James Harrison thinks Browns should be punished, but they won’t be

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Steelers linebacker James Harrison has acted with defiance in the wake of his one-game suspension.  Now that he’s back at work, he’s still not fully accepting blame for his latest illegal hit.  Instead, he’s pointing a finger at the Browns for allowing the player into whose face Harrison planted a helmet to return to action after missing only two plays.

“If he was hurt so bad I don’t know why they let him back in . . . two plays later,” Harrison said.  “Something should be done to them, I would think.  I don’t know.  I got a game, what should they get?

They’ll get nothing, according to multiple reports.  Surprisingly, the Browns won’t be disciplined in any way for allowing concussed quarterback Colt McCoy to get back on the field without evaluating his brain.

We know, we know.  Browns president Mike Holmgren has said that it’s unfair to criticize the team because no one saw the mammoth hit on McCoy.  You know, the mammoth hit that happened in plain view of the team’s sideline, where players and numerous other team employees were standing and watching the game.

Of course, the Browns’ misguided decision to let McCoy back into the game doesn’t excuse Harrison’s illegal hit, or his history of them.  Penalties, fines, and suspensions aren’t disseminated based on whether a player gets injured; instead, they’re based on whether the hits are illegal.

In that regard, Harrison surprisingly seems to be willing to comply with the rules.

“I’m doing everything they ask me to do,” Harrison said.  “I’ve lowered my target area, that’s it.”

That’s really all he needs to do.  Now, the question becomes whether, in the heat of the moment, he’ll actually do it.

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  1. Well, he kind of already has changed his ways. That was Harrison’s first fine of the season. It got so blown out of proportion by the media because it was a nationally televised game. The NFL had no choice but to suspend him because the media outcry was so huge.

  2. Where is the public outcry like what we all had to endure with the Suh ‘thing’?

    Or this just ain’t as fun as picking on one of the best eh?

  3. So Harrison gets to come back to work this week, but McCoy’s brains are still scrambled, he’ll miss at least one more game, and who know the long term impact it will have on his career given his concussion history.

    Personally, I think the guy should have to sit until his victim(s) are cleared to play.

  4. James Harrison should be thanking the Browns…if they would have left Seneca Wallace in the game the Steelers would have lost!

    Get over yourself steroid boy……

  5. Couldnt agree more with Harrison, any couch potatoe could see Mccoy was out of it after that, look how he was laying on the freaking ground. NFL wants to cover up injuries so much, they could have killed this kid going back in there or brain damage (probably some anyways). But you know…. Harrison was the bad guy here. IMO I hate dirty play, I hate the Saints D for their grimey dirty p*ssy play play, taking every little late hit they can get away with. However, Harrison’s hit was not dirty, Mccoy threw the ball as late as possible, but it is deserving of a flag, maybe fine, not suspension. Fire Browns trainers for letting Mccoy back in.

  6. “Penalties, fines, and suspensions aren’t disseminated based on whether a player gets injured; instead, they’re based on whether the hits are illegal.”

    This is completely untrue. Rashard Mendenhall took a helmet to helmet hit on Monday night when he was catching a pass about 4 yards out in the 3rd quarter. He was in the process of catching it, so he was a defenseless receiver, and the defender dipped his head and struck with the crown of his helmet, but no flag was thrown.

    I’m convinced that if he would have laid there motionless a flag would have come flying in.

    The only way that he could have drawn attention to the illegality of the hit would have been to show concussion-like symptoms–like laying really still.

    With that being said, Harrison still would have drawn a flag for McCoy’s hit because the league is watching him. But I doubt he would have been suspended if McCoy wasn’t let back into the game.

    He got suspended to take attention away from the Browns. The league’s concussion protocol failed and the league’s gray-area within the rules was exposed. Seriously, what if the exact same thing happened to Hillis? The hit would have been legal because Hillis is a running back.

    The league saw that people were going to be asking questions and, like a good dictatorial regime, the league diverted attention away from its problems by suspending Harrison.

