PFT Live: Will Crennel stick as head coach of the Chiefs?

Mike Florio talks with columnist Jason Whitlock about the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs come off a hug win over the Packers under interim coach, Romeo Crennel. Whitlock believes that Crennel could be a strong candidate for the head coaching job if he can pull off a win this week against the Raiders. Florio and Whitlock also discuss the Chicago Bears’ quarterback situation, as well as ongoing issues in the league.

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5 responses to “PFT Live: Will Crennel stick as head coach of the Chiefs?

  1. Although Haley wasnt the worst coach, he was far from brilliant or great. His Drafting Ability is average, his coach is conversative, almost to a fault at times, but absolutely lacking confidence. He may become a good coach one day, but is better suited as a coordinator. Romeo Crennel however, was never truly given a real shot. The browns were absolute GARBAGE when crennel took over. The first 4 to 5 years of crennel was just trying to get 22 DECENT players on the squad. He Hired a coordinator and put enough weapons around Derek Anderson to earn him a Pro Bowl berth. He was robbed at 10-6 from a playoff appearance. Phil Savage and Crennel, if given another 3 years, may have earned the browns a playoff berth, and maybe even a win or 2. The AFCN is a VERY tough division to coach in. The Browns lack of consistency is exactly why they will never succeed. Bottom line, Given Romeo Crennel 3 years, he will in fact win a playoff game in that division within that time. As a Bengals Fan I was SO happy when crennel was fired and Mangina was hired, because the browns return to terrible play had returned for 2 easy wins a season. Now they have Pat Shurmur, who is in fact, one of the WORST head coaches in the NFL.

  2. “The Chiefs come off a “hug” win over the Packers under interim coach, Romeo Crennel.”

    Damn auto-correct.

  3. From what I am hearing around town Jeff Fisher is a done deal. I assume Charlie will persue a head coach job somewhere else. I would like to see him stay on as D-Cor though.

  4. Dear Mr. ItsMeBobD,
    What do you know about Haley drafting people. How do you know who drafted people? Do you work for Scott Pioli? The team just beat Green Bay so they must have some decent players despite having injuries to their 1st string QB, RB, TE and Eric Berry. How about using a spell checker for the word “conservative”. Clearly you have too much time on your hands to compliment anyone. Also, please print your comment about Pat Shurmur being one of the WORST head coaches in the NFL. Frame it and stick it on your wall in your bedroom. I believe this will end up haunting you for the rest of your life. Pat Shurmur will take a team to the Super Bowl and eventually win at least one Super Bowl.

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