a shot at the title anyway. So, I guess I don’t care either way.

    College football really, really sucks.

  3. Denard is an amazingly exciting player, but he’ll never play QB in the NFL.

    At the same time there’s no reason to think he’ll be more NFL ready than he is now. I’d advise him to declare, hope to get drafted on Day Three and start learning to run passing routes.

  4. Take the money school is not going anywhere you can always go back. You can be a receiver like Randle El and throw the ball on a double reverse pass or something. Just work your butt off

  5. Soulman45 says: Dec 21, 2011 8:28 PM

    Frist to say

    Making Killer proud my man!

  6. Hey can go to the Broncos and play right behind Tebow. If Denver is going to roll with Tebow, they need someone like him who can do what he does to back him up. I’m just sayin, watch a lot of these types of QB’s start to get a lot more looks in the middle to late rounds.

  7. Why not finish your degree?You go to one of the best school in America for FREE. Is he in such a rush to buy Diamond encrusted chains he is going to by pass an education for a 3.4 year (if he is lucky) career. Sounds like he has Desean Jackson Syndrome.

  8. This might be a good opportunity for PFT to explain exactly who/what makes up the NFL draft advisory board.

  9. sportsmediacritic says:
    Dec 21, 2011 8:40 PM
    Tebow is an amazingly exciting player, but he’ll never play QB in the NFL.

    Oh wait….

    Yeah did you watch him against the Pats. He looked awful the same way he did against the Lions and the same way he will in the playoffs if his team can make it. Tebow is an awful QB and just because he’s beating sorry teams doesn’t mean his career is set. He will never be an elite QB in the NFL

  10. He’s not tebow. Tebow is a linebacker in size not to mention tebow has a really strong arm just not accurate at all. Robinson has a really really weak arm and also isn’t accurate. All that being said the biggest reason Robinson can’t be a pro qb is the size of the ball. If you cN grip it you cAnt throw it

  11. He’s certainly not an NFL QB. He’s barely even a college quarterback.

    He’s a gadget player at most in the NFL.

    His body is what I worry about. He’s already injury prone at the collegiate level, the going is only going to get tougher in the NFL. Can he hold up? Doubt it.

  12. Teams learned from the Chiefs overdrafting McCluster.

    Robinson would be a sixth rounder, at most. He needs to stay. College is where his game belongs

  13. So the mediocre Tim Tebow is evidence that a completely different style of athletic QB can succeed in the NFL? Pffft.

    Anyway, Robinson probably has a future in the NFL based on pure athleticism, but I expect him to play either cornerback, which was where he was projected to play in college, or slot receiver.

  14. The NFL Draft Advisory Board returned it’s opinion to Denard Robinson.

    “Lol, Shorty, come on, you’re not six feet tall. If you’re six feet tall, I’ma go play in the NBA. Anyway, Robinson, your arm isn’t up to it. These are big fast athletes up here Denard, you don’t have time to float those lazy rainbows. Lemme tell ya, kid, if yer smart, stay in school. Get a nice job somewhere, settle down. Maybe marry a rich girl, lawyer or somethin. Even a teacher. But if you’re serious and not just pulling our legs here or looking for attention, maybe try a position change. Like gunner on special teams, hahaha! Maybe you get a look as a UDFA. Minimum wage pal.”.

  15. I would think he should look at the qb’s in this draft vs. the following year. He could possibly go higher in a weaker draft that doesn’t have Andrew Luck and G III and the young man from USC. That is if he wants to be drafted as a qb.

    Tired of people using “never” when it comes to these young qb’s. There was been a real turnaround in the NFL since Matt Ryan and Flacco were drafted. It used to be the conventional wisdom that said let these guys hold a clipboard for the first couple of years before they’ll be ready. Then people said “never” about Tebow. The following year people said “never” about Cam Newton. I had even read that someone didn’t think Andy Dalton would be good because of the color of his hair and that there hadn’t been any other successful redheads at qb.

    Some of theses prognosticators should lose there jobs over how many times they made bold statements and were wrong. I don’t know too many other people that could keep their jobs after being wrong so many times except weather men.

  16. Go for it, kid. Somebody will be silly enough to hand you 6 figures for several years! What else on Earth are you going to do to bring that kinda bacon home over the next 5 years? Get a job working for Sam Hurd with a marketing degree from Michigan? So what, play slot, play db, specials, who cares? Getting rich playing football, that’s what you’re doing!!

  17. mmcdan133 – look up “College football program with most wins” and you’ll find the school that Denard plays for. Look up 23-5-1 and you’ll see Michigan’s all time record against the SEC. Any other questions?

  18. Denard – 6’0″ 196lbs

    CJ2K – 5’11” 191lbs

    Jahvid – 5’10” 199lbs

    if he’s a mid round type of pick love to see him go from maize and blue to Honolulu blue and be a speed option/change of pace type guy to go with Leshoure and Best next year…some insurance if Best hangs em up.

  19. trbowman – injury prone? How many games has he missed let alone due to injury? I’ll give you a hint….. you cannot divide by it in mathematics.

  20. He is brutal to watch play QB. I pray this is an eye opener for him when they tell him he projects as a WR/Returner…

    Maybe next year he’ll play more slot for UofM and they can play a QB with a real arm…

  21. If he wants to go pro he has to make the jump to slot receiver. He could follow the Percy Harvin path to the NFL. He will never get drafted as a QB. If football is his career choice he should play receiver for UofM this year to show he can do it, and enter the NFL draft next year.

  22. 6 foot 195 pounds(riiiight) isn’t going to hod up very well at the NFL level. I know, I know, DeSean Jackson is about that size but Robinson isn’t a WR or a PR/KR. He’d definitely be a second(third?) day pick unless someone fell in love with him.

  23. sportsmediacritic says:
    Dec 21, 2011 8:40 PM
    Tebow is an amazingly exciting player, but he’ll never play QB in the NFL.

    Oh wait….


    Like suhnami said above, Robinson is 6’0″, 196 lbs. Tebow is 6’3″, 236 lbs. That’s a pretty big difference.

  24. Wow. A lot of SEC jealousy going on in this room. Here’s the simple way to go to the national championship game:

    1. Play a difficult schedule.
    2. Beat highly ranked teams.
    3. Either go undefeated or lose only one game (to a team that DID go undefeated. In overtime. And not by a blowout.)

    If you do this, you will get to play in the national championship game. And have the privilege of losing to an SEC team. Believe me, fans of teams in the SEC actually would like to see the championship going to another conference team. It’s getting pretty boring winning all the time.

  25. dukemarc says: Dec 22, 2011 9:40 AM

    6 foot 195 pounds(riiiight) isn’t going to hod up very well at the NFL level. I know, I know, DeSean Jackson is about that size but Robinson isn’t a WR or a PR/KR. He’d definitely be a second(third?) day pick unless someone fell in love with him.


    desean jackson is 5’10” 175lbs soaking wet – thats a significant size difference from someon 6’0″ just shy of 200lbs

    denard is much much more similar to CJ2K in “nfl comparisons” (5’11” 191 – sub 4.3 speed)

  26. To start – the SEC rules.

    Second – he isn’t 6′ tall. Colleges never tell the truth about these metrics. As far as the pro’s -no way to QB. Scatback. WR. KR. those are his best bets.

    Third – the SEC rules.

  27. You could be the star of a football team for a storied franchise with a decent chance of winning the Big 10 title…………..or ride pine, be a good special teamer next year making probably less money then you do in college!

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