  7. What should they do suspend the team a game?

    If so, then whose game should they give up? Certainly not one against the team that caused the violation. . .

  8. James needs to shut up and play.

    I can’t remember the last time a player cried and whined as much as he does.

    You broke the rules. You were suspended. It’s over. Move on.

    Help your team by being the best player you can be and stop acting like baby.


  9. It does seem a bit strange that with all of the emphasis on concussions by both the league and a certain professional football tabloid, the NFL isnt going to fine the browns or something.

    I seem to remember a few weeks ago how the Steelers and Mike Tomlin were chastised for using the phrase “concussion like symptoms”. That somehow the steelers were at fault for trying to hide the players condition. Even though the steelers never let Hines or Troy re-enter the game this tabloid suggested the steelers were not complying with league rules and should be made to adhere to those standards.

    So now we have the Browns who let a player re-enter the game and goodell is buying the “Nobody saw the hit excuse”? The sound of 35000 people saying OHHHHH or Dayum at the same time wasnt a clue to look towards the field? McCoy was motionless for 30 seconds, the play was replayed on the jumbo screen and yet “Nobody saw it” and Goodell is going to accept that excuse?

    At a minimum the team needs to be fined.

    Inconsistency in officiating as well as from the front office (Goodell, Ray Anderson) is ruining this league.

    I also think Mr. Mike should be just as hard on Holmgren as he was on Tomlin.

  10. He’s right. I’m not a Steelers fan (nor a hater), but he’s right. Obviously you can’t suspend the team for a game (would anybody notice the difference anyway?). But Goodell, if he wants teams to take this seriously, needs to come down on the Browns.

    The league doesn’t listen to players excuses when doling out punishment. Why should they listen to Holmgren’s?

  11. Harrison’s suspension had more to do with the comments he made earlier this year, the actual McCoy hit.

  12. I knew this article was going to be nonsense when I saw the words “James Harrison Thinks”. We all know that he doesn’t so don’t even try and fool us. We all know better.

  13. Before I say this, I want to preface this by saying this is all silly. However, if you punish players then organizations should be punished too. This is the only way you can be a fair legislator. Fine everyone equally and maybe even suspend the game indefinitely. I believe they need to take hitting completely out of the game and change the name. I hope they do so they can keep the game that I loved pure. This should be called something else!

  14. He didnt say NO ONE saw the hit, he said no one on the medical staff saw it, and those who did see it didnt tell them, for whatever reason. Get your facts straight for once in your life.

  15. Harrison should really not speak at all. He really has no clue and I think his brain should be checked.I doubt they will find one. That being said….I wish he was on my team, and speechless!

  16. I’m sick of Harrison acting like the league picks on him. He’s a dirty player who repeatedly breaks the rules. Stop acting persecuted or confused as to why you’re being punished.

  17. I’m more of a Steelers hater but I have to agree Harrison has a good point here.

    A NFL mandated $100,000 fine or more donated by the Browns to a NFL concussion support fund would help from this happening again.

  18. While this guy was sitting out his game, the league should have mandated a psych-eval. Harrison is a danger to himself…not just the players who are cheap-shotted by him.

  19. are there really true football fans on here who dont think the Browns should at the minimum be fined? Put aside your feelings towards the steelers or Harrison. The league has said that the emphasis is on concussions. They declared this not 1 game ago not 2 games ago, but starting last year at about game 5. So its been over a year of constant emphasis, and the league is going to do absolutely zero against the browns? It doesnt matter if nobody on the team told the medical staff. The coach and other players on the bench and certainly the players on the field saw the hit, they saw Colt laying there, and not one of them said a word to the medical staff? There needs to be one consistent message from the league. NO EXCUSES. Not from players, not from officials, not from coaches, not from the Team period!.

    Please be objective. This is truly disturbing that people hate players and teams so much as to put aside their own integrity.

    If you are truly a person of integrity, treat this situation the same as you treat the player or team you hate. Wrong is wrong. The Browns shouldnt get a free pass. I’m not suggesting a suspension, but a fine is well deserved.

  20. Don’t get me wrong….Harrison is a scum bag dirty player. The guy has a history.

    As much as it pains me to say it….he has a point. The Browns just blatantly disregarded the safety of a player while the NFL keeps chiming about player safety. It’s a two way street. Yes, get rid of helmet to helmets. Make defensive players responsible for headhunting and such. But make sure teams are accountable for the health of their members.

  21. Replace the name Harrison in this article with Bill Belichek, Mike McCarthy, Tony Dungey, Roger Goodell, or any other person, and are you seriously going to tell me that you would still think the Browns were in the right? Stop looking at who said it, and start examining the issue.

    The point of this article is: The Browns allowed a player to reenter the game after showing concussion like symptoms, and the Browns should be held accountable. Any team that allows a player to re-enter a game after showing concussion like symptoms without examining the player should be fined.

  22. I’m not the biggest James Harrison fan. I can acknowledge he’s an absolute beast who would have been a legend 30 years ago, but he doesn’t understand the game has changed. His hits are certainly dirty and illegal by todays standards.

    That said, he’s absolutely right. Coaches and personnel determine who is in the game and who is not and are just as responsible for player safety and wellbeing as the guys doing the hitting. Sending him back into the game was not only a disgusting act, but showed complete disregard for the protection of your own player. Not to mention, how flawed is the Brown’s training staff at diagnosing a concussion? I don’t know what kind of punishment can be applied, but they definitely deserve something.

    Guys flying around at 4.4 or 4.5 40s are running at about 15 mph+. I’m no chemist, but if you have 2 guys moving at that speed smash into each other head first and no plastic helmet with foam padding is going to protect you. Player safety is paramount, these guys nowadays are too strong, too big, and too fast. People can call the game soft, but the only people who can say that are ex players, who didn’t enjoy the same protection. Everyone else, man up and go play with these guys yourself if you think otherwise before you dish out your 2 cents.

  23. Haven’t the Browns been punished enough by Steelers. Its ok silverback your back and you served your BS one game suspension.
    Its not your fault the league has it out for you and the Steelers! Why not punish the browns? Maybe Mccoy shouldnt be running with the ball past the line of scrimmage……… since qb’s are BABIED……. Why don’t you make a rule for that with some of the other DA rules the NFL has?

  24. The guy has a point the league selectively decides who they punish and who they dont punish. regardless of one’s past it shouldnt matter but the whole player safety issue is nothing more than a transparent joke to punish the players because goodell and the league didnt get its 18 gm schedule. the browns are just as responsible for safeguarding the players on their team as the players on the field. its obvious the Browns are just an incompetent bunch which is just one of the many reasons why they are a pathetic organization.

  25. As a Browns fan i have to say this: isn’t having to endure this team punishment enough? Seriously, he had to deal with one game, we have to deal with 16…who’s really getting the worst of this?

  26. Thanks for taking time out of your busy wife beating schedule to comment on another teams player James.

  27. I don’t know why everyone is jumping on James here. I mean, the guy isn’t exactly known for his incisive input, but he’s right here.

    The Browns violated concussion protocol. What they did was potentially more detrimental to McCoy’s health than what Harrison did.

    By letting him back into the game, they risked him getting a second hit to the head, which could have put him in a coma or worse.

    That was a stoopid hit on Harrison’s part, but it could have come from any defender in the league, including those without a history.

    But letting McCoy back into the game was a much bigger bone-headed move, and the non-reaction from the league (and from much of the media) shows that people aren’t taking concussions as seriously as they say they are.

  28. hpac1337 says:Dec 21, 2011 9:12 PM

    So Harrison gets to come back to work this week, but McCoy’s brains are still scrambled, he’ll miss at least one more game, and who know the long term impact it will have on his career given his concussion history.

    Personally, I think the guy should have to sit until his victim(s) are cleared to play.

    Down with you unless the team of the injured player is too stupid to evaluate properly the injury

  29. hpac1337 says:Dec 21, 2011 9:12 PM

    So Harrison gets to come back to work this week, but McCoy’s brains are still scrambled, he’ll miss at least one more game, and who know the long term impact it will have on his career given his concussion history.

    Personally, I think the guy should have to sit until his victim(s) are cleared to play.

    That is fine and dandy except the Browns made the injury worse by letting him play the rest of the game with a brain injury. So what level of responsibilty do you put on the Browns Organization? … Do you believe that the coaches should be fined/suspended also ? For the duration of McCoys injury?

    James might have delievered the lights out hit on him, the Browns are just as guilty.

  30. I think any time a player is injured by a dirty hit, the player authoring the hit should be ejected and suspended at least as long as the injured player. Whatever other punishment the NFL deems necessary such as fines or whatnot but it seems unfair for Harrison to be playing while McCoy is still recovering..

  31. I have no problem with James Harrison. I would want that on my defense. The hit looked like a great hit. I think the league needs to stop trying to lower the big hits. Players know the risk, just as do boxers and professional fighters. Its what makes football great, not that somebody is getting hurt, but knowing that one team is sending a message to the other after a great hit. Football is a great game because of the many matches within the game. DL vs. OL, CB vs. WR. LB vs. RB. Taking away defense is what the NFL has been about for some time now and its very annoying! I’m sick of the “new” rules. Good NFL players play 10 years, 15 God willing and get paid great money for something all of them did as a 8, 10, 12 year old kid every day for the sheer joy of it… throwing around a football with friends. Let me know one person who wouldn’t want that gig for a career with that risk. I’ll take my chances… its called living!

  32. Playing too rough is a serious offense in the NFL.

    I wonder how they’ll view a team concealing serious life-threatening injuries to avoid a few precautionary rules that were just initiated.

    Oh……… they dont care about that ?

  33. James Harrison is the ultimate pro football player.
    he shows up EVERY week and gives his all.
    he plays EVERY play ! as a Steeler fan, i wish the whole team played with his passion and commitment. if the NFL had more like him, it would be a much better league. i dont see how anybody can be fined for making a football tackle?? its all part of things that happen on the field of play. keep up the play and the passion James. !!

  34. yes he will, I feel sorry for the NFL, you done pissed the silverback off, and he won’t screw up again, he’ll clean up

  35. Harrison thinks the Browns should be punished for putting a player back in the game who he injured with an illegal head shot in the 1st place? That’s rich. His brain has to be scrambled, too. I’d be shocked if his IQ equals his helmet size. Harrison is an over-rated goon who doesn’t know when to shut his pie hole. The player who delivers the head shot is getting as much brain trauma as the guy he’s hitting. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t wind up like Mike Webster, Andre Watters, Dave Duerson, and an increasing list of others. It’s very sad that this idiot can’t see that what he is doing will cause as much harm to himself as it does the people he hurts.

  36. Dumb, flippant comments.

    “Players and numerous other team employees [that] were standing and watching the game” didn’t attend medical school after 4-6 years of college, intern for years, and practice medicine for many more before being hired and given the authorization to treat injured players during NFL games.

    I understand non-informed, usually inebriated fans second guessing plays. But come on, we’re talking the medical profession here. The medical people were working on 2 players on the sidelines when the hit was made, and another players (Smith) was injured with McCoy. They ran out to McCoy and Smith and asked them about their physical condition.

    I’ve been hit by cars in motorcycle accidents twice in my life. And when the EMS arrived they asked me questions regarding my physical condition and quickly went to work. They didn’t ask bystanders what they saw and what the bystanders thought they should do with me.

    Professional sports seems to have nothing to do with any other professional discipline – or even begin to meet their standards.

  37. “I’m doing everything they ask me to do,” Harrison said. “I’ve lowered my target area, that’s it.”

    How about NOT lowering your head and leading your helmet into the face or helmet of another player.

    It’s not rocket science, James.

  38. If Holmgren was telling the truth in his press conference last week, then:
    A) the coaches & trainers didn’t see the hit because they were looking at Hardesty making the catch & running for the first down, not at McCoy getting blasted after throwing the ball.
    B) they didn’t give a concussion test because McCoy was coherent, knew the down & distance, what the game clock was at, was able to discuss the plays being called, & was complaining of a hurt hand, not a headache/blurry vision/nausea/dizziness/etc.

    None of us can know if those statements are completely true, but if you watch the replays, McCoy was in fact wincing when a teammate grabbed his hand to help him up, & had the trainers checking out his hand on the sideline while Wallace was in the game. He wasn’t stumbling or anything.

    It still seems idiotic that at least a quick test for concussion symptoms isn’t standard procedure for any player sustaining such a violent collision, but it seems that the Browns may have operated in a gray area, which will/may keep them safe from punishment. Harrison had no such gray area to hide in. He made an illegal hit, after multiple penalties & fines for similar hits. He’s clearly not learned from those fines. If he doesn’t learn from a suspension, he should just be fired from the league, same as any 9-5 company employees who constantly ignore the rules of their employers.

  39. The part that I still don’t think makes any sense with the suspension for Harrison is, when the Steelers still play the Browns again this season, why make him sit out the 49ers game? I think if you get suspended and play the team you got suspended for again during the season the suspension should be for that game.

  40. His comment is typical of a child. Rather than assume responsibility for the error he did, he looks to deflect the blame onto someone else. Regardless of what the Browns did or didn’t do, he cheapshoted McCoy and there is no excuse for that. He is a dirty player who refuses to acknowledge his own shortcomings.

    As someone recently mentioned in a comment on a similar article, Ray Lewis is one of the most formidible players, if not the most formidible, doesn’t lead with his helmut and injure people. James Harrison is no Ray Lewis. He couldn’t even carry his jock. He could wear it on his head and sniff it but that is all.

  41. Harrison is taking the fall for an inept Browns organization but it’s no big deal, they are the ones who are suffering.

  42. Harrison may be a dirty player, but he’s absolutely right about punishing the Browns. The league should have fined Shurmur a million, the team 10 million, and taken their first round pick. 18-game Goodell only claims to care about player safety, he never backs it up with punishment of the teams…or even demanding players wear mouthpieces, etc. I guarantee this punishment would deter the next team from being as stupid.

  43. If a QB lowers dives headfirst for a QB sneak isnt he leading with his head? Regrdless if he is not trying to tackle someone he still can cause injury. But nooooooooooooooo!

    Sounds like the Browns staff was looking at the offseason instead of the action.

  44. Hey, I’ve been one that believes there is a better solution to the concussion problem…FIX THE HELMETS…mandate the ProCap padding that goes on the outside of the helmets…

    BUT…I must admit, Harrison just does not get it.

    I would rather see the NFL use safer helmets than the present approach because fining/suspending players simply does not work.


  45. The good thing is Colt’s brain damage is temporary, Harrison’s on the other hand, we will continue to see in his interviews for a year or two, until he destroys the last of his limited brain cells and retires. Can’t wait.

  46. @namriverrat69
    “Ray Lewis is one of the most formidible players, if not the most formidible, doesn’t lead with his helmut and injure people.”

    Sorry, but did you not see the Ravens/Steelers game where Ray Lewis LEAD WITH HIS HELMET into a defenseless receiver and drew a flag – and fine? Who saw his team go 4-0 without him in the lineup, but then lose as soon as he returns? Sorry, I realize that Ray for a short time was considered one of the best MLB’s in the league, but he hasn’t been formidable or even better-than-average for a few years now. I’d take Harrison over Lewis any day of the week, and I don’t even consider Harrison to be indispensable at this point.

  47. undeadjesus says: Dec 21, 2011 9:07 PM

    Stay Classy, James.


    (1) “Stay classy” is old. You cogs need to come up with some new un-witty cliche garbage to start chucking around in response to everything.

    (2) To you and the hordes of sheep that thumbs up you – do you disagree with his fundamental point? When players have possible concussions, should they be permitted to go right back in sans any even quick-and-dirty neuro screens? If this article were in reference to Polamalu being allowed to play when there were concussion-like symptoms, you people would be jumping all over it — and if it weren’t James Harrison saying what’s being said, you’d be agreeing with him. It’s a joke.

  48. To James Harrison:
    If you think that your hit wasn’t dirty, I pray that some day someone lays you out just like that just so I can hear you complain about a dirty hit. You, sir, are a moron.

    To the Cleveland Browns organization:
    You are a disgrace to the legacy you faught so hard to retain. Your fan base, as stupidly loyal as we are (yes, myself included), are rapidly getting sick of watching this turd of a product you keep dumping on us. Your hire of Shurmur is a slap in the face that gets more painful anytime he admits his incompetence in a presser. You all deserve the negative publicity you get, and the fans deserve better than you. Don’t be surprised when Cleveland Browns Stadium looks more and more empty, and the fans you once touted as “the best fans in the league” are rooting for the Steelers (like half of this state does anyways).

  49. hpac1337 made the comment earlier….since this dirty player caused the concussion with an illegal hit, he should sit out as many games as McCoy and then sit out one extra game.

  50. The Browns must not have been aware of the extent to McCoy’s concussion because they put him back in the game and he immediately grounded the ball and then threw a bad interception in the end zone. The Steelers almost immediately scored on the sudden turn around. A 14 point swing. I believe that returning McCoy caused the Browns to lose a winnable game.

    The Steelers returned an obviously injured Quarterback to the game and we all applauded his toughness and grit. I’m sure Colt wanted to heroically return too. The difference is that McCoy’s injury would obviously affect his judgement.

    I think that teams should be held accountable for returning obviously concussed players to the field and I believe that the league is starting out right with their new policy of requiring independent trainers at the games. Now, we have to guard against those trainers actions influencing the outcome of games.

  51. jaimelh02 I’m willing to bet you would be scared to even look at James on the street. I mean have you seen this guy? His nickname is needle-arse.

  52. Isn’t that like shooting someone in the face and blaming for the paramedics for them dying because of a slow response time?

  53. To all the Steeler fans here, there are two different issues here.
    1) James Harrison tries to end players careers and seriously injure them. No excuses.

    2) The Browns should be fined for their incompetence in the handling of McCoy

    To put the two together and try to justify Harrison’s hit with putting McCoy back in the game is ludicrous.

    I would much rather have a player like Polamalu flying around the defense and hitting hard and tackling like they should be instead of having an A-hole like Harrison trying to knock players out of the game for life. You want to watch cheap shots? go watch hockey.

  54. Trouble here is Harrison is correct. The league had no problem coming hard and fast at Harrison but have dragged their feet on Cleveland. A lot of talk but no action. Seems to be the way of God-del and his cronies.

  55. hedphurst says:Dec 22, 2011 12:16 AM

    If Holmgren was telling the truth in his press conference last week, then:
    A) the coaches & trainers didn’t see the hit because they were looking at Hardesty making the catch & running for the first down, not at McCoy getting blasted after throwing the ball.
    B) they didn’t give a concussion test because McCoy was coherent, knew the down & distance, what the game clock was at, was able to discuss the plays being called, & was complaining of a hurt hand, not a headache/blurry vision/nausea/dizziness/etc.


    We all know that is a lie!! There was three trainers around McCoy before the commerical break. McCoy was laid out flat on the field for a full minute before the commerical break and not a SINGLE teammate touch his hand, or even touched him period. (Yes I reviewed it on my NFL Rewind account). We never will know what was really discussed on the sideline, so his clarity that you state is a pure guess. I do not believe for one second ANYTHING that the Browns organization said in regards to what happened.

    The proof is in the pudding. McCoy was laid out for a minimum of 1 minute, there WAS medical staff around him ON the field. At least half the team milled out on to the field for a closer look. He was back out on the field less than 4 minutes after the hit. His left hand was being taped up.

    The NFL standardize exam has three componets: cognitive, neurological and a balance test.

    Do you REALLY thing that in less than 4 minutes McCoy laid out on the field for a minimum of 1 minute, had his left hand examined and taped up; also there was unknown amount of time getting him OFF the field also. Do you think they really still had time to squeeze the NFL standardize concussion exam in there?

  56. “If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler.”
    — Jack Lambert —

    Carry on the Tradition James. It’s only money.

  57. “Something should be done to them, I would think. I don’t know. I got a game, what should they get?“

    Oh my Tebow. I actually agree with him on something. Maybe I’m concussed, too.

  58. He’s mad at the browns for putting the players on the field? Yea if they didn’t put them out there he wouldn’t have to try and end their careers. Shame on cleveland for fielding a team.

  59. As a lifelong Browns’ fan, Pat Shurmur was an idiot for putting mcCoy back in the game. That decision cost them a legitimate chance to win. He deserves a huge amount of blame for that. As regards Harrison, it is just a matter of time before he does it again. That’s who he is….. a tough talking talented player who thinks he is above it all.

  60. Harrison isn’t the brightest bulb on the planet, but in this case he is right. Players get fined for anything they do on the field – something as simple as wearing an item that’s the wrong color gets an automatic fine.

    Meanwhile a team puts a player in a dangerous situation, offers what appears to be an absolutely BS excuse (we didn’t see it? really? when it was replayed on the Jumbotron and TV how many times?) and gets away with nothing.

  61. Harrison is a loud mouth putz, but I have to agree this time. If the teams are not going to start paying attention to this someone is going to die on the field. Wonder how that would affect the public then??

  62. I would much rather have a player like Polamalu flying around the defense and hitting hard and tackling like they should be instead of having an A-hole like Harrison trying to knock players out of the game for life. You want to watch cheap shots? go watch hockey.


    Not sure if you actually watch hockey, but they are having huge issues right now with concussions. I would be willing to bet that in the next few years they will ban fighting. They are already working on banning the hits to the head and quite frankly they should have both been banned long ago. The speed that the guys move at on ice is much faster that a football player, again I am waiting for someone to get hit a second time in a game and just die on the ice…

  63. I can’t stand Harrison, but the teams who put player safety second should get fined. Those fines should also go to a past player health care fund.

  64. Harrison is just beyotching. And he’s a moron for doing it, because his own team is perhaps the worst violator of the new concussion rules. PFT has pointed out several times how they have kept players on the sidelines ready to go back in instead of sending them to the locker room for evaluation, changing their diagnosis to “concussion like symptoms”. If Harrison wants teams to be fined for violating the concussion rules, the Steelers are first in line. But he’s not on any crusade for justice, he’s just poking the league, and that makes him a whiner.

  65. Great hit James! Love the way you put Brownie boy to sleep:) I’d love it if the Steelers played the Broncos in Denver in the play-offs and you concussed Baby Jesus:)

  66. @footballfan

    The concussions in hockey have nothing to do with fighting. And the big difference is that both the NHL and the players themselves are responding much more proactively than anyone associated with the NFL.

  67. What a gigantic a-hole. James, your suspension was for the hit, an indisputable illegal hit by the way, not for the damage the hit caused.

    As for letting Colt go back into the game, while it clearly ended up being the wrong decision, everything I heard says they weren’t aware of any issues until much later after the game.

    Now, were I the head coach and my backup just got us down to the 5 yard line, I’d probably have let the back up stay in, so yeah…that was dumb, but it doesn’t seem to warrant a fine, if they did that for just being dumb, you James, would have to take up a second job to make ends meet.

  68. As congested as it is, Harrison has a point. Teams should be accountable of players who may have had a concussion. I believe the Steelers were criticized heavily on this site for stating Ward and Polamalus had ‘concussion-like symptoms.’ However, neither player re-entered the game.

    McCoy should have been at least held out a series so the team could determine if he had any ill-effects from the tackle.

  69. the Browns are punished each year they try to have a representative team. The embarassment is punishment enough

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